Saturday, December 28, 2013



I realize I never added pictures of Christmas decor on the blog this year.  Pretty much the same ole, same ole.  But here's a few for memories sake.


Living Room

Big Tree





I plan on doing a full blown Christmas picture recap…(that's for you Rosie) but here's my two favorites…Which pretty much sum up Hank and Carsyn's Christmas highs.

On Christmas Eve Hank sat in a box and ate Doritos for about a half hour. 

And the one thing Carsyn repeatedly asked for was a pink phone and she was so excited to receive it.


I know some of you are OOTD fans are some are not but I figured I'd share some of my holiday outfits with y'all-especially since some of you asked questions and I might not have gotten a chance to answer.

This dress is Tory Burch and has been marked down considerably several times.  Please don't be concerned that Carsyn refuses to wear pants.  I'm told its a phase.

Sweater is Lilly Pulitzer, Skirt is Jcrew, and Plaid shirt is Jcrew factory.  Boots are ancient..Dan Post I think.

Sweater, shirt, and skirt all Jcrew.  Tory Burch Azalea flats..On sale now I believe.  Cup courtesy of Sbux and the fabulous Amber, who needs to get her sexy self back to blogging ASAP.

Dress and Sweater are Lilly Pulitzer.  Boots and bag are Tory Burch (thanks W!)  Arm party is a mess of silver and gold- y'all do that, right?

I am sorry if that was uninteresting or TMI.  Or are y'all curious sometimes and hate asking?  Or would you like less selfies?  I think W needs to start being my photographer?  ;)


I am addicted to the Josie Maran Moroccan Line.  Please go get you some.


I feel icky when I don't run and today was no exception.  I laced up my new Frees and did a few miles tonight.  For anyone that was wondering- Nike Frees are the best.  You need to size up.  All leopard prints can be found at Zappos.

As always, I'm linking up with the adorable Darci and others for five on Friday…on Saturday.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Mountain Magic

We made our annual Tennessee trip last week.

We rode the Polar Express..

Hank had his first sip of hot cocoa!

We hit up the local pancake houses..

Shopped a little..

Went to Dollywood..

And just hung out at the cabin..

Friday, December 20, 2013


Carsyn Presley, you are growing up and momma don't like it one bit.

I need to take a minute to tell you what an awesome little girl you are.

You are undoubtedly a drama queen. And while it's exhausting, it's quite funny also.

You are obsessed with twirling and curtsy-ing and all things princess.

When things don't go your way you'll collapse and think it's the end if the world. Then moments later laugh and ask to hug it out.

You are always saying funny things:

You've recently started calling me "sister." Like when I ask you to pick up your toys you say "I don't think so sister."

Rosie was looking at pictures of you on mom's blog and you proclaimed, "I look fabulous!"

You love to pace and talk on the phone.

You still love playing Dr and request to "fix you up" often.

You've started taking on a mothering role with Hank. When he's mean you'll say "I'm gonna smack your tail and put you in time out." And when he's not around you'll say "Where is baby brother? I miss him so much."

When Rosie drives you in the big white truck you say "you drive this like a school bus!"

You love all things girly- cooking in your kitchen, playing dress up, and coloring.

You put ly and licious on the end of your favorite words. If things are pink they're pinkalicious. You say things are soapily and bubbly when we're in the bathtub.

When something is great you say it's "spectaculously!"

Carsyn Presley, you are so full of life and energy! 
We love you sweet baby girl!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Boring post with lots of pictures coming your way…


We celebrated Rosie's birthday last Thursday and Friday.

We love our Rosie.

Ricarda and I had a cookie party for the girls Friday night.

They are SO cute together.

Cute.. And exhausting.

And don't feel sorry for Hank…Rosie was treating him with donuts.

And dressing him up to pose in front of the Christmas tree.

We had a hot cocoa bar and they were more impressed with eating peppermint sticks.

W's annual holiday party was Saturday night.

Fun times as always.

We made it to church on Sunday-Yay!

The kids took a semi decent picture together- Yay again!

I have to add Carsyn is still in her "princess" phase and loves to curtsy.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tis the season to be merry.

Some things are traditions in this family that I will not part with. One being the trip to the tree lot.

I picked the rainiest December day I can ever remember and loaded up the kids. 

Carsyn picked her favorite promptly and ran back to the truck.

This guy didn't even make it out of the truck. 

But we went regardless and lugged the beauty in the house while W ranted and raved and the kids squealed with delight.

Another tradition we have is going to the local theatre to see the Nutcracker. Carsyn's friend Kyria was in it and she was just too cute.

Carsyn is obsessed with ballerinas and really thinks she is a professional one.

The kids got restless after intermission and I couldn't get them back in their seats..

Did I mention Hank's favorite part was the popcorn.

Speaking of traditons, I always get the kids in their holiday pjs and link up with a pj party on blogs or insta.

This years pic was a clear winner.

At least they love each other..

Most of the time.

We visited Santa and the picture turned out super cute.

The line was so long and the kids were such troopers.

They were excited when they finally made it to sit in the big man's lap. Let's pretend Hank isn't eating crackers. And that Santa had to be superimposed.