Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baby Goings On

Well today was the dreaded glucose test..Not so bad!! Course I don't know if I passed or not but I HATE having my blood drawn and at least I survived. For all you future pregnant gals and those yet to take the test the orange drink is not as nasty as everyone says!

On a happier note I finally got started on my registry. It seems everyone I know is having boys and I felt my suspicions were confirmed as I perused the aisles at Babies R Us...Highchair count 6- (2 pink, 6 blues/greens) stroller count 5- (1 pink, 4 blues/greens)...are you seeing a pattern? My big sis was with me and tried to explain the whole "gender neutral" concept to me. So maybe it wasn't as boy-biased as I thought...A few of my favorite things:

I love this bouncer and swing...and Yes the majority of items for baby girl are pink...I just couldn't help myself :)
Some words of advice is if you're like me and totally in the dark when it comes to baby stuff get some advice before you register! Thank goodness for my big sister who offered advice on lots of things..Here are a few of her suggestions:

** Don't be embarrassed to register for high priced items..people often go in together for gifts and you get a 10% discount for items not purchased on your registry if you choose to fulfill them yourself
**Don't be afraid to register for things you need down the road(larger sized clothing and jogging stroller)
** Try out the stroller you register for..make sure it is easy to navigate...her favorites were the Maclaren stroller for portability and the Jeep strollers for front wheel maneuverability
** Splurge for the video monitor (also suggested by my favorite blogger Blue Eyed Bride)

I also have to show another favorite from my Restoration Hardware registry:

How cute is that pig?

My next step is painting the nursery this weekend..I have recruited my sister, mother, and brother-in-law..wonder if they would mind if I skipped out to watch Eclipse??

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Faves

I love reading about every one's summer must haves-beauty products, fashion ideas, jewelry inspirations, beach bag items, etc.

If there is one thing most people know about me its that I LOVE music...all music....Every summer my hubby and I get excited to break out our summer play are a few of our favorites:

Ok, I think everyone would agree Buffet and Marley are quintessential...(side note the hubby really wanted to name baby girl Marley..would've been super cute I think)
Some of our favorites are Lively Up Yourself, Soul Rebel, Waiting In Vain, I Know a Place, & Simmer Down. Our favorite Buffet songs include Jamaican Farewell, In the Shelter, Tin Cup Chalice, and A Pirate Looks at Forty.

I absolutely love Taj Mahal- If you haven't heard Hanapepe Dream buy it now!!

Last, but not least.....

What's summer without Bruce?!? I am completley smitten with Bruce Springsteen...seriously it might lead to divorce someday. I listen to E Street radio every day of my life. If you're in the car with me you better have love for the boss or you're in for a miserable ride!! A few songs I love are Badlands, Thunder Road, Backstreets, I'm Goin Down, and Girls in Their Summer Clothes.

What's on your summer playlist?

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Best Friend

I am so excited to introduce you to my new best friend:

So this all started back in April when the hubby informed me of what he wanted for Father's Day...a pool vacuum. I promised when we put in the pool I would vacuum every day, but this year there's a belly in the way..and its been 90 degrees! So, Herbie (as we affectionately named it) was installed this week and we tried him out. I love him already and am actually feeling guilty because I love him more than Shane does. Now, if only I could find a robotic house cleaner, laundry folder, diaper changer, cook......

With temps in the 90s I plan to be in the pool all weekend...what's everyone elses plans?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting Organized

I have deemed this my year to finally get organized and get my house in order. On our big list of things to do are:

Replace Kitchen Counter tops
Hardwood for Guest Bedroom/Nursery
Replace Front Door
Finish Landscaping for Pool

(I'm sure there is more but I have no short term memory lately)

Among my little things to do is get my recipes in order...(This list is way too big to even try to write down). Usually when reading through my Southern Living, Food and Wine, and Cooking Light magazines I'm really good at tearing out recipes I want to try. These clippings then get stuffed in a binder with about a 50% chance they'll ever make it to the kitchen table. I began with the idea everything be color coded by course but most things ended up in the back and side pockets. So I purchased this handy dandy binder from zazzle and made myself get started tonight.

I am by no means finished, but I got a good start. I think I made it through a stack about 5 inches thick!


Funny I always thought as myself as a healthy eater but I noticed as I organized my sections (salad section- 3 pages, dessert section- 20+) not so much! Now I'm hungry looking at all these desserts and craving Mississippi mud cake!!
I am also beginning to think I should have added a family favorites section or a Jen's favorites and Shane's favorites.

Anyone else struggle with organization??

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

This weekend was CRAZY! We literally spent no time at home, but considering we're amidst a kitchen remodel and have nothing to eat and no means to cook it that was probably not a bad thing. We spent yesterday with Shane's family at the lake. To say it was hot is an understatement. I really wanted to jump in the water, but I figured I should spare everyone the sight of me naked (forgot to pack a bathing suit). I seriously cannot complain too much because everyone seems to be spoiling me rotten. My brother and sister-in-law made sure the fan was blowing on me all of the time and my feet were propped up. I am so thankful to spend time with them...Even Shane's little cousins made an appearance and swam their little hearts out.

We are accumulating so much for the baby girl and I really want to show everything off but in honor of father's day I really wanted to share what Shane got from his family.

Our baby may be in pink 90% of the time but when she's not she'll be sporting KY blue! The bottle huggie was the cutest thing ever we thought!

