Friday, February 20, 2015


Still snowed in here so I figured I'd share a little Five on Friday with you.


I've been wanting to rearrange our basement family room for some time now.  Originally I wanted to keep it semi picked up and leave all of the kids toys in the playroom but its proving impossible.  So I decided to break it into two sections and let the kids have the back part.

My side.

Current state of their side.

Such a work in progress.  Any organization tips?


I've been trying to get my scrapbooks up to date and I ran across this little gem. 

Carsyn at 20 months.  Whyyyyy must they grow up?


My MIL introduced me to this perfume a while back and after I went to the counter to test it I declined purchasing.  I received a gift card and finally decided to buy it this year and I'm so glad I did.  It smells so much better on. Treat yourself. Oh, and its called La vie set belle by Lancome.


This Anthro piece has been my go to lately and its currently on sale.  Like major markdown.

I literally wore it around the house for 3 days in a row before the hubby called me out.

I also might throw it over my leather leggings and venture out in public.
They appear to be sold out in white, but I think I need the gray also.


I love my hot rollers.  I'm aware its not the 90s.

I posted this pic on insta proclaiming my love and lots of you agreed.

You asked what kind I use.  I've tried them all and the Conair above are my favorite.
I don't have any secrets, but here are some thoughts.  
Learn to master the pins included.  If you use a set that has clips I've found they create creases.  Not a good look.
Also. Roll your hair like you would with a curling iron.  Hold the roller at mid point of the strand, wrap the ends around and then roll up.

That's all I got folks!

Have a great weekend.  We are bracing ourselves for several more inches of snow.

What's 5 on your mind?  Are you linking up with Natasha and others to share?

Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Recap

Greetings from a very snowy Monday here in KY.

We are supposed to get close to a foot of snow today and tomorrow and temps this week aren't going to reach 30.

Looks like I'll have a major case of cabin fever come Friday.

Changing topics, did y'all have a lovely Valentine's weekend?

I've been wanting to take Carsyn to Shakespeare and Company for a while and I figured this weekend would be the perfect time.  

Hank stayed home with Dad Friday night and Rosie, Mel, and Maddox joined us there.

Carsyn would highly recommend the chocolate crepe!

Does anyone feel like Valentines Day is like a mini Christmas?  I waited until the kids fell asleep Friday night o get their goodies set up.  They were so happy the next morning!  Thanks Rosie, Pops, Granny, and Papaw!

Saturday we had a lazy day at home.  The kids played with some of their goodies and Hank ate 347 Hershey kisses.

Carsyn decided to share her chocolates with me and we had some late night snuggle time.

Sunday we went to Mel's house for a little party for the kids.  

They are so sweet together!

Hope you had a great weekend filled with love!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Hope y'all had a great weekend and great start to your week.  The first thing I did Monday morning was back over my garbage cans.  I rewarded my stupidity with a trip to Krispy Kreme and picked up a few boxes to deliver to friends.

Is there a possible way to eat a donut without feeling guilt?

Could you share it with me?

Rosie visited us Friday and we went to Cincy to do a little shopping.  
I have to say my kids are pretty good shoppers.  My strategy is to get them a snack and plop them in the stroller.  Usually they get in and out about 50 times.  Then after an hour or so they get really wound up and I decide to let them run laps around the mall.

They are really good at those.

Its a no brainer we eat at The Cheesecake Factory if we are at Kenwood.  Its Carsyn's absolute favorite place and every time we are there she proclaims her love for eating in Egypt.

Saturday Shane had a golf date so I loaded up the kids and drove to Camp Rosie to have a little belated birthday celebration for pops.

It becomes more apparent every time I'm with my niece and nephew that the girls are going to be super close.  Carsyn will not have a sister, but a sweet female cousin kind of makes up for that.

The boys are too.

We got back to town late and the kids slept the whole way back meaning we were all up until 1 or so.  Hank requested we watch Frozen and he held my hand for almost the entire movie.  Love my boy.

On Sundays my sister has been coming over and walking/running with me.  Usually I try to squeeze in a quick 2 before she gets here.  Every year after the holidays I find myself scrambling to drop a few pounds.  And every year it gets harder.

I LOVE sister time though.

We watched the Grammys Sunday night and I have to add Kayne.  I just can't.  You are a talented soul.  But you are classless, disrespectful, and rude.  

Can we all agree the best performance of the night was these guys?  I mean give me all the classic rock!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Carsyn Says Bachelor Edition

I will preface this by saying I know it may be completely out of line to allow my 4 year old daughter watch the Bachelor.  But here's how it happened.

Every night I tell the kids its night night time and that they need to go to bed.  They're reluctant but they both go upstairs to their rooms.  Hank usually picks out what stuffed animal he wants to sleep with and plays in his room for a few minutes.  After I shut his door Carsyn sneaks back downstairs to watch TV.  I usually let her pick one thing to watch.  
We started this tradition and then this happened.

