Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

1 Peter 1:3 
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead... (NIV)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Playing catchup

Folks, its been a crazy few weeks around here...

The Watts family of four headed to Nashville to watch the cats get annihilated in the SEC tourney the weekend before last.

We met up with Laura, Grayson, & Griffin, watched a lot of basketball, and caught up with Rosie, Bryan, Mel, and Maddox.

We had lots of fun, but were SO busy.  Someday I'm coming to Nashville just to see some of you sweet blogger friends that live in the area!!

(Maddox and Carsyn look like siblings in this picture, right? Love their little hearts, they were so excited to be together!)

(I love this picture of Hank and Griffin..I mean Hank's legs just slay me.  And if you were wondering I think they were born 10 days apart).

The day after we got back I went to the Dr with severe abdominal pain.  Like whoa, I'm dying here, pain.  Turns out I have a nasty disease called divirticulits.  I've been calling it old woman disease and beating myself up for not taking better care of my body.  I've had a heck of a pity party for nearly 2 weeks, but I'm trying to move on.  The good news is I've finished my antibiotics and really look forward to speaking with a Dr. about my future.  Rumors are I should really take it easy on running and frankly, that infuriates me.  I'm going to try to follow Drs orders, but mercy! I was just getting back in my groove!

In the midst of all of this W has really taken over the household.  He actually does most of our grocery shopping, but he has made about 1000 trips to the store this week....and his last visit...wait for it....He got asked for his WIC card.  I died.  That's funny, right?

I've been having a little closet cleanout and selling stuff on IG and much to my surprise this didn't sell.

I find that my size in Lilly Pulitzer varies.  I'm a 6 in some dresses and an 8 in others, but this 6 is just not working.  (Thanks for the expanding ribcage Hank and Carsyn).  I priced it at $100 as I've never worn it, but if any of y'all want it..make me an offer! (How cute is the back??)

I'm always the last aboard the musically hip the train, but do you have this guy's latest masterpiece downloaded yet? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Carsyn had her second haircut the other day and did so well.  She requested a tail pony and was so proud.  She thought she was the cutest thing ever!

Oh, did I mention in the midst of all of this Carsyn contacted strep and I developed an allergic reaction to my medication??

Gimmee good news folks, what's going on in your life?

Monday, March 25, 2013


On March 19 my sweet baby girl was officially 2 1/2 years old.  The time is flying by and while I see why some call the 2s terrible, truthfully I'd freeze time right now if I could.

There's so much to say about you, Carsyn Presley I'm always afraid to dictate for fear of leaving something out, but here we go.

You are a sweetheart.  I know everyone thinks their child is sweet, but you have the sweetest little disposition.  You tell everyone you love them and daddy and mommy even get random "I love you so much!"  You adore your little brother and are an excellent toy sharer.  You give him bountiful hugs and kisses and worry so much if he cries.  You'll say "uh-oh Hank's crying" and raise your little voice and say "Its ok baby."  The other day when we thought you were napping in your crib Rosie coughed and you yelled "You ok, Rosie?"

You're such a nurturer.  When anyone is sick you love to Dr them and make them feel better-you take blood pressure and even administer medicine with your Dr kit.

You love all of your babies and dolls, but have one little one you like to sleep with at night.  You also love your barbies and playing with the barbie house Kristi and Robby gave you.  You love to color and play puzzles, especially puzzles on the iPad.  In fact I credit Starfall ABCs (and Rosie) to teaching you all of your letters!  You know them all except maybe 4 or 5 now.

We usually play basketball in Hank's room every night and if you make a shot you'll say "compilations Carsyn!" I think you mean congratulations, but its too cute to correct.  I'm afraid you may not be much of an athlete, sweetheart, but I think you'll be on stage someday.  You love to sing and dance and play your piano.  You're always saying "sing me a song mommy!" 

If you're not on stage singing or dancing I guess you'll be performing as a comedian.  The other day you found a camo hat of Hank's and said "Whoa, is Hank going to the jungle?"  When we put you in your robe at night you say "oh, that's so warm and fluffy!"  When we tuck you in bed and night you say "I snuggie buggie ruggie."
When asked for your name you say its Carsyn Watsley.  (You like to combine the Presley and Watts).  Mommy is Momma Watsley, Daddy is Daddy Watsley and Hank is Hanky-boo.
You really think you are a princess.  We read Cinderella the other night and at the end you said "when I marry Prince Charming I'm going to wear my Belle Dress."  Dead. Serious. 

You are a chatty Kathy.  You pick up the phone and just start chatting away telling whomever you're talking to big stories. You're favorite words are "sure" and "ok." 

You are still momma's night owl and like to go to bed around 11:00 (or midnight if I'm being generous) and sleep til 10:00.  You also take one mid day nap.

