Monday, January 31, 2011

Pictorial Weekend Recap

We celebrated my dad's birthday with my favorite little guy....

Ate some cereal...

Got some scrapping done....

And checked a lot of our Sunday to do list....

How was your weekend?

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

A video link of Carsyn!

Carsyn had her 4 month photo session this week and it was so much fun. John Michael at Images by John Michael is an amazing photographer and he and his wife are a joy to work with. They are creative, friendly, and most importantly patient! I am so blessed to have wonderful people like them in my life. So here it is for your viewing pleasure....

Carsyn's 4 month session

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thank heavens for

* Flannel PJs
* Weekends
* Big Sisters
* Dry Shampoo
* Sirius Radio
* Nap Time
* Concealer
* JCrew rewards cards
* Cheap Wine
* Hubbies that take the trash out
* Pants that come in tall
* Reality TV
* Uggs
* Birthday Cake
* Pacifiers
* Coca Cola
* Yoga Pants
* Summertime
* Pizza Delivery
* Hair Color (and wonderful hairdressers)
* Denim with a hint of spandex
* and last but most importantly....

Little Girls!!!

What would you add to the list?
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesdays are for weddings!

My SIL at Kentucky Girl has been highlighting wedding ideas over at her blog on Wednesdays. Her wedding was completely fabulous and I've always felt she had a knack for planning every single detail. My favorite part of a wedding hands down is the dress!! Believe it or not I'm still completely in love with my dress and hope some day Carsyn will incorporate some part of it in her own wedding. I found my dress while cleaning out closets this summer. I think it looks like it's in pretty decent shape.

If I were shopping for a dress now I'm just not sure which direction I would turn. If my wedding was a simple affair I might would choose a JCrew gown. I love all things JCrew and find their gowns to be beautiful and timeless.

I like these 2 for a more traditional wedding

How perfect would this be for a beach wedding??

and how fun is this for a post nuptials dancing dress??

So what was your wedding gown like? If you were/are shopping for one now what would you choose?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shopping With Mommy Day

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Peek Inside....

I love reading blogs!! I love seeing what you're up to and what's on your mind- where you're going on your next vacation, what makes you smile, what you did last weekend, what you're watching on TV, what inspires you.

One of my favorite blogs is Kellys Korner and her SUYL series. In hopes that some of you will share a few "peaks" inside your world I figure I'll do the same. I hope to share with you a peak inside my life each week.

So, what better place to start than my fridge. In case you were wondering who does the grocery shopping in our house please take a gander at my freezer drawer...

all the credit for those delectable frozen finger foods goes to the hubby..except that bag of frozen biscuits in the corner- that's all me. Have you tried the mini version?? They're divine! Maybe its a Southern thing but we eat a lot of biscuits in this house. Recently I asked the hubby if we should cut them out in attempt to lose weight and he looked at me and said in his most serious voice "If its a world without biscuits, Jen I sure don't want to live in it." I think that's a great note to leave on :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Carsyn is 4 months old!!

Carsyn Presley you are 4 months old today..oh my goodness!! For once, I feel like time has slowed down and we are so enjoying our time together. It seems you do something new each day. Right now your little hands are your mouth, wrapped around Sophie, pulling at your clothes, grabbing your toes, and especially trying to grab the spoon out of mommy's hand.

Speaking of spoons you're completely happy opening your mouth for a big spoonful of rice cereal, but once that pasty substance hits your tongue things definitely change. You're such a tiny little thing and momma struggles with worrying you are eating enough. According to the ped you are not underweight but 2 weeks ago your were just about 11 lbs and we decided cereal would put a little weight on you. You gobble it up for Rosie but not so much when momma feeds you. You have a very chill attitude most of the time, but if you miss a nap boy does that make you mad!

You are a terrific sleeper and love naptime. You play hard then crash and sleep hard. You love to lie on your activity mat and pull at the fishes and octopus. You also love to kick your feet and watch the lights on your activity center light up. You despise tummy time and will usually roll over on your back when mommy forces you on your tummy. However, your head and neck is getting so much stronger thanks to mr bumbo seat :)

You smile and laugh constantly and love the sound of your own voice. You love to shriek and goo and and uncle Robby carry on conversations no one else understands.

You still love TV and could watch football or Mickey Mouse all day. Most days you'd rather watch TV than eat! You love going for rides in the car, which is good because momma does keep you on the road a little too much. You are wearing 3 month clothing and filling it out completely in length..perhaps you'll grow to be tall like momma after all.

