Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's on my mind

* Reality TV is becoming all I watch. I'm addicted to The Voice. And of course all of the Real Housewives series. OC has been sort of a snooze fest this season but Jersey never fails to entertain. Does anyone else think something is a little off with Melissa? I'm excited for America's Got Talent!

* Arnold Schwarzenegger is so lame. I seriously wanted to throw up after catching a glimpse of him in Kindergarten Cop recently. Ok, I was watching... It was kind of a cute movie.

* Memorial Weekend used to mean carefree time at the lake. This year it involved lots of pressure washing, some naps, baby's first dip in the pool, and purchasing an SUV big enough to haul a pack n play, exersaucer, and basically the whole house in.

* My email and facebook accounts were both recently hacked. I don't know what upsets me more, the fact they were hacked, or the fact msn nor facebook has made any attempt to resolve the issue.

* For those who were wondering-I did not recently take a surprise trip to the United Kingdom and get mugged leaving me to only communicate via facebook and email-see above. And if you were concerned about me, thanks.

* Why do I think I'll magically be tanned and skinny by the time vacation rolls around every year? I am a fair skinned 31 year old woman. It is what it is.

* Carsyn is still toothless.. Dear tooth fairy Gods, I'm ready for the tooth. Especially if this means an end to my drooling, moaning, sporadic napping, skinny, not so hungry child.

* My Keurig is officially broke. Ironically my Cuisinart is out of commission also.. Momma not happy. If anyone knows how to de-mold the Cuisinart or make the Keurig stop flashing Not Ready please let me know!!

* I do 1800 loads of laundry a day.. Am I the only one?

* I'm way too excited about the custom Starbucks cold cup I just purchased. Is it crazy to be happy about writing your name and beverage of choice in pink?

What's on your mind?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pack Your Bags!

I'm so excited we finally got our first vacation of the year booked. We are staying here:

Have y'all been here before? Where do we dine, where do I shop?
Any tips are greatly appreciated!

Let the countdown begin..

(and yes that's a jumperoo you see in the background-baby girl has officially taken over the house)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

Thank goodness summer is almost here!!

I'm linking up with Katie for the Saturday morning scene...you should too!

Saturday Morning Scene

Ps.. To my peeps who bought me my bikini--- I cannot believe you are vacationing without me!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

To my SIL & her hubby!! I truly am so blessed to have them as family. Love you both to pieces!!

Carsyn is 8 months old!!

I cannot believe my baby girl is 8 months old!! Please forgive the sheer abundance of photos but Carsyn was all about posing today so I snapped a zillion. Usually she will not sit still for a moment! She has such a cute little personality-I hope it shows in some of the pics!

Hi mom..

Can I have the camera please..

Well, how about a hug??

Shewwww..now I'm tired..

and angry...

can we hang out in the crib now?

Every day is an adventure with you Carsyn Presley! You are finally sitting up for long stretches of time and playing with toys. Of course your favorite toys are the phone, remote, and magazines. Boy, you could shred magazines for hours. You still love the jumperoo but really had rather be scooting around on the floor. You are an excellent backwards scooter and can be gone in the blink of an eye. I know crawling is just around the corner...sigh. You still profess your love for da-da all day long. So far we've got a few ma-mas but only when you really want our attention. You also have been waking me up in the morning saying ba-ba. Bottle?? Not sure yet.

Speaking of mornings, you still are on your little sleep strike and wake momma up several nights a week. Luckily, there's nothing much wrong and you go back to sleep after a quick bite to eat or a little loving from your momma. As far as eating goes you're still a pretty passive eater. Peaches are by far your favorite with sweet potatoes a close second. You're fine with your puffs as long as they don't touch your mouth. You pick them up, move them around, and throw them on the floor. You hate the way they taste..perhaps you'll be a picky eater like your dad. I guess that's why your still tiny. According to our scales at home you're 15 lbs- Momma's itty! You're still long though-just not sure of your exact height. You take up your 9 months clothes in height but can still wear some 3-6 month outfits.