Me: Ok, time for bed.
Carsyn:  Well, what are you going to do?
Me: Well, Carsyn I could lie and and say go to bed, but the truth is I have to take a bath, fold laundry, do dishes, and maybe watch a TV show.
Carsyn: Oh. Like a grown up comedy.
Me: Yes.
Carsyn: Well why don't I just lay here on the sofa and sleep and snuggle with you so you don't get lonely.
Me: Ok. I am a sucker

So I turned on the Bachelor and thought she'd be out in 5 minutes.

Unfortunately girlfriend was hooked.  And honestly she had some great opinions to share.

Here we go.

The opening scenes come on and show hot air balloons

Ohhhh….this is going to be great!

Fast forward and Chris is on a date with a girl who's name I can never remember.  Apparently they are seeing some sort of love Dr.?

They said they are in Arizona.  But I'm pretty sure they're in China.  Cause that lady looks like a Chinese Emperor.

I like her.

Her hair is pretty. Can you fix me a braid like that tomorrow?

At this point I"ll add they look super uncomfortable.  I'm uncomfortable and I'm pretty sure CPS would be on their way over if they knew we were watching this so I hit fast forward.

Looks like the girls are going white water rafting.

Someone is surely going in the water.

I think they'll be fine.  

I told you so.

I decide she predicts this show better than me and ask who she thinks will win.

If I was on that show he'd pick me.

Oh mercy

I'm definitely perfect.

Double mercy.

And I think Hank should be the Bachelor someday.


And mom, when I"m a wedding girl someday I don't want to wear a white dress.  You can wear a white dress.  I'll wear red.


And marry Maddox.

Maddox is your cousin.

I know. I love him.

Well. Maybe that's not the best idea.

Ok.  I"ll marry Alex.  Will Ella give him to me?

That's another cousin too, but that's sweet and completely innocent so we'll talk about that some other time.

Which girl do you think is the prettiest?

The one with the pretty lipstick.  She stays mad all the time.

Clearly that's Ashley.

They show Ashley.  And for the life of me I cannot get a decent picture of her.

Is she the one Carsyn?

She's the beautifulist but looks better with red lipstick.

I like Whitney, Carsyn.  That's her….do you like her?

Nope.  She's bossy.

Side note.  I googled Whitney for Rosie to show her which one she was and this popped up.

Got to be for the KY girl.

Oh ok.  Well what about Chris?  Is he cute?

He looks like Uncle Robby.  And Daddy too.

So he's cute?


Britt doesn't shower.  Thats so odd.  Do you think she smells bad?

Nope.  All girls smell like roses.

Britt is going on the hot air balloon!

I really want to go on one of those.
Do you think all of us can fit in the basket?
I don't want to go if our family can't fit.
Lets take one to Hawaii.  
It will be so nice.
They just blow hot air all over you so you don't get cold.
Can I take some playdoh with me?
Where is my playdoh?
Can we play playdoh?

Interest is fading….

But we found some playdoh!

Chris is wearing a leather jacket.  Do you like it?

Oh yes.  Daddy wears leather jackets and they look good.

I tell Carsyn to look Whitney gets a rose.

My favorite is going to get her sad face on. (Laughing)

Clearly a 4 year old shows no loyalties.

Side note.  I'm glad Ashely hasn't dropped the v world yet because I'm not prepared to explain that.  Pretty sure we're walking on rocky ground just watching this.

And its so odd Britt sleeps in makeup.  But Carsyn says her red lipstick really makes her eyes pop.

Than promptly falls asleep and thank goodness.

Because these girls appear all sorts of crazy.  

How do you feel about Kelsey?  Does she seem disingenuine?
I think Britt maybe doesn't shower.  I mean her makeup is always on.
I think Chris is in over his head.
And I think Ashley is a short timer. 
My money is on Britt.  Maybe Whitney?


Monday, February 2, 2015


Happy Monday lovelies! Have y'all recovered from your Super Bowl food coma?  I'm moving a little slow today but that's ok for a Monday right?

We visited my friend, Amber this morning for her Matilda Jane trunk show.  I just love this company so much.  Not only are their clothes beautiful, they are so comfy and well made.

This outfit was from last fall's collection, but this Spring is just as beautiful.  So colorful and so much attention to detail.

I love the versatility of their women's pieces too.  Not going to lie, 75% of the time you'll find me in their big ruffles or finns.

Hank is not much of a fan of shopping.  Or venturing out of the house when its below 30 degrees out so we went to Starbucks afterwards for a nice little reward. And I might be shamelessly stalking every store in town for the new A + O mugs.

He picked out his cake pop and said "Mommy, how I eat this?"  I told him he had to bite and he bit the whole thing off and replied "All gone."  I love that boy.

We had a very low key weekend as usual.  We cooked and I did a little reading.

What are y'all reading now?  I'll keep you posted on how this one turns out.

And speaking of cooking, its not Super Bowl weekend without some guacamole, right?

We always use The Pioneer Woman's recipe and its so so good.

Carsyn finally started ballet again last week and she absolutely loved it.

I'm so proud of my little tiny dancer!

And you can tell Hank is too!

Cheers to a great week ahead friends!