Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekend Recap

Our weekend can be summed up in three words- Cats! Cats! Cats!

Seriously. Could not be any prouder of our team and how we're really bringing it.

Beating Louisville..

Then watching the Michigan game together at the beach..

We took a little victory stroll around the island Monday morning..

Hope y'all are having a fabulous week. 

I'm at my favorite city in the world.. Anyone know how long it'd take me to get to Texas by Saturday?

Monday, March 24, 2014

On leaving the littles

W and I ventured down to Atlanta to watch the Cats play in the SEC tournament last weekend.  Ps- Did y'all watch them beat Wichita State yesterday?! I swear all of Kentucky (except that little area around a town that starts with L)was so excited! 

We went to Nashville last year and since I was still nursing Hank the kids were in tow.  Luckily Rosie and my sister's family tagged along and we had a good time.

Between nursing and W's busy work schedule we haven't carved out any alone time since the kids came along. It wasn't necessarily planned..more just a situation of circumstance.

This year we decided to make this a trip without the kids and it was my first time leaving them.  They both had stayed away from me a night or two due to illness or preference but I had never left them to go on a trip. My thoughts were and always have been that both my kids love trips so why not let them tag along?

We started talking to Carsyn and W asked her what it would take to stay away from mommy and daddy a few nights. First she said it would probably take a trip to Disney World. Then she added she'd like some new princess dresses.

So, with bags full of princess dresses and trucks stocked at Rosie's we headed south.

We ate leisurely brunches and lunches.

We stayed out too late, enjoyed the company of friends, and cheered like crazy cat fans during games.

We had such a good time but I missed the littles so much despite the fun I knew they were having at Rosie's and Granny's.  We ran into bad weather on the way home and ended up spending an extra night away from the kids and I might have gotten a little grouchy camped out in a hotel on the TN line. Sorry hubby.

I think the kids actually missed me too!

I thought I would panic at the thought of being so far away from the kids but if I'm being honest I was fine.  Every time I talked to them they were laughing and having a great time. Rosie and my MIL are great with the kids and they're nuts over their Papaws too.

We watched almost every game and were so busy I think that helped me not think about missing them.  

I would definitely leave them for a quick getaway again... Just not anytime soon....and for no more than 3 days.

So how about y'all?  Do you make it a point to take trips without the kids?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Let's Talk TV..

I like to say I am not a big TV watcher, but maybe I am??

I prefer to wait until the kids are in bed and watch a show I've DVR'd or catch up on a series on Netflix.  Seems that's the way most moms are.  Maybe its because TV watching becomes sacred after you have littles and Nick and Disney Jr take over your house??

I watched Revenge since day 1 but got totally lost last season.  I quickly caught up and honestly I think its my favorite show right now.  I am so #teamaiden but the last few episodes have me leaning #teamjack.  How about you?

Scandal is a much watch show for me too.  Thanks to Erin I've been watching since almost day one.  I usually pour a glass of red and drool over Jake and scream at Olivia for being so blinded by the POTUS.  

Am I the only one that thinks Fitz is a bit of a…tool?

Pretty Little Liars is definitely a show that sucks you in.  Its my girl Amber's fault Ricarda and I spend too many late nights sending texts back and forth.  I am still not caught up, but I never see where that show is heading.  Ricarda and I kid and call each other Aria and Spencer.  Can you guess which one is which?  Who are you?

I haven't found a friend yet that watches When Calls The Heart on the Hallmark Channel.  Unless you count my great aunt.  And she isn't obsessed with Mountie Jack like me..So anyone wanna chat about it?  Hit me up :)

Changing pace completely House of Cards is another show that sucks you in. Unfortunately it's so dark. Sometimes I struggle with that. Like I need to take a shower after I watch.. Just me?

Last but not least…Please tell me you caught The Bachelor this season.  I watched the last episode and was so glad I did not waste valuable TV time on Juan Pablo and his conceited, entitled attitude.  

Will y'all watch the Bachelorette?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Carsyn's Minnie Festival

Back…ahem…6 or so months ago Carsyn turned 3 and we celebrated with a Minnie Party.  Everyone loved the fall theme from last year so we went with it and painted pumpkins pink.

We placed ears at the entrance of the party and placed pink and purple polka dots down the path leading to the tables.

We had glitter tattoos and a cupcake walk for the kids.  They could care less about the cupcake walk but loved the tattoos.

Carsyn was the one who actually decided the kids tables should have cupcakes and polka dotted table cloths.

I thought some nice fall food would be perfect this year and decided to do a chili bar.  The downside- it was about 90 degrees in the sun.  The upside was everyone said they really enjoyed it.

We just had finger foods and drinks on the other table.

We served strawberry lemonade and handed out Minnie cookie for party favors.

Of course we kept with the traditional hay ride, corn maze, and pumpkin picking.

Did I mention the highlight of the party was the May clan visiting?! I cannot believe this year there will be 4 of them!

So I say every year I missed getting a picture of a certain person or group of people and this year W took over the camera.  And while I'm grateful, it also means we did not a single family picture.

Carsyn enjoyed herself so much.  She couldn't stop smiling all day.

And Hank was such a trooper. He ate cake and got loved on from granny and his aunts!

I say it all of the time, but I'm just so blessed to be this little girl's momma!

Happy birthday Carsyn…I can't wait to paint pumpkins silver and white this year.  Here's to hoping Uncle Robby and Pops can grow a pumpkin big enough to turn into a carriage.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend recap and an oscar thought or two

Happy Monday friends!! Are y'all snowed in? We are and I'm trying my best to embrace it. Definitely a pajama day here, but it's nice to slow down after a busy weekend. 