You are beginning to want to be on the move and as you can clearly see from the photos below you do not like sitting still too much.

As always darling girl, you are mommy and daddy's world and each day we grow to love you more.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tom Brady you ruined my weekend

yep, that pretty much says it all...its awful to let a stupid NFL game put me in such a funk. So now I'm off to catch up on the Bachelor so I can blog about it like the rest of the world.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day

(oh lonely adirondack chair I promise soon I'll be sitting in you listening to some Bob Marley and enjoying a margarita)

It seems everyone in the country is seeing their fair share of snow days this winter and KY has been no exception. Every 3-4 days we receive about 3-4 inches of snow. I actually, secretly love it, but hate that the hubby has to drive to work in it :( I have been suffering from a horrible sinus infection which has lasted for about 3 weeks since I have been scared to take any antibiotics. I finally started some and might possibly be feeling better. Since I have had no sense of taste or smell for about a week I told the hubby to watch out cause as soon as I get my appetite back this girl is ordering a large plain cheese pizza from Papa Johns and eating the whole thing by herself! Seriously, if I eat one more can of soup I'm gonna throw up. Since there is a major lack of things to blog about I figured I would at least share what's currently on my mind:

* I totally live for UK athletics but our basketball team just has not won me over this season..I miss you John Wall and Demarcus Cousins

* I wish I would have started watching the Bachelor this seems that's all people are talking about and I hate being out of the loop

* Being stuck at home for days gets me in the mood to remodel..right now I really want to turn our attic into a playroom for Carsyn..she totally needs it considering she's almost 4 months old, right?

* I am so excited for the NFL playoffs...Tom Brady is back and I think its the year for a Patriots superbowl victory!

* I have not seen a good movie in FOREVER..any suggestions?

* Of the few things I miss BB (before baby) putting on makeup or just getting ready to go somewhere is at the top..the old me would have a little glass of wine and enjoy the whole process. The new routine..put baby in bouncy seat, start process,eyeliner on one eye, rock the baby, other eye, rock the baby, mascara, pick baby up and reposition, blush, finally pick baby up and balance on lap, try to finish putting face on

* I still crack up every time I hear "T-shirt time" on Jersey shore..I do my best imitation for Carsyn and yell "Tummy Time"..unfortunately, this not amuse her or make tummy time more enjoyable

* There's nothing better than warm oatmeal for breakfast this time of year..has anyone tried McDonald's version?

* My next home will have an enormous woodburning fireplace- Or else my current home having one is on this year's home improvement list

* So many friends and family members tell me they enjoy my blog so much and it really makes my day, but I really think they all would be so much better at it. I will not name names, but I know you people are reading and you need to start one!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I think he's trying to tell me something...

Clever husband... I just noticed he added the 35 this week. I don't know what's more embarrasing the fact I stopped my countdown at 5 days or the fact my decorations were up 5 days ago and I confess are still in all of their glory.. I vow to fight this horrible cold and the urge to be a sloth and watch football all day. Decorations beware- you're coming down today!

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rice Cereal!!

So we started rice cereal this week!

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011- A Balancing Act

In an attempt at brutal honesty I apologize if I offend here goes:

I have so many New Years Resolutions I don't know where to begin...seriously like 100....
* Lose a little weight
* Finally run that mini marathon
* Be a better wife
* Be a better mother
* Be a better daughter
* Spend more time with my nephew
* Get my work place organized so my dad can finally relax
* Spend more time with my grandmothers
* Be a better friend
* Cook more
* Continue getting my house organized
* Stop spending money on clothes and obsessing over material objects
* Be smarter financially
* Start back doing my yoga--down dog oh how I've missed you
* Read the Bible! seriously its on my nook..I have no excuse!

So if I accomplish all of these will I be a better person?? Will I be happy? I just don't know- I think I'm hoping these will lead to one thing-so my resolution in one word is to to find CONTENTMENT.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am a happy person, an eternal optimist, but my guilt is beginning to consume me. I never will forget a few years ago my MIL asked if I felt a lot of guilt and I laughed...guilt??? Why? Now, its ruling my life-not in an all I think about way, just in a little nagging back of my mind way. Want me to break it down for you?

