Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Weekend

With summer winding down I'm trying to spend as much time in the pool with baby girl as possible. She is such a little waterdog :)

I'm beyond ready for fall fashion, but I hate to say goodbye to my summer staple-the maxi dress. I got this little beauty off the INC sale rack at Macys for $29..

(please forgive the playmat in the background..I have boxes of stuff baby girl has outgrown I need to pack away..sigh)

I was so inspired reading what Shauna did to her pantry I decided to tackle my own this weekend.


Work In Progress..

I have a little more work to do but here's a little breakdown so far..

I put all of Carsyn's goodies on a tray on the bottom shelf. She's outgrown most of her baby food, but I still have a few left.

I picked up these OXO containers for dry goods like cereal, snacks, pasta, etc..

I also have a tray for our grownup snacks...ritz crackerfuls and granola bars..exciting stuff! :)

I wish I could get more ambitious and paint and repalce the shelves but I feel better just getting organized.

The perfect weekend ends with a run for me..

A Major Reward..

well actually award, but don't you just love that line from A Christmas Story? Seriously, one of my favorite movies ever. I watch it again and again, just ask the hubs. Anyway, I digress..

Sweet, sweet Laura gave me this little blogger award:

The Rules of accepting the Versatile Blogger Award are:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass this award along to up to 15 recently discovered blogs

Thanks to Laura, who resides in Tennessee and is the mommy to adorable Grayson who happens to share a birthday with Carsyn Presley!

Seven things..hmmm....

1) I have a fear of abandonment. Its bad. I was left at Magic Mart as a child and I had flashes of never seeing my family again. (That might be over-dramatized) A few years ago the hubby borrowed my iphone and went to the potty while we were tailgating with friends. I became worried and went to search for him after he never returned. I couldn't find him nor could I remember where we parked our car. He thought it was hilarious and it was a tossup whether to kill him or sigh with relief when he found me.

2) I talk to my madre every day..multiple times. And my sister..multiple times.

3) I really need to go to the dentist. The last time I went I was pregnant. I don't even dread it that bad..I just cannot remember to make the appointment.

4) I look JUST LIKE my dad. I mean honestly, my party trick is putting on a cap and impersonating him...well that and planking..

5) I live to run, not run to live. I actually enjoy the sweating, lungs on fire, weak knees feeling. I just wish I was better at it or could do it more often.

6) I love winter. Most people dream of beach houses..I dream of ski chalets. I'm still bummed I didn't win the HGTV dream home in Vermont.

7) I love organizing things. Things in my home will get so out of control messy that I'll be on the verge of losing my mind and then I'll decide to clean- no matter the time or place. This weekend it was the pantry. It looked like it belonged on an episode of hoarders. Nearly 4 garbage bags later we're good.

Onto blogs to pass the award to:

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Elizabeth is so beautiful and sweet..she has the most adorable pup you'll ever see.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fall Fashion...via JC

Everyone is ready for Fall, right? Football, bonfires, chili, scarves, Autumn Slatkin candles...did I mention football?

I love fall clothes and this season is no exception.

After receiving my September JCrew I have my eye on these beauties..

love this jacket...especially paired with white jeans

lulu frost bangles!!..I'll take three please

this really is the perfect shirt..perfect for UK games!

love this..with heels and dressy or boots and casual..

speaking of boots, also on my list is the perfect pair of cowboy boots..

now, if I could only decide white or brown..

what's on your fall fashion wishlist??

Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend I attended a purse party fundraiser at Spindletop in Lexington, KY. I had forgotten what a beautiful place this was! Spindletop was once a private residence but now serves as a country club for UK alum. Since I opted to not look like a tourist and take pictures myself I stole a few from the website..

The Foyer..

The Veranda..

Louis XVI Suite..

The event was a huge success and I got to meet some fantastic ladies..

Here some of us are representing East KY..