Today we spent time with my family after visiting Shane's grandfather. Leon is really the sweetest man on the planet. We love him so much and do not get to see him often enough. I did not get a pic of Shane and his dad, but I love this one of him and Leon. I cannot believe this time next year Shane will be a daddy. I know he'll be great!

By the time we got to my mom and dad's I was about completely tuckered out. Luckily my nephew woke up and my energy perked up. Unfortunately he seems to like Shane much better and I just cannot compete. Mom grilled some steaks and we had my favorite dessert-watermelon!! Thanks to my dad for making sure it was ice cold!

Hope everyone had a terrific Father's Day!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Anniversary Couple

Happy 5 Year Anniversary to my big sis and brother in law!

They were married at the beautiful Wild Dunes Resort 5 years ago today. It POURED the rain up until ceremony time and then the sky opened up and a gigantic rainbow appeared as the backdrop. We ate crab legs, drank wine, and danced our tails off until late that night. Truly one of the best weddings I've been to. you may note my sister looked like a supermodel. Love you both!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ups and Downs

While I know this is the time in my life I should be excited I find the worry and stress often interfere. Part of me just wants my little girl to hurry up and get here and the other feels like I'll never be ready! We haven't even started the nursery..YIKES! But I have finally decided on the furniture and plan to order it this week. I am a bit nervous about ordering furniture I have not seen in person, but I have my fingers crossed. My mind is on overload with registering and showers-do I need a video monitor? glider? pack and play? am I leaving anyone off the invitation list? what should be on the menu? One of my biggest dilemmas is labor and birth education. I still just do not know if I want to take the classes. Will they prepare me or make my nerves worse? Then I stop and think I should be enjoying this process and I need to CALM down. Unfortunately I think I have reached the point where running just isn't comfortable anymore and this was my best stress relief. I guess power walking (waddling) will have to suffice.

Now, on the upside I dream about baby girl all of the time. Lots of times she reminds me of her daddy...who of course is the most handsome man on the planet ;)
Every time she kicks I cannot help but to smile...Of course usually it is one or two o'clock in the morning. Every time I see a little baby out I stop and ask what its name is and talk to the parents...they always reassure me that being a parent is the best thing in the world. And the best news is we've finally decided on a name we both love....Hallelujah! I did not think this was possible.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wild Dunes

So after much consideration the hubby and I decided to set out to the Charleston, SC area for a much needed vacation. I was really worried that the heat would bother me, but it ended up being a nice vacation. Don't get me wrong it was HOT and I did end up taking lots of naps!

We stayed at Ocean Point in Wild Dunes. This area worked out well for us because Shane was close to the golf course and the beach was not too crowded (perfect for a pregnant lady rockin the 2 piece bikini).

I love waking up overlooking the ocean every morning...if I could live at the beach I definitely would.

A few of our favorite places to eat in the area....

Poe's Tavern on Sullivan's Island

The Boathouse at Isle of Palms

please forgive my uber excitement over the Peninsula Grill coconut cake, but its the BEST!

We also had some great meals at Hank's and Magnolia's...I salivated over the wine list a little, but the food was excellent nonetheless.

The day I decided to venture into town to do a little King Street shopping it was hot...

See!!! 100 degrees....I really think my baby girl started boiling in my belly..I made sure I stayed hydrated and believe it or not my feet did NOT swell :)

For those who want to see how the baby bump is progressing I think this is the best pic..

If you've never been to the Charleston area I highly recommend you visit. The food can't be beat, the people are so friendly and the city is just beautiful..

So what is your favorite vacation destination, or if you've been to Charleston what are your favorite places to visit in the area?

Monday, June 7, 2010


I'm sure I have mentioned before that I have a big sister, but I think she deserves an entire blog dedicated to her wonderfulness! Honestly I do not know what I would do without her. We lived together during my college years and she took such good care of me...She fixed me coffee when I was pulling all nighters, taught me how to make chicken crescent rolls (now my hubby's favorite), helped me plan every step of my wedding, and was always there to hold my hand during ups and downs. I remember when I was little I wrecked my 3 wheeler and she carried me the whole way home, even though my ankle was just scratched. She even taught me to drive!!

Now that I'm pregnant I call her at all hours with crazy questions and concerns and she always calms my nerves. (Thank goodness she had Maddox first!) In fact if you would have asked me 2 months ago if I wanted more children I would have said no way, but when I think of the special bond I have with my sister my mind changes. I would want that for my little girl.

Not only is she a wonderful sister, she is a wonderful mommy too! Love you big sis!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I got to babysit my adorable nephew Maddox today. I was so nervous I would make him cry or he would fall and break something but it was smooth sailing. He is the best kid ever if I do say so myself (hope I don't jinx you big sis). He does have me wrapped around his finger though because he tricked me into feeding him all of his chocolate pudding before he had his chicken nuggets and I let him watch way too much Mickey and Chuggington on tv...oh well, what are aunts for?

We watched tv while eating pudding...

Played baseball...

Wedged our self behind the console table....

And got completely tuckered out.....

While spending time with Maddox was the highlight of my trip I did enjoy finally seeing Sex and the City 2. Thanks to the best big sis for a delicious meal and great movie. A couple of my favorite things from the movie...

Love Carrie's white Halston dress...especially paired with gold accessories and neutral pumps..

and of course Charlotte's pink Dior bag....

Sweet dreams of Chanel, Dior, Louis, and Abu Dhabi tonight