Sunday, August 23, 2015

When your babes start school

Truth. I've dreamed of this moment yet I've dreaded this moment.

Ask any mom with a newborn what she needs and most likely she'll say "Sleep!" Followed with "A break!!"

I didn't want to be this mom.

I wanted to be the I've got it all covered! I'm good mom! mom.

But the truth is I remember a few great moments in my new momma days.

The day my MIL came to help me when Carsyn was born.. We watched qvc while she napped and she never once questioned or commented on my mothering abilities. She just complimented, supported and nurtured.

The day my sister took a day off work to let me go shopping and get my nails done.

The days my aunt visited.

 My aunt Judy came in our guest bedroom where I was enjoying a much needed nap and proclaimed Carsyn is talking!! And she's only 6 weeks old! I was like great! She talked all night and that's why I need sleep. And she insisted Carsyn was destined to be in the entertainment industry.

The days following Hanky's birth when my aunt Jan decided she was going to pay us a visit. She cooked us dinner with fried chicken, green beans, mac and cheese and I can't remember what else. Truth is I was wasn't being the best wife. I was in pure survival mode trying to keep up with 2 under 2.

Of course I remember the day Rosie retired. Heck. I remember what I wore to her retirement dinner. She was always there. And continues to be. There were many a days she rocked hanky to sleep.  And I credit her to teaching Carsyn her letters and numbers.

But you know what? In retrospect the days I crashed in bed without showering because I was too busy "momming" outweigh those days anyway.

Ahhh, the dang "you're gonna miss this" "these are the best days of your life" cliches begin to really hit home.

And now my babes are off to school- four half days for Carsyn and two for Hank.  I don't think I'll know what to do with myself, but clearly they're going to rock it.

And all those sleepless nights and worry that they're going to feel I abandoned them-almost gone.

And that worry Hank may have an accident at school-Well, I can quit worrying about that also.  We jumped over that hurdle before the first day ;)

I'm so proud of these kids.

So fond of my husband for being there every step of the way as we begin this journey.

So thankful to Rosie who showed up on their first day and all family members who sent emails and texts, and made phone calls.

And last but not least thankful to my sister who dropped off a bottle of skinny girl margarita the night before their first day. 

The sun is shining, the pool is open, and we're off to enjoy the rest of a summer day…I'm thinking its time to crack that bottle.

Friday, August 7, 2015

A Pirate Looks at 3

We celebrated Hank's third birthday with a pirate looks at 3 Jimmy Buffet style party.  Brooke at Funky Wright Designs came up with the perfect wording and invite to set the tone.

As always it was at my mother and father in law's home.  They have a great yard and house for entertaining and its always fun to decorate.

The menu was simple..cheeseburgers, crab sandwiches and dips in pirate bowls and margarita glasses..

I made frozen concoction cups for the adults and for the kids treats I did juicy fruit and margarita flavored drink mixes in pirate cups.

We blew up giant cheeseburger beach balls for the kids to bounce around.

Love these 3 beauties so much!

We are so fortunate grannies and papaws make it to birthday parties.

The best MIL a girl could ask for..

She and my FIL surprised Hank with his own treehouse and sandbox! (We used the sandbox to have a treasure hunt including finding the lost shaker of salt!)

The sign may say no girls allowed but Hank made an exception for two of his favorite ladies.

Four best buddies..

And three blonde besties.

Hank! You're 3!

Happiest boy in the world right there.

Friday, July 24, 2015

What's Going On

Hope y'all are having a wonderful summer! We've been busy and not so busy which is the norm, I guess.  Of course we've been having lots and lots of pool days..

The unspoken rule at the pool is you can play with toys in the lost and found bin as long as you replace them.  Carsyn found these sunglasses and immediately declared them hers.  When I told her she had to put them back she said "Mom, you say all the other kids can play with our toys until we ask for them back so why don't I wear these until someone asks for them back?"  She's still wearing them.

Pool days at Camp Rosie are super fun too..

Speaking of Camp Rosie..last time I was there they put me to breaking up beans and let me tell you…momma don't like breaking up beans.  Shane loves beans so in the words of my friend, Amber I #wifedup and fixed him beans and cornbread for supper one night.  Wish I could take credit for the chicken but he's pretty much the grill master.

We celebrated Hank's birthday last weekend by visiting Chuck E Cheese and going to see the new minion movie.

We ate dinner at Coba Cocina and then sunk 20 dollars in the crap toy machine at the movie trying to win the kids minion toys.

Carsyn said I know its Hank's birthday but don't you want a pic of me by myself?


We went to Whitney's baby shower and I got to spend time with these pretties.

And Carsyn and I got to twin with Aunt Mel and Emersyn from afar..

Do you know they've been at the beach for two weeks?!? Insert all the crying emojis!!

At least I get pics like these to cheer me up..