Friday, July 24, 2015

What's Going On

Hope y'all are having a wonderful summer! We've been busy and not so busy which is the norm, I guess.  Of course we've been having lots and lots of pool days..

The unspoken rule at the pool is you can play with toys in the lost and found bin as long as you replace them.  Carsyn found these sunglasses and immediately declared them hers.  When I told her she had to put them back she said "Mom, you say all the other kids can play with our toys until we ask for them back so why don't I wear these until someone asks for them back?"  She's still wearing them.

Pool days at Camp Rosie are super fun too..

Speaking of Camp Rosie..last time I was there they put me to breaking up beans and let me tell you…momma don't like breaking up beans.  Shane loves beans so in the words of my friend, Amber I #wifedup and fixed him beans and cornbread for supper one night.  Wish I could take credit for the chicken but he's pretty much the grill master.

We celebrated Hank's birthday last weekend by visiting Chuck E Cheese and going to see the new minion movie.

We ate dinner at Coba Cocina and then sunk 20 dollars in the crap toy machine at the movie trying to win the kids minion toys.

Carsyn said I know its Hank's birthday but don't you want a pic of me by myself?


We went to Whitney's baby shower and I got to spend time with these pretties.

And Carsyn and I got to twin with Aunt Mel and Emersyn from afar..

Do you know they've been at the beach for two weeks?!? Insert all the crying emojis!!

At least I get pics like these to cheer me up..

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Happy Birthday Hank

Oh, Hank.  I cannot believe my sweet, baby boy is three years old today.  It seems like just yesterday I was holding you in my arms upon your arrival.  I knew you were a special boy the moment I laid eyes upon you.

You were and are still to this day a cuddle bug.  You love to be held, be snuggled, and hold mommy's hand.

You are the sweetest child 90 percent of the time (Rosie would say 99) when things are going your way.  When things aren't going your way you've been know to be quite a handful.

I've been known to make grilled cheese at 8:00 in the morning and pancakes at midnight just to make you happy.

Your favorite thing to do is build.  You build with scrap pieces of wood, you build with blocks, you build with boxes.  You have great imagination and are actually quite handy.

Your favorite TV shows are Team Umizoomi and Paw Patrol.

Your favorite foods are mac and cheese, bacon, and cinnamon rolls.  Sometimes all at the same time.

You love chocolate.

But not nearly as much as you love your blankie.  Its about half the size it started out as, but it still goes most everywhere with us.

You are a sturdy little fella and weigh 36 pounds and are 39 inches tall.

You are Daddy's boy and Momma's world and we thank God for you every day.

And here's a little stroll down memory lane if you're interested..

Thursday, July 16, 2015

This and That

Is Summer supposed to be crazy busy?? Because I thought it was time to sit back and relax and instead I feel like there's always so many things to do.

We try to visit the outdoor theatre close to my hometown every summer.

This year they did an performance of Shrek and the kids loved it.  Heck, we all loved it.

Aren't they the sweetest?

Speaking of my hometown…We also ventured to EKY one weekend for my cousin, Kyle's wedding.

I might have taken more pics of the kids than the actual bride and groom.

In case you don't know this is my gorgeous sister, my sweet aunt (mother of the groom), fabulous Rosie, my beautiful cousin, and myself.  It was such a fun and beautiful wedding.  I have never seen my cousin. Kyle happier.  We were all thinking of my beloved grandmother and how happy she would have been on this day.

Otherwise we've been hanging out the pool when its not raining (i.e. every single day) and doing a little shopping with Rosie.

On a good note rainy days mean we pretty much have the pool to ourselves and I can catch up on a little reading.

And how cute are my little summer sidekicks?

Here are two of my favorite summer dresses that will be on repeat..

And here are two of my partners in crime at our favorite shopping destination.

Have y'all checked out the newest Lilly stuff?  I LOVE it all and am happy to say I think their sizing is back on point!

Happy Thursday friends!! We are off to the pool! (If it doesn't rain)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Our Fourth

We had a pretty low key holiday weekend just hanging out at home.  Shane came home one day and told the kids he saw someone building an ark on our street and they didn't think it was too funny.

It was a rainy weekend but the babes really didn't seem to mind.

We went and saw Inside Out Friday night.  I wore this and tried to snap a pic as Hank photo bombed.

They loved the movie.  It was animated enough to entertain Hank and Carsyn really picked up on a lot of the story.

We took a pic next to the sign and Carsyn tried to imitate her favorite character, Disgust.

Our neighborhood takes the Fourth pretty seriously and does a parade and then a pool party with inflatables.

The kids lined up in the front yard to watch the parade and then we went swimming for a while afterward.

My sister and her family came over that evening to grill out and shoot fireworks. 

Carsyn and Hank were so excited!

Sweet cousins love each other so much.

The big boys played baseball on the golf course and Hank and Maddox sat by the fence and watched them awhile.  

Hope y'all had a great Independence Day weekend.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

About Dads

Growing up I often heard the tale that girls end up marrying someone like their father.

I laugh at the truth in that statement from time to time.

Both my dad and my husband have the strongest work ethic of anyone I know.  They are both extremely driven individuals and the 2 smartest men I know.  I still blame my dad working 12 hour days for the reason I sit up late at night.

Summers were awesome because often it was light enough outside when he got home to shoot a few hoops or swim in the pool.  He always got me with his double or nothing game.  Basically he would start shooting 3 pointers by saying $5 bucks if I miss this.  He would miss 10 in a row and I'd be calculating how many NKOTB posters I could buy before he killed my dream with a simple swoosh of the net.  Now I realize he knew what he was doing the whole time and missing on purpose.

If it was a swim night sometimes he would swim with me and others he would challenge me to see how fast I could swim laps.

And, as I've probably said before, if we were indoors lots of night Rosie would fix us bacon, eggs, and toast and we'd catch up on Bond movies.  Sorry Pops, Roger Moore will always be my favorite.  But we can both agree we like our eggs sunny side up.

Just like my favorite moment of the day was when Pops rolled in the driveway my kid's favorite moment is when their dad walks through the door.  The minute they hear the door open its "Daddy's home!", "Daddy's home!" Usually there's a quick game of tag followed by hugs and kisses.

I love watching that part of the day.  Some days he beats us home, some days he surprises us and meets us at the pool, but no matter where, their little expressions when they see him never get old.

Especially when they are surprised at ballet performances ;)

And  I might have forgotten to mention who they prefer post bath snuggles from.

So, happy Father's Day Daddy and Pops.  Carsyn, Hank, and I are blessed beyond measure to have you.

Friday, June 19, 2015


We've been hanging out a lot with this sweet boy..

I've been running on lots of iced coffee..

(FYI…Chickfila >Sbux)

We've been having lots of pool days..

And sprinkler days at Camp Rosie..

I've been trying to up my running game..

Carsyn has discovered Monster High makeup tutorials on YouTube..

And Hank is amidst potty training!