Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Recap…Also Known as Too Many Pics at the AG Store

Woohoo!! Carsyn's birthday weekend finally arrived and we headed to Nashville to check out their new American Girl Store.

First, we celebrated at school with ice cream and sprinkles and I got to read a book favorite to Carsyn's class.  We chose Camila the Cupcake Fairy because Camilla turns five just like Carsyn.

We were in the car that week discussing what book we would read and she said "Mom, can you do me a favor?  When you come to class can you not wear your workout clothes?  And maybe wear cute shoes and makeup?"  Guess we are entering the phase where mommy's appearance matters too.

Poor kid.  I obliged that day, but am proud to say I rocked the "mom uniform" yoga pants this morning. 

Rosie and I picked the kids up from school Thursday and headed straight to Nashville.

We had dinner at The Factory, our favorite place and took our pics on the big rocking chair.

(We missed you May family!)

We got into our PJs and got some sleep before the big day.

We went to the store first thing and had such a wonderful experience.

Rosie hooked Carsyn up with some Grace goodies.

And I sat with Hank a little while he blatantly ignored everything in the store and played manly games on the iPad.

We had lunch at the cafe.

And had a quick wardrobe change before leaving.


Saturday afternoon we met some friends for froyo.

Couldn't leave home without our sisters.

Finally, on Sunday we headed to EKY for Kyria's glammed up spa party birthday.  

Love these littles so much.

And this gorgeous momma too.

And to think, we still have Carsyn's birthday party this weekend!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Carsyn is Five

Carsyn Presley, my darling girl, you are five years old today.

I remember so vividly the day you were born. The fears, the anxiety, the worry, all set aside the minute I held you in my arms.

You have grown into a wonderful girl, a wonderful person. The world is a better place because you are in it.

You love to pretend, play dress up, play teacher.  You have a very vivid imagination.

You love to color.

You love playing with Barbies and dolls.  Especially your American Girl dolls.

You love to talk and ask questions. 

You love ballet and school and your teachers.

You hate vegetables.

You love lip gloss.

You enjoy traveling anywhere, shopping, eating in restaurants, playing in your room, swimming in the pool and ocean, and just being with your cousins and friends.

I would say your passion is fashion. You love picking out your clothes and shoes and hair accessories.

You are 42" tall and weigh 36.5 pounds.

Your favorite holiday is Halloween.

Your favorite movie is Hocus Pocus.

Your favorite TV show is Suite Life on Deck.

Your favorite singer is Kenny Chesney followed by Taylor Swift.

Your favorite food is chicken tenders and your favorite dessert is yogurt.

Your favorite color is pink.

And basically you're my favorite girl in the whole world.

Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back. Please stay our baby girl forever.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A few pics..

I swear I thought I'd get my blogging mojo back when the babes started school but now I find it harder than ever.

The few hours I have to myself Tuesdays and Thursdays I find myself trying to conquer a mile long to do list…And lets face it, who wants to sit at a computer with this gorgeous fall weather we've been having.

Speaking of gorgeous fall weather, Sunday I took the kids to Evans Orchard for Apple Picking.

It was a school event, but once we got there we realized none of their classmates showed up.  Or else it was so crowded we couldn't find them.  I was afraid the kids would be disappointed, but they actually took the opportunity to enjoy each other's company. We listened to a short story about the importance of "apple gleaning" in the Bible and then picked apples for a while.  Carsyn chose to donate her apples to the local farmers market and Hank decided to keep his for himself.

Speaking of gorgeous fall weather, we took our annual Gatlinburg trip this year on Labor Day weekend.  We did not experience glorious fall weather.  For those that enjoy visiting this area I would NOT recommend going Labor Day weekend.  It was SO hot and crowded.  The kiddos had a great time though and we made sure we participated in the normal traditions.

Making Maddox ride the kiddie rides..

Breakfast at Apple Barn..

And any pancake house we can find..

Riding the cars at Dollywood..

Poor Carsyn had a crazy virus the whole trip and ran a fever at various times.  When we were at Dollywood it poured the rain for about an hour.  The kids were such troopers, bless their hearts.

Playing mini golf..

Every year we visit Carsyn wants to go in the Upside Down house.  We had the opportunity this year and the creaking noises flipped her out.  I made her stand in front for a picture and she was not happy.  I know she'll think its funny in the future.

