Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Fall is definitely the time of year I look forward to most.  I love to decorate my house, I love to party plan for Carsyn's birthday, and I literally count the moments until we chow down on turkey for  Thanksgiving day. 

Its also such a busy time of year with pumpkin patch trips and numerous parties and activities.  

We made our annual trip to Boyds Orchard..

Carsyn had the best time until she busted her nose coming down the slide.  As you may have noted from the chair pic with Hank, the pumpkin patch was not his thing, but I know big sis will show him the ropes next year.

I also tend to dress the kids up and force them to take way too many pictures.  I know they'll thank me someday..

We went to an annual pumpkin painting party where Hank was happy to lounge on his auntie and Carsyn worked on her pumpkin..


Carsyn was a witch for the church's annual trunk or treat and I made my Halloween smores..

Here's some more pics of decor including Carsyn's Cinderella pumpkin.  Her face when she saw it was priceless!  Of course she had to have Cinderella out so the pumpkin now resides on the front porch princess-less.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hank is 3 months old

Baby boy, you are 3 months old today!!  I cannot believe how time is flown.  It just seems that snuggly baby phase lasted no time.

 You have become Mr. Alert.  You are enjoying your play mats and tummy time a whole lot more.  You are grabbing things with your little hands and love chewing on them.

And....its official.  You're a thumb sucker.  Forget the paci, you are ALL about the thumb.  It may be hard to break later, but its so cute and just calms you right down.  You are now sleeping in your sleep sack so you can get to your thumb easily.

Speaking of sleep-mister, you are a CHAMP.  You usually go to sleep around 10 and sleep til 8 or 9 the next morning.  I hate letting you sit up so late, but I love being able to sleep in.  Nap time is a different story.  Some days, well most days really, you hardly nap for over an hour.

You are still mommas big boy! You wear size 3-6 month and a size 2 diaper.  Gigantic by no means, but still a good size boy.  You eat every 4 hours and go all night without a snack. Judging from your bottles you take 6 ozs.  You will take a bottle from anyone who offers- you are such a chill little man.

Your eyes light up when big sister is around! You laugh and follow her around with your eyes.  You'll even turn your head to find her in a room.  And she loves you so much.

Oh, sorry but big sister really wants to be part of your hippo picture....

I want hippo!!!!

Excuse me Hank..

Ahh, much better!

Wait! Still not situated..

Fine, mom. I'll pull his hat up..

All Better!!

Thank you baby boy for giving us such joy and making our family complete (and tolerating your diva sister and her antics)!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Day in Numbers

16- diapers changed

100- kisses given and received

3- cups of coffee (ingested, devoured, gulped)

20- number of times my patience is lost

20- number of times I remember to count my blessings

2- miles ran pushing a double stroller (on a lucky day)

57- "MOMMA!!!!"'s heard

3- hours of Disney jr endured

15- frantic texts sent 

10- sippys/bottles washed, dried, sometimes put away

3- loads of laundry finished

7- books read

12- songs sang

5- nursing sessions with the bambino

6- wardrobe changes

2- bathtime shenanigans

0- places I'd rather be

Monday, October 15, 2012

Oh Monday

Mondays just roll around too soon and I have little checked off my weekend to do list.  While its a little depressing I've learned lately not to make my expectations too high.

Saturday Carsyn and I took a little trip to Hobby Lobby and to get some froyo.  Girl loves Hobby Lobby so much and just squeals at every thing she sees.  Oooh Mickey, Oohh Mrs. Claus, Oohh, pumpkins!- Its quite hilarious.  Even more hilarious is the hubby sent me this picture of Hank.

The camo- I was dying.  And by the way, kid's favorite place to nap is the front porch in the Moses basket.  Crazy considering he's a kid that doesn't take too well to naps.

I feel like I've won a small victory if I make it to church on Sundays with the munchkins.  Being on time? That's a different story.  I snapped a few pics before we left but could not get a good one.  That's the way it goes with 2 kids, right?

Carsyn is wearing a little Matilda Jane dress courtesy of her aunt Kristi.  I'm having my first trunk show Saturday and I"m so excited-I hope it goes well.  I just adore their clothes and have been counting down the days til Carsyn could wear them ever since my sister introduced me years ago.

Carsyn and I headed to the lake Sunday evening for some sliding and swinging action.

I love Fall but I dread winter coming a little.  What the heck am I going to do with 2 kids indoors?!?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend and Pinterest Fail

I kind of miss weekend recaps, and though I know I'm the only one, I like documenting what's going on in life at a particular moment so here goes-

We usually venture to my inlaws home a few weekends a month and I was happy to visit them and watch the game on Saturday.  The kids were just on their best behavior and they love being spoiled my granny, papaw, and auntie Kristi.

Its so fun to dress a boy during football season!

After the game we all watched Cinderella together and Carsyn was so smitten with her.  She's still singing Bippity Boppity Boo to her best ability.  Go get your copy before it goes back in the vault!