You are SUCH a picky eater.  You like, yogurt, pizza, grilled cheeses, & chicken nuggets.  I guess that's why you are so tiny.  You weigh 25 lbs and are 35" tall.  In fact here you are in November wearing the same outfit..
 (those little sleeves are up to your elbows now and the pants are almost capris!)
You are a bit of a drama queen when things don't go your way.  First you try talking yourself out of the situation.... If I say its nighttime you say "No, its too early", if I tell you to wear something and you don't want to its "too big or too little."  If you don't want to leave home you say its too cold outside.  Of course that's a rare occasion, because you LOVE to travel.  You actually cry sometimes when we pull in the driveway and ask to go back. 

Carsyn Presley, you make the world a brighter place..we love you so so much.

(ps....bonus points if you can find the Hank photobomb!)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A stroll down memory lane and weekend fun

Our weekend started a little early so I could take the kids to Lexington and watch my old high school boys basketball team play in the state tournament. Where do I begin?

First, basketball is king in KY- like the biggest deal ever.  I actually think after graduating high school I attended one game...maybe two. Not sure. But, while in high school? Those games were the social highlight of your life.   It just seems you go away to college and those things are forgotten.  I don't know how things work everywhere, but around here you play in a regional tournament and the winner of the region gets a chance to play for the state title in Lexington at Rupp Arena. That's where our beloved University of Kentucky wildcats play and that's pretty cool, right?

While I was watching the kids play I chatted with my BIL and sister about how things had changed.  When he and my sister attended our high school it had about 1000 students. Last I heard the enrollment was less than 500. When I was there it was around 750 (I think). Crazy. I wonder if there are any teachers still there that I had.. I wonder if there's still a smoke shack out back for the "cool" smoking kids...I wonder if kids still makeout under the stairwells... I wonder if you still have to dissect a frog for biology class... I wonder if they still serve pizza for lunch on Fridays...

And in case you were wondering what I was like in high school, here's my senior portrait I found on display at mom and dads (hey Rosie- you now have 3 outrageously cute grandchildren. There's no need for high school pics of me and big sis to grace or walls and built ins..except for that one with Mel and her big hair..cause we all know 80s hair was awesome...)  Now y'all see why I wear my hair long- do I not look old in this picture?

I was a completely normal (I think) teenager.  Except for the fact I passed out on occasion. I still tell people I nearly failed biology because I refused to get anywhere near the frog corpse, let along poke and prod at its little organs.  I made great grades, played mediocre tennis, and had lots of friends..Not a jock, or a nerd, or miss popularity though.

Anyway, Rosie was able to go with me Thursday night and we had a lot of fun.

Our school mascot was a patriot so I dressed myself and the kids in the closest thing I could find red, white, and blue.

(Side note- get to your nearest JCrew and buy yourself the Tilda top-here's a closeup-you'll be glad you did)

Here we are at the game...the Patriots won this one, but lost the next night.

Of course the big kids wanted ice cream.

I have to say all of the kids were so great at the game.  I think my kids are going to be little social butterflies.  Its really hard to take a baby to an event like this though..My arms were jello after an hour of bouncing.

We engaged in a little retail therapy while in town and I picked up our mother's day dresses.  Told you I was obsessed with the chin chin print!

And.....I picked up the Lilly bonus at the Estee Lauder counter at Macy's.

The weather Saturday and Sunday was so warm and sunny.  I hit the trails both days while the kids napped and my hips are still paying for it!  I have a few of these little hills to thank for that.

Gosh, I LOVE running outside though.  Put me on a treadmill and I feel like I'm dying after 4 miles, but outside I still have steam left.  Carsyn definitely loves outside like her mommy and daddy.We had some playground time Sunday night.  We can't wait until Summer!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A day in the life

I do not recall if I've ever written a day in the life post.  I feel like lots of my days are mundane, but I know I'll like looking back and seeing what we were up to one day.  I figured I'd do Saturday since we've been making lots of trips to Lexington lately.  I hope to do a weekday at home soon too-stay tuned-its exciting!

Wake up at 6:30.Woof.  We are late sleepers in this house and 6:30 is completely out of the ordinary.  I do chug coffee out of this cute mug every day though.  Go get yourself one here or you'll regret it.

Rosie shows up at the house and we head to Lexington. We arrive in Lexington around 10:00 to watch my nephew, Maddox play basketball.  Hank takes everything in and Carsyn can't decide if she wants to cheer, be on the bench or on the floor.

(ps- that dude talking to Maddox is my BIL-pretty much one of the greatest dads and guys I know.  I think he's been coaching for like 10 years!)

Being on the road means a lot of car nursing..I know I"m going to miss this someday!

We always have lunch at Panera per Carsyn's request.  Its her favorite place on the planet!

We head to the mall to shop and ride the kids around in the stroller in hopes of simultaneous naps.  Hank is now riding sitting up and it breaks my momma heart a little to see how big he's getting.

Carsyn was completely tuckered out and Hank slept maybe 30 minutes-I think he was too excited over finally getting some shoes that fit his chunky foot!  I went into JCrew and did a little shopping.  I seriously wanted everything in there-such cute stuff right now!

Usually we try to have dinner, but I was visiting W's mom and dad that night and wanted to get back to town early.  We loaded everyone up on Starbucks for the ride home-Vanilla Spice for me, White chocolate mocha for Rosie and Strawberry Frapp for Carsyn.