You are such a happy little girl, Carsyn. Everywhere we go people ask me if you're always that good and I reply yes! You are a wonderful, wonderful little girl, but you are also a little spoiled if the truth be told. You can sit through a whole restaurant meal out and an entire church service without making a fuss. You can travel hours in your car seat completely entertained. However, when it comes afternoon nap time the screamies start if momma is not around. Then again, I'm not sure who enjoys nap time more you or her ;)

You have brought an abundance of joy to our lives Carsyn and mommy and daddy just don't know what we'd do without you.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Night Out With Kenny

A while back my sister called me and said I got you tickets to Kenny Chesney and you're going and I'm watching Carsyn. I sure couldn't say no to that and I knew Carsyn would be in the best hands!!

Maddox was so sweet with her- My sis said he held her hand all night and clearly she just adores him.

I think I've seen Kenny about 5 times and he never fails to disappoint. I am actually a bigger fan of old school country and was ecstatic when George Jones came out to sing He Stopped Loving Her Today! We went to the concert with my SIL and BIL and had such a good time-we were all singing, dancing fools and the night went by way too fast.


(The hubby told me I looked like one of the girls from Austin Powers, but I love getting chances to dress up and wear my boots!)

Carsyn and her daddy hanging out before the show..

I think I could do an entire post on concerts and artists on my bucket list to see- A few include Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Buffet, Neil Young, & Robert Earl Keen. Who's on your concert must see list?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I got a little sentimental this Mother's Day as it was technically my first. Being a mom is such a blessing. A blessing I often take for granted. I'm still in awe that I have this perfect, healthy angel. Trust me, she definitely has her diva moments but she's so much fun. Recently she started making the ma-ma sounds, but it cracks me up because its only when she's really mad. So yes, I am pissing my daughter off so she'll say my name- (C'mon you know you'd do it too).I am trying to be the best mom I can be and I'm so lucky to have these ladies in my life to set the example.

(in case you didn't know Saturday was Derby Day so even though the hubby poked fun at me I wore my hat! I figure if I insist on wearing a hat every year one day he'll be persuaded to actually take me. Also, poor baby girl was so worn out-momma's sorry)

I was so happy to spend Saturday with my mom and sister and Sunday with my MIL & SIL. I'm so sorry I didn't get any pics at my MIL's but by the time I thought about it everyone was so stuffed from lasagna I'm sure they didn't feel like it. I am going to persuade my SIL to share her lasagna recipe- I swear its the best you'll ever eat.

I also attended a baby shower for a friend this weekend and ran into a lot of old friends from high school. I don't see them enough and they all are such kind, beautiful ladies. Some even read my boring little blog so here's a shout out to Chas, Courtney, Anna, Asheley, & Shasta! :) Asheley's baby girl will make an appearance on June 6 and trust me ladies she's gonna be a beauty.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

I kid you not.

After a wonderful, wonderful Mother's Day Weekend I hit a deer on the way home this evening and demolished my car! Luckily, momma, the hubby, and the bambino are all ok...Bambi...notsomuch.
I promise when I'm in a better mood I'll share photos of our festivities. I hope all of you moms out there had a great day.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crowns, cupcakes, and closet chaos

I'm so happy that my SIL and BIL had the day off Friday to watch the royal wedding with us. I kidded and told Carsyn she could be fussy Thursday night and sure enough after sleeping like her old self all week she decided to get up early that morning. We hung out and watched a little of the festivities but I recorded the ceremony and waited for my company to arrive so we could watch it together. I dressed Carsyn up but love her heart she was so tired from not sleeping well.

After the local bakery told me they didn't know what the British flag looked like I attempted to make my own cupcakes..

I fixed some scones and set out my never before used china..

The china did not make the scones taste better :(

We had such a nice time even though Carsyn took a colossal 3 hour nap. Luckily this allowed the hubby time to arrive home from work and we all watched the ceremony together.

Changing the subject entirely I decided to pop open some skinny girl margarita and organize my closet this weekend. I figured tackling it sober would be impossible but honestly I still don't have it finished. Here's one little section..

I have to say maybe it was the booze but this was really depressing! I had forgotten last summer I just purchased about 5-10 sundresses and lived in them. I do not want to look at these dresses let along wear them! Also, I have a huge stack of clothing that I have no idea what to do with. Some of it is worth selling but I think the majority will go to goodwill.

Wish me luck ladies.. I'm going to attempt to finish this week.