Sunday Carsyn and I headed out to church without the little guy.  We were late as usual but I wanted to get a picture of her in her fall dress so we had a little photo shoot on the front porch. I am just loving all of the fall fashion for little girls.

Carsyn sat through the whole church service with me and colored!! I was AMAZED.  The Lord was definitely working some magic that morning...or else Carsyn's special friend Susan and her magic markers were ;)

**Note-I did try a pinterest project today, but wasn't so thrilled with the result.  Have y'all tried this??

Here's mine-

Mine looked good, but the consistency was not right. I noticed in the pin the color is definitely creamier so perhaps I'll add more coconut milk the next time.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Carsyn Presley-what are you doing?

I know everyone says twos are terrible and sometimes I can see why.  That being said this is such a fun stage as a parent.  Carsyn does or says something new everyday and I just cannot keep track of it.  She's really into posing for pictures right now (if she's in the right mood) and loves saying "cheese."
Not too long after bringing Hank home we had a little modeling session in the playroom.  We had curled her hair that day and she was in such a girly mood.  She was really hamming it up for the camera!

I am trying to keep track of all of her little "Carsyn-isms" but its hard!
* You love to ask people "What are you DO-ING?"  The other day at the playground a girl was standing too close to you and you turned and asked her in quite an annoyed manner.
* You had a little lesson in sharing at Church last week after picking up every toy and declaring "that's Carsyn's!"
*You raise the tone of your voice when addressing "hanky poo"- I'm sorry Hank ;)
* You love to say "scuse me" and "tank you".  If Hank is in his carrier or stroller at the park you'll run by him and shout "scuse me hanky poo!!"
*  When momma hits her breaks or goes over a bump in the car you shout "whoa momma!"
*  Anything you love doing you ask to " do it 'gin"
*  I'm ashamed to admit Honey Boo Boo amazes you.  You love to watch her any time she's on tv.
*  You really like to pick out your own clothes- high heels with tee shirts for play or tutus to bed!
*  You demand a toy go to bed with you.  Right now its "puppy" that your pal Susan got you. 
*  You also demand a story be read every night.  When momma says its story time you say "where's blanket and puppy at?"  Then you climb up in momma's lap and tell her which book you want.  You have nicknames for most of your favorites- "pumpkin patch", "fairies", "princess", "chals-ton", "angel", and "c-ca-go".
*  When momma asks you to wait on her like a big girl you usually sit immediately and say "I wait big girl on mommy."

You're such a special little girl Carsyn and we love you so much!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

let's not do this again

You know those days that you just want to stay in bed?  When you have a gut feeling its just not going to be a good day?  That was me Friday.  I had planned to make the near 2 hour trip to have my car serviced for a while.  For those new here the 2 hour trip is no biggie.  I go about once a week to shop and see my sister and her family.  Now, when it was just me and baby girl we flew solo, but now that little man has joined the crew I take reinforcements...aka, Rosie.

We loaded up 2 kids, a double stroller, diaper bags, etc in the pouring, soaking, drenching rain and set out on time.  We wheeled into the dealership and made arrangements to be dropped off where my kind sister had left us her vehicle with 2 carseats all set up in the back.  Once dropped off we moved the stroller and diaper bags to my sisters SUV (pouring drenching rain continues) and I give the people from the dealership a card with my cell number instructing them to call me when my car was ready.  At this point I hear my hair frizzing up, or rather growing exponentially.  So its not going to be a good day for me looks wise-I can deal.

Deciding the rain will not deter us Rosie, Hank, Carsyn, and I set out to shop and dine.  First stop, Panera where Carsyn usually devours a grilled cheese, yogurt, pickle, and cookie.  Today though, no dice.  This is a sign perhaps Carsyn is not in the best of moods.  We decide to drop her and Rosie off at the Lilly store to pick up a few dresses and let momma feed Hank in the car.  First mistake, Rosie decides to let Carsyn go in the children's store and try on shoes.  Carsyn wants shoes, does not want to take them off.  Rosie calls mom and states Carsyn will not take the shoes off, they're pink and white sequin..can she have them.  Completely practical, yes?  Ummm, the answer would be no. Momma instructs Rosie to distract with promises of seeing Maddox later and ice cream.

While in the car I decide to sneak a peek of myself in the rearview..Holy smokes! The rain has not been kind.  I dig through my purse to find a ponytail holder to no avail.  At this moment Hank chooses to look at me laugh and poop.  Big poop.  We're talking wardrobe change poop.  No. Big. Deal.  I stand with the driver door open and lay Hank in the driver's seat to change him...Well, lets just say he creates a mess there so we move to the passenger seat to finish the process.  Baby is clean, changed, and now happily cooing in the carseat in the back and I proceed to wipe the entire front of my sister's SUV with a baby wipe.  Its still raining.  I'm looking HOT.

