Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things...

So, I have only been home with baby girl for a little over a week and I'm all ready to go back to work. (Of course lack of sleep has caused my brain to periodically shut down so dad would probably rather I stay home). Seriously, HSN is great! They have all kinds of crap that I do not need yet I find myself lusting over crystal candelabras. In between naps I peruse the latest burberry, juicy, cach cach, kellys kids, and le top (to name a few) offerings for baby girl on line. And speaking of on line shopping..momma cannot wait to go shopping for herself-well once I get rid of this post-partum belly jiggle. So, with all of that being said I would like to share a few of my favorite recent purchases.

Lancome Precious Cells & Oscillation Power Booster

I have the world's skimpiest eyelashes..and this helps. I bought both of them right before I had baby girl so I have not used them a lot, but so far I like what I see.

Burberry Diaper Bag

I have put a lot of thought into a diaper I need a large size, would I rather have one with more mobility...this, I decided was the one for me...thanks hubby ;)
Now, if only baby girl would grow into that beautiful dress!


After hearing other bloggers rave about the momagenda I had my doubts, but they're planner I've ever owned.

Last, but not least I can't resist adding a pic of baby girl snuggled in her favorite blanket...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Baby Story

The Birth Story of Carsyn:

I guess I feel like it all started on Friday, Sept 17 at 3:00. We checked in at the hospital and registered and did some bloodwork. Usually I hate blood work but its amazing what your body can acclimate to. I was happy to get all of the paper work out of the way so that way Sunday all I had to do was walk into the hospital and gets things started. After that the hubby and I went to PF Changs for my "last supper". Oh pork dumplings, spring rolls, lettuce wraps- how I love you. Afterwards we proceeded to my big sis's house for roasting marshmallows with my favorite little guy.

Holy cow!! I did not realize until this pic was snapped how much bigger I am than my hubby...and I swear I do not tower over him!

Saturday we ran around town buying last minute things like pillows and pacifiers- Side Note- If anyone out there needs advice on what to pack for the hospital, especially if they are having a c section please email me!! (I received a lovely email from Ashley laying out exactly what to expect and it was so helpful- thanks again!) We had dinner with Shane's family that night and everyone tried to calm my nerves- I knew it was going to be a restless night and it was. I kept laying in bed thinking things like I really should have got my hair highlighted and I really, really, should NOT have eaten mini cheeseburgers!!

The Delivery Day:

Shane and I woke up at 6:30 and got everything loaded in the car-we had been staying with my sister so it wasn't too hard to pack. We arrived in the parking lot of the hospital at 7:30 am and we cranked up some Bruce to get me in a happy mood. We entered the hospital and went directly to the labor and nursery floor. There I met my nurse Sherri and she started my IV. She did everything she could to calm my nervous and tell me everything was going to be fine. Then the third love of my life, the anthethesiologist came in to talk to me about the epidural. Mom and Dad got to visit me for a minute and at roughly 9:45 I was wheeled into OR. At this point Sherri was singing we're having a party and I was getting really excited. I recieved an epidural, which was not painful at all and then Shane came into see me. Dr F and my 2 sweet nurses came in and the procedure started. I felt a slight rocking, but that's about it. In mere moments we heard the doc say get your camera ready I have a foot and then we heard the sweet, sweet sounds of Carsyn crying.

Meeting daddy

Our first family photo

My hero- Dr F

All cleaned up

At this point Shane is snapping pics, the peds are checking out Carsyn, and Dr F is concentrating on momma. I am wheeled to recovery where Sherri tells me to rest and Shane and Carsyn go to get cleaned up and meet the families. At this point I remember relaxing a little and then Shane entering the room with Carsyn so we could have a little bonding time. After this I'm wheeled to my room and visitors are allowed. We had so many visitors that day and it was such a joyous occasion the pain and exhaustion really were not a factor- course that set in afterwards ;)

Bonding time with mommy

All ready to go home

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Well the cats game did not turn out so well as Florida pummeled us, but that didn't interfere with the fact we had a great day.

Carsyn and Auntie M

Carsyn and Papaw Marv

Enjoying her swing!

I promise to be better with updates but this momma needs some sleep! :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Carsyn Presley!

Carsyn Presley is here!!

Born Sept 19 10:11 am
6 lbs 11 oz
19 inches long
& rockin a baby mullet ;)

Momma and Dad are exhausted and elated

her birth story to follow....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

You a scrapper???