If I'm being completely honest dressing up is an exciting event in my household these days. Its nice to get out of the mom wardrobe every now and then! Here's a breakdown of the total ensemble.

KFRW Purse Party

My sister volunteered to keep baby girl and she had a blast. She crawled in the grass and waved at all of the cars that went by.

How was your weekend?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Carsyn is 11 Months Old

Not fair y'all! I cannot believe my baby girl will be a year old next month!

Carsyn Presley, you are the funniest little girl I know. You have such an outgoing, easy personality. You love everyone! Recently you started bobbing up and down when a song you like comes on the radio. Your favorite right now is Luke Bryan's Country Girl-go figure! When we turn it on you scream dada, dada and laugh and start bouncing. It's so funny! You love to dance but not as much as you like to swim. You could stay in the water all day long- you're a water dog just like momma and daddy. Other than that you love to crawl and climb everywhere. I don't think you'll be walking anytime soon, but we'll see. You really don't have a favorite toy right now. You play with your barbies and you like to roll a ball back and forth but not as much as you like phones, remotes, and lipstick. You could play with a tube of lipstick for days! You love to crawl and turn to see if anyone will chase you. For the past month you've had a love affair with pictures on the wall. When you walk by pictures of yourself, Maddox, or any other baby you wave and say hi!

In addition to waving hi you wave bye. You love to drop your paci and say uh-oh. You say dada, mama, dog (for Elvis), duck (your fav bathtub toy), goo gil (good girl). When people comment on you I quickly say she's a good girl and most times you repeat goo gil. You love repeating and mimicking everyone. Momma is trying to teach you to sign more but you just clap your hands and say mo. You still love to clap and play patticake. When we ask you to do arms up and you do you immediately start clapping for yourself. In fact you clap when anyone says yay.

Your eating habits are getting better. You are pretty much done with baby food and taking steps toward real food. You will still eat pears and peach cobbler, but that's about it. You like biscuits, little debbie cakes, French fries, grilled cheese and chicken nuggets! You love baby yogurt too! You're warming up to scrambled eggs and Mac n cheese. We've been testing cake out and it seems your favorite is chocolate. So a chocolate smash cake for your birthday it will be. Fingers crossed you'll wash it down with some whole milk by then. Did I mention we're up to 1 1/2 teeth!

As your eating habits have improved so have your sleeping. We went through a rough period of up at least twice at night-ick! You may take being a fickle sleeper after your daddy but sleeping late-that's a mommy attribute! Lately you've been sleeping til 9:00. It's pretty wonderful but I have a feeling as you start sleeping more solid you'll be up a little earlier.

Of course you're tiny and I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing me say under 16 lbs. Truthfully I just don't know. We tried to weigh you this morning but you pitched a bit of a fit. You're wearing mostly 9 month clothing and a few 12 month. We are moving up to size 3 diapers :)

Here's the outtakes..

hmmm.. this pose looks very familiar.

..oh yeah, its the I'm out of here pose..

so much happier in the floor with my toys!

and yes, in case you were wondering I did give her the remote to bribe her into taking a pic..

and the trusted iphone is another great manipulation tool!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mommy Stuff

So here's one I stole from Redbook..