A little about my lifestyle: Prebaby- run 3-4 times a week, yoga 3 times a week, weight training 2 times a week. Baby in belly- walk/jog 2 times a week, sporadic prenatal yoga. Post baby (aka present) NADA! You might remember me saying before running was my sanity-so what does that mean now?? It means my mind is mush-running clears it- I must get back to running..I just cannot find the time. The result-guilt. Running is something I do for me...I feel guilty running when I should be spending time with my baby girl.

So about that, I spend all day with Carsyn...ALL DAY. I love it on days we are home and can play and laugh in our pjs. On other days its notsofun. Just to clarify my situation I have worked with my dad running a small HVAC company since graduating in 2000. What started out as helping my dad til I could get a clothing store up and running turned into a full time demanding job. While its very rewarding its also kind of like being self employed-tricky for a pregnant gal and even trickier for a new mom. So 3 days a week I load up baby girl and get to work. Here is the typical day:
somewhere between 7 and 8- up and feed baby, walk dog, get dressed, load baby gear
10-11 arrive at work, baby may need fed again
11-12 get baby down for nap, put in swing or p & p
12-3 log in receivables, pay a few bills, pay subcontractors, make phone calls, order equipment, do some invoicing, do payroll, pay taxes, pray baby does not wake up
3-4 feed baby wait for help (aka mom) to arrive
4- help is here...back to work
5-6 head home
6-7 walk dog, pass baby to husband, cook dinner (rare), trip to grocery store (even more rare), play with baby, collapse on sofa and pray for baby catnap
7-8:30 feed baby, feed dog, bath baby, bath dog (very extremely rare), put baby to bed, eat dinner

So, in my attempt to actually get some work done so my dad does not stroke out I totally neglect my child. I am honestly thinking, Carsyn just be good today so mommy can work..horrible, I know, but I just cannot find a balance here. If I play with Carsyn while I'm there I feel like I'm neglecting work and if I work while she's wanting attention I feel like I'm letting my daughter down. Sometimes I feel it would be so nice to just drop Carsyn off somewhere and get some work done...then dad tells me he'll put in more hours so I can stay home more...its just a situation I cannot figure out. We are hoping I can start working from home more.

Onto being a better mother. I feel like I've spent so much time getting Carsyn to be a good sleeper and happy baby I've neglected some aspects. She really should weigh a little more and have better head control. She HATES her tummy time so instead of forcing her I just let her off the hook. As far as eating, the kid is just not hungry! I know that is no excuse and I have started her on rice cereal and hope she picks up a little weight before her 4 month checkup. I find myself comparing her to other babies and beating myself up. I LOVE reading blogs, but find myself doing a baby comparison....should Carsyn be doing this, or eating this, or sleeping like this??

My weakness has always been clothes, but at this point in life I would like to quit focusing so much on what to wear. I mean honestly, I can work in my pjs most days. I am hoping to focus less on saving for a new outfit or new Louis in 2011. While part of me feels I work hard and deserve nice things the other feels like sometimes I'm wrapped up in stuff. My FIL recently said if you don't have family you don't have anything. Well he might have used a few more choice words, but that pretty much sums it up. I want to focus 2011 on building better relationships and enjoying precious time with family-especially the hubby. Having a baby definitely has changed our relationship and I'm hoping we can find more time for each other this year.

I am hoping to take it easy this year and not stress so baby is happy and healthy, my loved ones are doing well, and I have so much love in my life I have nothing to complain about. I hope 2011 is your best year yet, I have a feeling it will be mine ;)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goodbye 2010

2010 was a great year- The year our darling Carsyn was born, the year she turned our simple, boring lifestyle upside down, the year my MIL & FIL rebuilt their home- we grieved in their loss, but on December 31 we rang in the new year with hope restored in their beautiful new home.

The year my adorable baby nephew grew into a rambunctious toddler. The year my relationship with my sister and my SIL grew leaps and bounds as now these women are not only my best friends but ladies who I'm proud to say I'm related to. Ladies who show me what compassion and friendship really mean. Ladies who are wonderful people, wonderful daughters, wonderful wives.

The year I truly gained respect for my mother and came to appreciate all of the late nights, messy diapers, feeding and nurturing she surely endured the same as I have. The year I looked at my father in a whole new way. I am so appreciative of the sacrifices he makes so I can spend time at home with my child.

The year my husband and better half became the best father I know. I am hoping to be a better wife in 2011.

Speaking of 2011 I have thought a lot about my resolutions and hope to share them with you soon. I am so sorry I have not been commenting on all of your blogs-I have read all of them and have enjoyed reading your reflections of 2010 and your goals for 2011.