At this point Hank and I finally make it to the Lilly store to pick up the dresses.  Well apparently everyone in the eastern United States has become a Republican and decided the elephant Cassie dress is a must have.  What? (Side note, a big sister and the Lilly Store in Longboat Key can work miracles together to make sure a little sis's fashion needs are met-so if you need to find something I recommend you start there).  I'm not about to whine over a dress so I put on my happy face and proceed to move on.

We decide to change direction and go to another baby store to see what they have for Carsyn.  If you know me, you know I love to shop and I have a weakness when it comes to baby girl clothes.  Pair that with a little birthday spending money and I become dangerous.  We find nothing. One measly little outfit for Carsyn and she's pretty much exhausted.  She screams and cries not wanting to leave the toys in the store.  We distract with promises of Maddox.  At least its stopped raining and we arrive at the mall to kill an hour and let Carsyn run around the play area in hopes it will wear her out.  My pal at JCrew hooks me up with a ponytail holder, Hank is sleeping, Carsyn is playing and I snag a PSL.  Things are looking up and I call the car dealership to see how things are going.  I'm told someone will call me back.

We load the kids back up in the car and Carsyn falls asleep immediately.  Its time for Hank to eat again so we decide that's more important than picking up my car and the dealership said to be there before 6:00.  Plenty of time.  We pull into the dealership at 5:45 and I walk to the service desk to pick up my car.  The lady tells me they didn't get to it.  What the what?????  Apparently they needed my verbal permission to service it and could not get ahold of me because my cell number was not on record.  Y'all I'm frazzled.  They offer me a loaner and my sister offers to let me keep her SUV.  The kids are becoming cranky and I'm becoming cranky and hungry so we head out for Chilis to drown our troubles in margaritas.  I kid, I kid!

As soon as we pull in Carsyn sees the big chili out front and is immediately smitten.  "Big punkin!" she yells.  Its cute.  We go in and order quickly, mac and cheese for Carsyn and grilled cheese for Maddox.  Maddox proceeds to show Carsyn the treasure map he made at school.  Carsyn proceeds to crumble it in her fingers.  Maddox proceeds to melt down.  His mom urges him to share.  I proceed to rip the map from Carsyn's tight little grip and promise her a trip to big punkin.  Her little eyes light up and I feel I've won the battle.  Momma is SO smart.  She runs 347 circles around big punkin squealing in delight while people park their cars and stare.  She embraces big punkin, she kisses big punkin and at this point I want big punkin to magically disappear.  I begin coaxing her...deluding her with promises of the best mac and cheese ever...ice cream and cookies for dessert.  She wants to stay with big punkin.  I tear her away and she seems distracted enough once we get back inside as our food has arrived.

The kids are slowly eyeing each others plates.  Maddox's lip starts to quiver...little cousin's mac and cheese looks awful tasty and his grilled cheese not so appealing.  He begins bartering with french fries-crisis averted!! My sister and I fist bump over our parenting strategies-each kid has equal parts fries, mac and cheese, and grilled cheese.  We start eating our tacos and that's when we hear it... "BIG PUNKIN"  I wolf down my food and whisk Carsyn outside once again.  She proceeds to run around big punkin 853 more times.  I think at this point people feel sorry for me and I get the sympathetic nod. I vow to never eat at Chilis again.

We tear Carsyn away, load up the car, drive through Starbucks and load everyone up on SCMs, Strawberry Frapps, and pumpkin bread.  We have a happy little ride home while Tangled plays in the background.

We survived.  Oh, and you might be asking where was Hank for the last 3 hours?? Little man was just snoozing away.  Sometimes the Lord gives you a little break.

And the next time it rains? I'm staying home.

Monday, October 1, 2012

All That Glitters- Project Pinterest

Darn you AP for making me accountable for all things pinned! I was at Satan's Warehouse at 8:00 last night and up to my elbows in glitter at midnight.  I still love you though- because the result...

Glitterific!  LOVE!!! Love so much I replaced my regular coffee with iced to sip on my way to work today.

Never mind the bare face, bug eyed look-its Monday and clearly I'm still high from the Elmer's spray.

So, here's what you need:
Starbucks cup
Spray Adhesive
Painters Tape

I taped around the top screw in part so I would not get glitter or glue in it.  I sprayed the cup in sections and sprinkled with glitter.  Easy peasy and not much of a mess.

The finished product before placing it back together.

After I put this on IG last night someone asked how I would wash it.  I figure I'll just be really careful and there's not a need to unscrew the inner part to wash.  There is a tutorial to glitter the inside of the logo cup instead, but I was afraid it would be difficult to get the adhesive to stick evenly.

Here's the inspiration:

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

And, it just so happens I'm wearing a little version of this pin today also.

Boom.  Totally kicking your butt pinterest.  And Shannon, going to need you to keep pinning cute outfits, ok?