We got up at the crack of dawn Saturday morning to go to Maddox's basketball game. He's such a hustler. I love that he takes it so seriously. 

Hank really enjoyed it and sat in pop's lap most of the time.

Carsyn was enamored by the cheerleaders.

We had a birthday party afterwards and I figured the kids would be killed. Hank napped on the way to the party so it took him a few minutes to wake up but the kids had the best time. 

They played with balloons and Carsyn and Maddox rollerskated for the first time.

We made it to church Sunday morning in the pouring rain. I might have told Carsyn the rain was the devil and she kept asking "where's the devil?" the whole way there. Oops. I guess that's the old regular baptist from my child hood coming out in me.

We visited W's mom and dad Sunday night and I curled up on the sofa for a few blissful moments of HOC.

Have y'all watched the first episode of season 2. Goodness gracious. I couldn't have been more surprised if I woke up with my head sewn to the carpet!

I actually watched all of the Oscars this year for the first time in forever. Ellen did such a wonderful job!

I know not everyone was a fan of the Let it Go performance but I thought it was great. And Idina looked gorgeous. 

My favorite look of the night was definitely Kate Hudson, but Jennifer Lawrence always looks smashing.

And did y'all cry during Matthew Mcconaughey's speech? It seemed so sincere and genuine. 

I actually thought the writers of Let It Go stole the show with their acceptance speech though. 

What were your thoughts?

Are y'all snowed in too?

Stay warm!

Monday, February 24, 2014

A Recap and Plea for Help

We had another relaxing weekend at home.  I actually stayed in yoga pants and while it felt good mercy. I. Am. Ready. For. Spring.  No wait.  Scratch that.  I'm ready for Summer.  Let's skip straight through that rainy, sniffly nose time of the year to bikinis, ice cream cones, humidity (yep I said it) and pool days.

Hank and W were up at the crack of dawn for some reason Saturday morning and Carsyn and I slept late as usual.  I figured the kids would take good naps so I embraced the 60 plus degree weather and went for a run at the lake.  Albeit glorious it also kicked my tail.

I came really close to hitting my 20 mile a week goal….maybe next week.  I'm hoping to get back into hard core running like I was before Christmas because since then I'm looking like a 5'11" blonde version of Kim Kardashian.  Without the boobs.

I whipped up W's favorite pasta for dinner.  I have to give a big shout out to him for keeping the kids out of the kitchen for a whole glorious 45 minutes while I enjoyed some good jams.

I need to back up here and add a little Friday night occurrence.  Y'all know by now after Hank goes to bed around 9:30 or as late as 10:30 on weekends Carsyn has her own little time.  I've always felt fine about that.  Sometimes we play, sometimes I pop in a workout DVD and she watches TV.  Lots of times I give her a snack too because she's such a picky eater.  While I wish she was in bed close to 11:00 I'd quite frankly rather let her play or watch TV contentedly than fight with her for an hour trying to make her go to bed.

Anyway, at midnight she stated she was starving and asked me to fix her 5 hot dogs.  I felt so bad because she never says she's hungry so I fixed her one and she inhaled it.  I actually fixed her two more and she ate them too.  Love her heart.  I sent her to bed at 1:00 am with a belly full of hot dogs.

Fast forward to Saturday night.  Around midnight I started asking Carsyn to go to bed.  She came up with every excuse and I pulled out every trick I had.  I told her no story.  I told her if she sat up late we would not be able to go to church Sunday.  No dice.  I finally got her in bed around 1:00 and she came stumbling down stairs around 1:15 to find me watching TV.  Her little eyes lit up and she said she wanted to watch my show with me.  She ran and got her blanket, crawled up beside me, and wrapped her little arms around me before I could come up with an excuse.

(insert the I'm losing my mind slowly but surely selfie here)

She gladly went to bed around 3:00 am.  As did I.

We all woke up after noon on Sunday.  Hanging head in shame here.  Poor Hank is teething and Carsyn was just worn out.  I hate missing church.  I really should have drug her tail out of bed and made her go anyway, but I'd feel sorry for everyone in the nursery who encountered her wrath.  Sister needs her sleep.

So we had a lazy Sunday.

(is that not a picture of some lazy kids or what?)

And Sunday night it happened again.  The excuses of why to not go night night started coming around 11:30.  I was determined to put her in bed.  I told her if she didn't cry I'd read her favorite story.  Of course she said ok and then started whining the minute I started to leave the room.

After I left I could hear her crying and saying mommy did not love her.  I went back in her room and told her in so many words mommy loved her and needed her to sleep because she was losing her mind. Kidding.  Maybe.

I told her I loved her and wanted her to be happy.  And I needed her to get some rest to feel good.  She said she needed something to make her sleepy.  She asked for a toy to play with and I gave her one.

She played with Minnie Mouse for about an hour.

Honestly, I've tried everything.  I started letting her watch shows on the iPad until she fell asleep and that works until she pushes a wrong button.  She sleeps with a night light.  She is potty trained and can get up, go potty, wash her hands, and get back into bed with no problem.

W thinks its all because she knows I"m still up and wants to be with me.

Rosie thinks she needs to get up earlier.  I'll insert here the days I do wake her before 9:30 it is not pretty.

Me?  I just don't know.  I do think she doesn't like going to sleep with other people being up.  I was always like that I guess.  And honestly, 90% of the time I"m ok with her sitting up until midnight.  Its the 3:00 am bed times that get to me.

Also, I think cabin fever is getting the best of all of us.  When we can get outside to play again I think we'll all be more exhausted and less irritated with each other.

So, I'm asking for your opinions.  And advice if you got any.  Is it a phase?  Am I doing something wrong?