Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

Halloween is officially over!

Sunday evening the local church hosted a trunk or treat. This was my first year attending and I'd have to say I'll definitely be back. They had a chili cook off and everyone decorated their tailgate so creatively.

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My favorite was probably the beach theme. After seeing the others I realized mine was definitely lacking- at least I had cupcakes!!

Tonight we visited my SIL & BIL. Their neighborhood has a great trick or treat and Kristi and Robby always have yummy mexican catered.

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We pulled Carsyn around in the wagon both nights and she pretty much loved it.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boyd's Orchard

We finally made it to the pumpkin patch!

Carsyn was so tired but found renewed energy crawling around in the grass..(I think she'll be explaining to me the reason she doesn't walk before she actually does-ha!)

Right now her favorite thing to do is pull her hair bow out... I don't know why I look so surprised in this picture-

We had church trick or treat (well trunk or treat) tonight and trick or treat with the families tomorrow-Momma is about ready for Halloween to be over!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Catch Up..

Folks, I need an intervention. is kicking my tail. I just realized I've sent like 500 tweets. Between tweeting and blogging I feel like my life is spent on a computer, ipad, or iphone. Sheesh, I have a child to raise-and a job to do!! I'm actually glad at times my facebook was hacked. I try to follow those who follow me and comment back and answer questions (I'm from the South, we call that courtesy) but at times its overwhelming. That being said here's a few things I'm catching up on.

I made these chicken salad croissants this week. The recipe is posted here. Many people tell me they love my chicken salad and its so easy..

We had Carsyn's 1 year photo shoot this week and I got a little dressed up hoping to capture some mother/daughter moments. Carsyn was having none of that so we'll just have to wait another year for that mommy/daughter moment. Thanks for your comments on the outfit though ladies!

I was happy to get my 8 month session canvas hung. My SIL & BIL got Carsyn that blue outfit and its probably my favorite session yet.

Lastly, thanks for the recent sweet comments. I WISH that were my front porch! That picture was taken at my MIL & FIL's new home-which is gorgeous by the way. Please read their story here. Anyone who knows me would know my front porch would not have mums that gorgeous. My mums are already dying..see..

and Laura, those are my Coach old faithful boots...I was afraid to wear the Fryes to a pumpkin painting party ;)

Hope that answered some questions ladies!! Please bear with me as I'm getting Carsyn's first birthday photos organized. Here's a little peek at the birthday girl..

Just Like..errrr Mommy?

(For those of you who first thought why is Carsyn dressed up in a leisure suit let me correct you. That's the hubby...and yes he is stylin'-Love you honey)

Lately people have been saying Carsyn looks just like her mommy and I just don't see it. I'm perfectly fine either way. I don't want her to have my long forehead and nose and the poor thing has already inherited my big feet. I think its fun to see baby pictures and compare. When Shane's mom showed me this I was floored! They even have the same part.

So here's mommy..

What do y'all think? Is Carsyn daddy's mini me?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkins and Stuff

I'm thinking Halloween is slowly climbing its way to the top of my favorite holiday list.

It is probably my FIL's favorite and he and my MIL had a Halloween party at their home Saturday night.

Here's a few of their decorations..


(After seeing this dress here, here, and here I caved and ordered it.)-so thanks ladies!

Carsyn had a ball Saturday night and stayed up way too late.

This was her face when she saw cousins Emily and Maddox..

(I love this little belly)

All that parting led to this on Sunday morning..

While she napped I made this cute little smores treats after I found the idea on pinterest.

We took a few pictures Sunday morning and Carsyn was really hamming it up.

Carsyn took a great nap but was still a little sleepy for the pumpkin painting party later. We left a little early but had a wonderful time.

Enjoying some auntie time..

We still have trick or treat and the pumpkin patch to go!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Carsyn is 13 months old

Are we going to be doing the pig pic until you're going away to college? I think so!

Unfortunately the pictures are getting more difficult as you do not like to sit still and rarely let loose of the remote.

Carsyn, you change every day! Each day is a new adventure with you. Lately you have perfected the hissy fit. When things don't go your way you start whining, then you proceed to scream and beat yourself in the head. Most people succumb- mom is standing firm (well most of the time).

You still love to babble. You repeat everything. Pops loves to make you repeat oh. my. gah. It's cute, and very dramatic. Oh well, guess you're a drama queen like momma.

You are so very close to walking! I was hoping by Halloween but maybe not. You push your little shopping cart everywhere. Funny thing is you only like certain things in it- the remote and little people. There will be no buggy rides for barbies and dolls!

Lately you've been a little grouchy in the car. Where's my little travel buddy? With Christmas time coming up momma hopes her little shopping buddy returns soon.