10 Things Never to Say to a Stay At Home Mom

1. When the kids are older, do you think you'll get a real job?

2. How June Cleaver of you!

3. Oh, so you don't work?

4. Since you have extra time on your hands, could you whip up a few dozen brownies for the bake sale tomorrow?

5. All day with your kids? I can't even imagine.

6. I'm jealous. I wish my husband were rich so I wouldn't have to work either.

7. What do you do all day, anyway?

8. I'm sure you're not the only one who's ever wasted money on a college degree.

9. That explains why your son is so clingy!

10. Weird. I assumed your house would be superclean.

—Candy Kirby of, with help from her Twitter followers and friends

10 Things Never to Say to a Working Mom

1. It must be hard missing all those special moments every day.

2. I suppose it's smart that you're working. You know, in case your husband leaves you some day.

3. I'm surprised you went back to work. Your husband seems so successful.

4. It's cute when they call your nanny "Mama."

5. I just love my kids too much to leave them during the day.

6. Did you see Dateline? The one with the hidden camera in the day care?

7. I could never let someone else raise my children. But that's just me!

8. I hated my mom because she was never home after school like everyone else's mom.

9. You must feel so guilty.

10. I wish I were as laid-back as you and could just let the housework go.

—Liz Gumbinner of, with help from her blog readers

Now, since I work part time and stay at home part time I completely relate to these. In fact, I think dear husband came home one day and asked "What did you do all day anyway?" I seethed siliently knowing it was not meant to cut so deeply. I can honestly say I have been on the receiving end of many of these questions and comments.

I prefer to use my blog as a learning and sharing tool; A means to document my life and be inspired by others. In the blog world there is a LARGE support group for mommies and without advice from 2 lovely ladies from ILYMTC & 5K's I would probably have lost my mind. I often read experiences of mothers being questioned for their practices and parenting styles. WHY? I just don't get it. Meg and Erin are 2 wonderful mommies with adorable children who recently wrote some things which you should read. I just adore them both and applaud their attitudes and honesty. I am so trying to be less judgemental while balancing the whole guilt factor in my own life. Being the best mommy is not the same for every child. There is no "perfect" mold of a mother. I believe each child needs its own set of rules and in fact different children thrive in different environments.

If you're a woman please check out what these ladies have to say, perhaps even leave a word of encouragement. There is nothing more inspring than being lifted up by others :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mile 4

We all know I'm a CBN by now right? This weekend at the lake I was struggling a bit. So mad at myself for putting being in shape so far down on my priority list. The local high school cross country team members were practicing and passing me up as I took my walk breaks. So after mile 3 this little number came on the ipod and I ran that entire mile 4. Not a super huge accomplishment given it took me almost an hour to complete the 4 miles, but I gave myself a little pat on the back. Folks, I might just be back ;)

What song gets you going?

Monday, August 15, 2011

French Fries & Little Debbie Cakes

Perhaps this should be the name of my blog??.. After Rosie decided to give baby girl a taste of french fries on our Farmville trip it seems she has developed quite a nack for them. Carsyn is the pickiest baby these days. She no longer wants baby food yet doesn't really like table food either. We've tried everything- mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, grilled cheese, spaghetti. It usually ends up being spit on my face. Other than french fries she seems to love Little Debbie cakes also. This is a completely healthy diet right??

Help mommas!! What are your babes eating?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

SMS- A Little Shopping

So many barbies so little time..

What's your SMS?

Head over to Katie at Loves of Life and link up!

Saturday Morning Scene

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Farmville Trip!

About a month ago my mom, aunt, and MIL embarked on a little furniture shopping trip. We met my sis and BIL in Farmville, VA to pick out some things for their homes. If you've never been to Green Front I'd wager to say you're missing something. Of course I might be biased but this place is AMAZING! We're talking warehouses full of furniture from every brand you could imagine at great prices. Here are a few things I wish could have come home with me...

Hutch for my kitchen

My favorite colors together

I'm a sucker for settees!

I think baby girl had the time of her life-She was doted on by everyone, including Maddox. Her favorite part of the trip, however, was the hotel room.

Nothing better than bathing in hotel sinks!

Maddox was such a trooper!

He handed out stickers to everyone and sang Bingo at the dinner table.

This was such a fun trip! Have y'all been? Is there another furniture market I'm missing out on?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tweet Tweet

I have a confession: I have a twitter account and have had one for quite awhile. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me and I can't seem to find anyone I know. Given the fact that so many bloggers tweet I've been feeling out of the loop-especially since some of you are expecting and it saddens me to think I'll be the last to know when your little bundle arrives! So, please find me or tell me how to find you. I'm kycoalwife.