I never thought I'd take up scrapping but here I am....up to my elbows in paper, glue, and girlie stickers.

I really am NOT creative and seriously have gotten about 3 pages done so far. While its definitely something I don't live for it is quite enjoyable to see the finished product.

So far my favorite place to get goodies is Michael's, but I am open to any suggestions as I'm new at this.

Any scrappers out there??? I'd love to see pictures of scrapping success stories :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Can A Pregnant Gal Still Get Her Tailgate On...


Saturday turned out to be a decent day for football in the Bluegrass. The Cats won and I spent some quality time with loved ones.

Might I add Maddox definitely knows how to tailgate.

On another note for some reason this weekend Maddox decided to grab the tape measure and lift my shirt up and pretend to measure me...we have no idea why!! Future Ob/Gyn doc???


Friday, September 10, 2010

Kitchen Remodel

At last the kitchen project is complete! It has been for a while, I've just really not had the kitchen clean enough to snap some pics :)



I was really ok with my cabinets and hardwood, but not so crazy about the pink laminate counter tops

Some of my favorite things:

Electrolux Fridge! Love all of the extra room

Island with room for my cookbooks and magazines

Dual Zone Wine Fridge

Ahhh...all the wine I have not been able to drink since January..stored away to enjoy maybe in 18 years..

Farmhouse Sink...& Obnoxious Faucet the hubby had to have

Now for the is my old work island which I love. Originally I wanted to put a hutch on this wall (as you can see from the picture below my dining room is just to the end of the kitchen area). However, this work island comes in handy when people are over and its nice to have the extra cooking room...its just not so pleasing to the eye. Especially since its seems dwarfed by the 11' ceilings.....Suggestions please!! Do I keep the island and hang some shelves above it..I have thought of the idea of a coffee bar? Or do I beg the hubby for the hutch I've always wanted??

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Does it count to win a blog award if it was given to you out of kindness by your SIL who likely knows most people do not find you interesting because all you do is talk about your unborn child who will be here in 11 days???? Sure, I say, that's what family is for, so thanks to Kristi at Kentucky Girl!

In following the criteria I am to share 5 things about myself.

1. I'm afraid of the dark
2. I have eaten at least 2 pieces of birthday cake a day since last Monday when the birthday celebrations in our household started...thus tacking onto the 25 lb mark I was hoping not to exceed by the end of the pregnancy (But pretty much well worth it if you ask me)
3. I watch soap operas....fine go ahead and judge...and LMN too..especially those Christmas movies
4. I loathe getting up early..still hoping its something I grow out of but not looking likely
5. My favorite meal is turkey and dressing...can't wait til Thanksgiving!

Name 5 bloggers I think are fantastic...

I Love You More Than

Happiness Is...
Moments With the Mays
Ramblings of a Small Town Girl
Living life and loving it

So ladies you may participate if you'd like!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fun Filled Weekend

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend..mine was fabulous. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family and to get to spend the weekend with everyone was more than a girl could ask for.

Saturday everyone in Shane's family gathered at our house to watch the UK game and work on the nursery a bit.

We did a little indoor/outdoor tailgating and I attempted to make the place look a little festive-

Everyone was dressed in their KY gear-

We worked a little in the nursery and got the chandelier up-

The finished product-

Sunday we recruited my mom, dad, sister, and BIL to put some baby stuff together-

Our house officially has been taken over with pink baby goodies-

This is my favorite picture...I thought a rubber stencil with baby girl's initials would be super easy to install..WRONG! The hubby and big sis could have killed hour later it was complete..and I LOVE it!

and finally today big momma rested ;)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Birthday Reflections & C Section News

What a difference a year makes!!! Last year I turned the big 30 and took it pretty hard....

The hubby and I planned a trip to Charleston SC, invited all of our friends and family and soaked up some sunshine and enjoyed some spirits at our favorite rooftop bars...

Fast forward to August 31, 2010....and how I spent my birthday: On the phone planning my c section! Yep, that's right, after all my frustration over my 36 week appt I got that ultrasound after all cause this little diva wants to come into the world backwards!! So the c section is scheduled for September 19. Momma is terrified but oddly excited that I get to know the exact date of baby girl's arrival.

Advice from anyone now being accepted!!