You really are enjoying play time by yourself. Sunday night you played peekaboo with your stuffed animals in the pnp for an hour-whoa!! Mom and dad enjoyed really enjoyed Sunday night football-will this be a tradition?

You love to eat grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, and mac n cheese. Your favorite snack is anything banana flavored. You love milk! You drink at least 4 sippys a day.

You are officially a champion sleeper. Thank you honey, that was a rough few months. You go to bed around 9 and sleep til 8:30 or 9:30. You take one long nap a day from 2-4. Sometimes you have a morning catnap.

Your favorite activity is riding in your wagon. When someone says ride your little eyes light up! You say so many words.. ride, hello, hi, bye, mommy, daddy, dog, duck, shoe, poop, Robbie, Rosie, pops, mad (for Maddox), babe, bow, and no to name a few.

You are wearing mostly 12 month clothing-it's a little big but the length is perfect.

Still 2 teeth, looks like a top one is getting ready to come through though.

Carsyn, momma and daddy love you so very much!

Reflections & Phases

I am finding myself reflecting upon Carsyn's life a lot these days. I guess its because she is a year old and I remember so many instances of EXACTLY what we were doing this time last year. It seems like that was just yesterday. Insane. I remember watching endless amounts of football (it was Carsyn's favorite). I remember getting up early in hopes to shower before Carsyn woke up. I remember wondering what on earth we were going to do on Halloween..would she be too cold? would she behave herself? would she be grumpy from sitting up too late? I remember these days when my sister and SIL offered their services and let me do some fun stuff for myself. I recall those long walks at the lake when my baby was bundled up and sleeping soundly and I had a minute to collect my thoughts.

Now, don't get me wrong, those days were rough, but they were gone too quickly. I love being a mommy to an energetic, spirited one year old, but at times I miss that cuddly baby. I miss holding her while she slept for hours though I complained about it at the time.

Moving on to present day...Carsyn really is doing something new every day. Its hard to keep track of. One day she has a favorite toy and the next day its completely forgotten. Her favorite phrase right now is saying "I poop." Basically its every time she sees or hears the word diaper and sometimes randomly in public for no reason. She also says "hello" or more like "hewwow" every time the phone rings or she plays with her phone toy. I've tried to capture these on video.

Ok, so if you watched these can you forgive the state of baby girl's messy room, the fact that she is half swaddled at 1, and my redneck accent?? Thanks!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Another weekend...

another bunch of random iphone pics..sorry guys! I promise to start doing better.

Friday night Walmart shopping..

Saturday small town shoping..

Carsyn's first pair of blue jeans..

Sunday wagon ride..

A little crafting & fall decorating..

How was your weekend??

Friday, October 14, 2011

Disney on Ice

We went to Disney on Ice last night and it was a great show. Carsyn sat so still for the first thirty minutes or so. She was completely enthralled.

Of course she hated her Minnie Mouse ears..

So mommy wore them for the family photo..

but she LOVED cotton candy!

We snapped this before we left- her outfit courtesy of auntie & Robby was so cute!


Word of advice- if y'all go to Disney on Ice pack a snuggie!! For real. I knew it'd be chilly, hello- ice, but not that chilly.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall, Ponies, & Retail Therapy

Truth is the title should be weekend recap, but that just sounded boring ;)

Saturday Carsyn and I made the trip to Lexington to do several things. The mountain parkway is so beautiful this time of year I really don't mind the drive!

A while back PLL announced a little meet up she was hosting at Keeneland. Gorgeous weather, getting to finally meet PLL, and ponies-sign me up! I was so GLAD I went. If you haven't met PLL I have to say she is the sweetest, most beautiful gal. And Carsyn LOVED her (and we all know she is the best judge of character).

(stolen from PLL)

It was so much fun getting to meet some of PLL's sweet pals including Erin and PLL's little sis pictured. Please forgive the diaper hanging out-it was so hot I had to take Carsyn's tights off. (Note to self-must make sure to pull baby girl's dress down before photographing)

Carsyn loved tailgating at Keeneland but I wasn't quite sure about taking her in so we headed out to do a little shopping. I finally got her foot measured-whopping size 5- and picked her up some walking shoes (she's almost there). We met up with auntie M and visited Bella Bliss.

Have you ladies been there? I found the image above online. Isn't their retail store just beautiful? Trust me, their clothes are equally precious!

We squeezed in a little play time with Maddox and had dinner at Carsyn's favorite dining establishment-Chickfila!

Right now Carsyn's favorite thing to do is be pulled in the wagon Maddox got her for her birthday. The weather here has been so beautiful we're trying to enjoy outside activites as much as possible. Sunday after church she made me pull her for an hour. Every time we stopped she started hollering RIDE!!

Momma slept good Sunday night ;)