Thursday, September 16, 2010

You a scrapper???

I never thought I'd take up scrapping but here I am....up to my elbows in paper, glue, and girlie stickers.

I really am NOT creative and seriously have gotten about 3 pages done so far. While its definitely something I don't live for it is quite enjoyable to see the finished product.

So far my favorite place to get goodies is Michael's, but I am open to any suggestions as I'm new at this.

Any scrappers out there??? I'd love to see pictures of scrapping success stories :)


  1. I'm not a scrapper but my mom, grandma, aunt and soon to be SIL all LOVE to scrap. Try JoAnn's Fabric also. They all say good things about both Michael's and JoAnn's! I'm thinking of picking it up a little too!

  2. I occasionally buy things but have only completed one book that was a gift for someone. Maybe someday I will get organized and find the time to do a book for myself (I have only about 10 in the closet started and none are completed) so I wouldn't consider myself a scrapper...

    You can actually find some great, inexpensive scrapping stuff at Big Lots. There also used to be a really cute scrapping store in Pikeville but I lived there in 2006 so it may not be there anymore, I believe it was in the same shopping center with Big Sandy Superstore off Hwy 23. Hobby Lobby also but not sure if you have one.

  3. Jen, I didn't know you blogged!
    I love the details and it is so great to visit with you in each post.

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