Oh yeah, I've also joined pinterest... Apparently I have a lot of free time on my hands ;)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Organization- part I

I am so inspired by other's organization skills! As an avid reader (ok, semi-stalker) of Erin at Blue Eyed Bride I am determined to get my house in order. I ordered my life planner and cannot wait until it gets here. After its arrival I will likely follow in her footsteps and do my own version of a home organization notebook. Until then here are a few methods I use to keep from losing my mind.

1)- MomAgenda- LOVE it!! I use the additional lines for kids for to do tasks and cleaning chores. I followed Elizabeth's suggestion and printed off a household chore list at Just Mommies. Instead of strictly following their list I outline goals in the spaces in my agenda per their suggestion. I am at a crossroads on whether I will like the Life Planner as well-I'll keep you posted.

2) Recipe Binder- I started this a while ago and it still works for me. For the complete post see here.

3) Grocery list via MomAgenda- I keep this notepad in my kitchen and try to check things I run out of as I go along. I then menu plan and add my other items to the list. Those who grocery shop without a list completely baffle me!! I have bought all ingredients to make hamburgers before without actually buying the meat! Also, I would be a complete liar if I led you to believe my menu planning is anything extensive like others do. Lately I've been attempting to cook 3 meals a week. Lame, I know; Even lamer-last week it was 2.

4) File Folders & Binders- I am the worst at reading things in magazines and wanting to try them then forgetting where I read what. Now, when see a new nail polish I want to try, a party idea, or a home decor idea I tear it out and put it in a file folder. My goal is for it eventually to be written in my mom agenda or make it to my big home idea folder. For some things I'm perfectly content with them sitting in my folder.

These are just a few methods I use. I am planning a bit of an organizational makeover and will let you know how that goes. I am a firm believer if you write things down they are much more likely to get accomplished. That being said I do not grieve if they do not-they just get written down again ;)

I'm in awe of all the bloggers out there that soooo have their act together. Thanks to Erin and others for the wonderful tips!

How do you stay organized?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back to the Beach- Charleston Trip

As I've said before the Charleston, SC area is probably one of my favorite places on earth. We visit every year and have a blast and this year was no exception. It had only been about a month since our Florida trip, but Carsyn was like a totally different kid. Gone was the baby content to sit on a towel and play with toys..

Seriously, the kid LOVES the sand. We had to dunk her in the pool before we went back to the condo every day! She crawled toward the water and did not stop either. I can't believe she wasn't afraid of the ocean like she was a month ago. She loved finding sticks and playing with Maddox's diggers..

I have sort of always envisioned taking my kids and my sister's kids on vacation together and them having a ball. I must say I am not disappointed in how much these kids love each other. It just melts my heart. No matter how tiring it is to keep kids entertained in 90+ degree weather I look at these pictures of Carsyn and Maddox playing together and its soooo worth it :)

(This is probably one of my favorite pictures of them together)

Of course, naps were a must, no matter how uncomfortable..

More beach pics..

*(long story about this photo- I had wanted to get a beach picture of Carsyn and I wearing white, creative huh? ;) similar to my sister's above. Well, the day we took ours it was 100 degrees and the wind was blowing something fierce. I was MELTING, the wind was wreaking havoc on my hair, and my dress was practically over my head. Long story short, it was not the composed photo I had sought. However, I now love this photo. I am NEVER composed and Carsyn is such a go with the flow beach babe. This picture sums us up terrifically.

No Trip to Charleston would be complete without a few things..

1) Pineapple Fountain Pics!!

2)Good Eats!!

We tried out 2 new places to eat this trip- Fleet Landing & Virginia's. We really liked Virginia's (ok partly due to their kid friendly attitude), but Fleet Landing was a disappointment. The only thing that made up for it was the view. Unfortunately it was dark and my camera just wouldn't capture the scenery.

Fleet Landing..

The Kids at Virginia's..

3) King Street Shopping!!

The kids love their Rosie..