We did get to eat next door at the Hard Rock Cafe and introduce the kids to their fabulous sundaes.

It was love at first sight for Hank.

We stayed at the Park Vista this year and the view was pretty awesome.  

The location was great too, but I still prefer renting a chalet or cabin.

So, that's a little of what we've been up to!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Summer Wrap Up

I guess Labor Day weekend is the official end of summer….sigh.  I miss carefree days and sundresses and flip flops already.  BUT.. Fall is around the corner!!!! PSLs, football, sweaters, boots, pot roast, building fires!!!

Figured I'd try to catch up with a little August/Summer recap.

We went shoe shopping for the babes for some practical playground footwear.  Carsyn spotted the Skecher Twinkle Toes and it was love at first sight.

Can I wear them with my Lilly dresses….

Y'all go ahead and warm your feet by the fire… I don't want to take my shoes off..

They totally match this outfit right mom..

I'm relaxing with my shoes on mom…no need to take them off..

So that pretty much sums up school for Carsyn…All smiles as long as she wears her Twinkle Toes.

Speaking of school..Hank cried the first week.  It was pretty pitiful, but his teacher told me the minute I left he was his usual happy self.

Here's a pic of him at his Teddy Bear Picnic..

Shortly after that he yelled for me to come to his room one night.  When I got there he said "mom, I like school…I'm not going to cry anymore." And just like that he didn't.

I mean.  How sweet is that face?

We had a lot of fun times at the pool this summer.  Carsyn learned how to swim (in the little end only) without her puddle jumper.  This particular day Hank decided to jump in not wearing his.  Lets just say we'll work on his swim skills next summer.

We spent a few days this summer at my In-laws home playing in the playhouse.

My MIL gave Carsyn's playhouse a bit of a makeover and its pretty awesome.  I need to share that with you.

We ended the month celebrating my birthday at Windy Corner Market.

And Shanes at Palmers.

I treated myself to a mimosa or two..

The kiddos treated me to lunch at Wallace Station!

Stay tuned and I'll try to recap our Summer travels!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

When your babes start school

Truth. I've dreamed of this moment yet I've dreaded this moment.

Ask any mom with a newborn what she needs and most likely she'll say "Sleep!" Followed with "A break!!"

I didn't want to be this mom.

I wanted to be the I've got it all covered! I'm good mom! mom.

But the truth is I remember a few great moments in my new momma days.

The day my MIL came to help me when Carsyn was born.. We watched qvc while she napped and she never once questioned or commented on my mothering abilities. She just complimented, supported and nurtured.

The day my sister took a day off work to let me go shopping and get my nails done.

The days my aunt visited.

 My aunt Judy came in our guest bedroom where I was enjoying a much needed nap and proclaimed Carsyn is talking!! And she's only 6 weeks old! I was like great! She talked all night and that's why I need sleep. And she insisted Carsyn was destined to be in the entertainment industry.

The days following Hanky's birth when my aunt Jan decided she was going to pay us a visit. She cooked us dinner with fried chicken, green beans, mac and cheese and I can't remember what else. Truth is I was wasn't being the best wife. I was in pure survival mode trying to keep up with 2 under 2.

Of course I remember the day Rosie retired. Heck. I remember what I wore to her retirement dinner. She was always there. And continues to be. There were many a days she rocked hanky to sleep.  And I credit her to teaching Carsyn her letters and numbers.

But you know what? In retrospect the days I crashed in bed without showering because I was too busy "momming" outweigh those days anyway.

Ahhh, the dang "you're gonna miss this" "these are the best days of your life" cliches begin to really hit home.

And now my babes are off to school- four half days for Carsyn and two for Hank.  I don't think I'll know what to do with myself, but clearly they're going to rock it.

And all those sleepless nights and worry that they're going to feel I abandoned them-almost gone.

And that worry Hank may have an accident at school-Well, I can quit worrying about that also.  We jumped over that hurdle before the first day ;)

I'm so proud of these kids.

So fond of my husband for being there every step of the way as we begin this journey.

So thankful to Rosie who showed up on their first day and all family members who sent emails and texts, and made phone calls.

And last but not least thankful to my sister who dropped off a bottle of skinny girl margarita the night before their first day. 

The sun is shining, the pool is open, and we're off to enjoy the rest of a summer day…I'm thinking its time to crack that bottle.