Monday, September 13, 2010

Can A Pregnant Gal Still Get Her Tailgate On...


Saturday turned out to be a decent day for football in the Bluegrass. The Cats won and I spent some quality time with loved ones.

Might I add Maddox definitely knows how to tailgate.

On another note for some reason this weekend Maddox decided to grab the tape measure and lift my shirt up and pretend to measure me...we have no idea why!! Future Ob/Gyn doc???



  1. You look so pretty -love that top! And on a random sidenote -I think I have that shirt your friend is wearing.

    Kids are so funny like that! LOL!

  2. So cute! Looks like y'all had so much fun! And you look fabulous!

  3. Love this post! Yes you can still have fun!

  4. I LOVE your blue top! You're def. Tailgating in style!

  5. Ok. Wait a minute. How did I miss all of this!?

    1. Holy crap. You look fantastic. Rock on, Momma.

    2. I would like your kitchen, pronto. Actually scratch that. I really just want your fridge. We just redid our kitchen when we bought our house in March and are currently saving for a fridge. Maybe we'll have a new one before C turns 18.

    And most importantly... SUNDAY???!! Omg Im so excited for you! Please, please email me if you have any questions about the scheduled C! I had no idea what to expect, even as a nurse, and would love to share (or even overshare!) haha! SIX DAYS!!!!