We arrived at my inlaws and Carsyn was so excited to see everyone! My BIL & SIL were there too and we all set up late listening to Carsyn sing and tell stories.

Carsyn came upstairs with me and Hank while I fed him.  Usually that's our snuggle time every night and I let them both roll around on the bed.  I put Hank down, but Carsyn wanted to go back to play more.

At 12:30 Carsyn asked to go to bed so I put her in bed with me and watched House of Cards when she fell asleep.  I honestly wasn't in love with the show until episode 3 or 4, but its SO good.  Are y'all watching?

I had to sneak in this photo of Carsyn's up-do on Sunday.  My MIL is so good at fixing her hair and this braid was too cute.  Carsyn carried that mirror around awhile admiring it-momma needs to work on her braiding skills.

Friday, March 1, 2013

If 1 makes you patient..

When I found out little Hank was in my belly my first emotion was feeling terrified of being responsible for two little humans.  W and I would joke when Carsyn was being particularly needy and say "what are we going to DO?!"  We're adjusting to being a family of four quite nicely and our days are flowing pretty smoothly.  Boy, did it take a lot of growing to get here.

W and I were married in 2000.  Carsyn was born in 2010.  We had 10 long years of fulfilling our selfish desires.  I should probably add I had 10 years of selfishness.  W has always worked really long and really hard hours and if there's one trait that stands out about him its his lack of selfishness.  Its just not in him.  I worked alongside my dad nearly every day and learned a lot about running a business.  He gave me time off if needed, but I put in my hours and endured the stress of managing a small company.  Definitely not unbearable but somewhat challenging.  During the week I'd get home from work, go for a run and prepare dinner.  We'd watch tv and cuddle with the dog.  Summer weekends were carefree and spent at the lake.  We spent summer vacations sipping mixed drinks at noon, W playing copious amounts of golf and me getting tan as a pasty white girl could.  I spent lots of weekends shopping with my favorite girls-not worried about not having room for shopping bags because a double stroller encompassed by entire trunk space. 

Those things didn't come to a screeching halt when Carsyn arrived.  I had to adjust, but shopping trips just became funner with a sidekick.  Running still occurred, just less frequently and while pushing a jogging stroller.  But, Carsyn taught me patience.  A trait I still don't possess but work on every day.  Just this week she was hurling her bath time toys in the tub and her doll bounced off my head and I lost my patience.  I'm embarrassed when I lose my patience with her, but I've learned to take deep breaths before flying off the handle.  

I've learned "one more story" won't end the world.  
I've learned taking an hour to have lunch out is fun.  
I've learned the potty process is trying and no matter when the books say she'll be ready I'LL know when she's ready....because she'll tell me she is. 
I've learned packing for a trip will take a extensive list making.  

Hank was an easier adjustment than I thought it would be.  I really thought once he came along I'd become a poster child for agoraphobia.  That being said some things are harder than I imagined.  Do you know it takes me at least 2 hours to get out the door in the mornings? And have you seen me? I'm not put together folks?  I'm a hot mess 75% of the time.   

Funny thing is I'm becoming proud of being a hot mess.  Forgetting purple paci and having to drive back home to get it.  Been there.  Running out of diapers and letting Hank rock big sis's size 4s? Yep, guilty. For me, being a mom of two is teaching me a little about selflessness.  Well, a lot about selflessness if I'm being honest.  How about brutal honesty? Sometimes I go 4 days in a row without a stitch of makeup or washing my hair.  Why?  Because frankly, that's just 30 minutes I want to spend with my children.  My children that make me look at the clock at noon and count the minutes to naptime.  The same munchkins that sometimes make me count the hours til bedtime after they wake up from their naps, but have me creeping in their rooms and missing them like crazy after they're asleep.  Gosh, I love my littles.  And I'd love to say that this is the life I dreamed of, but I never dreamed in a million years I'd be here.  That I'd be lucky enough to be here.  

You'll likely hear me say two is hard; especially when they're close in age.  You might overhear me say I need some quiet time or I'm feeling overwhelmed.  But if you were to creep in my house you'd see towels that need folding.  You'd see windows with tiny little handprints.  You'd see a Mad Men DVD set collecting dust.  But you'd also see a certain toddler snuggled on the sofa with momma watching Mickey, not Real Housewives.  You'd see a little mister being rocked to sleep.  You might even see a computer screen with a blinking cursor left abandoned.   And a stack of magazines- Instyle, Veranda, and Southern Living that lay unopened and unbookmarked.

I'm not mother of the year.  But I saw on pinterest (yes, I use it for something other than planning OOTDs) there's no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one.  I'm not a selfless person by any means.  I'm currently in my happy little home office space listening to the lumineers and having some quality imac time.  That's selfish, right?  But I'm learning, and growing into a person I'm proud to be.

(Thanks Laura, for always inspiring be a better friend...and a better mom.)  
(Thanks Rosie for the adorable bathrobes)