Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Carsyn Takes Chicago!!

We decided to be brave this year and go on the annual Chicago shopping trip with my family. Ok, namely because Carsyn was just dying to go to the American Girl Place ;) I remember the Christmas I got my Samantha doll. Truthfully I might have been a little too old for her, but man I LOVED her. I read the books over and over and insisted we dress in matching outfits.

The American Girl place is truly amazing. I can't wait to take Carsyn back for tea and big girl stuff, but I was just happy to spend some time staring at the beautiful displays with her

So Maddox was not really a fan, but the Lego store was just upstairs and we took him to Navy Pier one day. He loved the pier and Carsyn pretty much napped the whole time. Prissy girl-she barely napped when we shopped!!

Oh, and Maddox's favorite part of the trip...playing with Carsyn at the hotel..

Carsyn's first cab ride!

I LOVE shopping on Michigan avenue..

(The American Girl Place)

(The Tory Burch store was so beautiful!)

I LOVE Giordanos pizza..

I LOVE snowy days..

(Trigger kept an eye on Maddox the whole trip)

I LOVE the Walnut room at Macys on State Street..

Basically, I LOVE Chicago-such a neat, neat city.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

(thanks to my amazingly talented friends Ramona & John Michael!! Love you guys!)

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Yes, I'm aware that was nearly one month ago, but we had such a good Thanksgiving I still remember it pretty vividly!

Carsyn would not keep her pilgrim hat on! She had so much fun playing with all of her cousins and seriously ate 5 lbs of turkey. She might look like daddy but that girl can put away turkey like momma ;)



Do y'all know how hard it is to get a good picture of four kids?? Completely impossible-Carsyn's bow would fall down then Ella would look away to put it back then Maddox would die laughing then poor Alex would ask if we were finished. I swear we took 100 pictures and these were the best I got.


Monday, November 28, 2011


We've been so busy I feel like I'm never going to catch up!

A few things- Carsyn's turkey dress is Kelly's Kids and reversed to the pumpkin she wore to the pumpkin patch. I love that little dress and she really got the wear out of it. Also, thanks for all the sweet comments on her birthday party! We're already planning next years! I promise to get to your questions soon!

We took a trip to Gatlinburg before Thanksgiving to do a few fun things with Carsyn and a little relaxing for mom and dad.

Here's a few highlights:




The Aquarium..


I realized while taking a few OOTD pictures I've been sporting the leggings quite often lately(exhibit b). Perhaps this has been the reason I missed a little extra junk I've also been rocking (exhibit a).


When I slipped on my JCrew minnies and took a pic I was feeling good-confident even! They're my skinny pants and don't give me the dreaded muffin top like my skinny jeans do. To my dismay I realized they weren't miracle workers when I snapped a pic. I know its not the pants fault- its my reluctance to get on the treadmill when it gets cold..and well indulging in this too..


Your eyes do not deceive you. Yep, Tracy is back in my life. Oh how I've missed your perky exuberance and flat abs. I guess I should also add I ran around the mountain every morning like a crazy person. At least the views were awesome and I had no bear sightings.

My goal is to work out a few days a week until January, and then its back to the same old New Years Resolutions.

We had a great trip! If you like the outdoors and have kids its a great little destination.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

please cast a vote!

Chatting with my pal Laura the other day I realized two things- (1) I'm old and (2) I'm musically out of the "hip" loop. Why? Because I can't bring myself to buy the Bieber Christmas CD. I'm all about Holly on Sirius and they play a wide variety of Christmas music. I just happen to prefer the classics and frankly I'm just a little too rock and roll. I'd rather listen to the Rat Pack Christmas or Kenny and Dolly. I even like U2, the Eagles, and of course the Boss. I just can't bring myself to listen to pop music anymore. Am I old? Does anyone else feel this way? Thanks to twitter I found Megan and Kristen who love the boss as much as myself so I figured maybe there's hope. I also love that this gal rocks out to Led Zeppelin :). I imagine she even serenades those sweet twins with Going to California for a bedtime.

What do you prefer to listen to for Christmas?

Do you like pop music?

Lastly, I leave you with 2 youtubes. Which do you prefer? Be honest, Santa's watching ;)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Recap & My Little Turkey

If you follow me on twitter you know the babe has been sick- as in stay in all weekend sick.


Some notes-

A mass load of laundry was washed and sorted- on my kitchen table-ick. Did you know my next home will have a huge laundry/mudroom?

So I might have feigned sleeping with baby girl and snapped a pic. We did take a snooze togther but the hubby was doing stuff and too busy to capture the moment. I tell myself someday when Carsyn is a teenager and hates me I'll show her this to remind her a) we used to get along b) how I took care of her when she was sick and c)she used to be my baby girl.

Carsyn literally "read" a book for 20 minutes this weekend. She jabbered and turned pages and squealed doggie and baby. (I'm aware its upside down-kid is clearly a genius). I couldn't find any doggies in the book, but I'm sure they existed.

Are y'all ready for Thanksgiving? We're wearing our turkeys around here!



I love my baby girl!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Carsyn's UK Tailgate Party- Part II


We were so happy with the amount of guests we had-so many family and friends were able to make it and kids were running around everywhere.










This party was bascially a brainstorm of myself, my sister, my SIL, my mom, and my MIL- They are such creative women and Carsyn is so blessed to call them family. Of course my hubby and their hubby's contributed also ;)
Thanks y'all!


Birthday banners, Water bottle labels, football cutouts,and favor boxes: 5M Creations (Melissa was amazing to work with-if you are planning a party and need any decor at all contact her- I promise you will not regret it)

Plastic Drink Bottles, Straws & Chalkboard Stands: Pink Lemonade Shop

Football Pinata: Shindigz (I honestly thought this would be a waste but it was the hit of the party!)

UK face paint and blue beaded necklaces: College Football Store

Popcorn Boxes, Football necklaces & Mini Footballs: Oriental Trading Co

Bouncy Houses: M & M Inflatables

Catering: Holly Hills Mall Restaurant, The Mousetrap, also friends and family

Carsyn's Cake: Pattycakes Lexington, KY

Cake Pops: The Blu Sash

Carsyn's UK Tailgate Party- Part I

(Finally...I got all the pictures together from Carsyn's party. Prepare for picture overload-sorry!)

I think I knew when Carsyn was born amidst football season we'd for sure be having some tailgate/UK themed parties.

I contacted Ashley of AB Designs to design Carsyn's custom invitation and she did not disappoint. I love her work so much and she's such a sweetie to work with.

My SIL came up with the idea to add painted pumpkins and pots to the decor and we gathered at my MIL & FIL's on weekends and painted.

We displayed Carsyn's monthly pig pictures on the fireplace and decorated the mantle with pots, pumpkins, and framed photos.


My MIL and FIL were so gracious to host Carsyn's party at their home-its a fantastic place to entertain. They had plenty of room for bouncy houses, guests and food.


Since the majority of the guests were kids we had face painting and tattoos in addition to the obstacle course and velcro wall. My MIL also has a neat popcorn machine we set up and most of the kids ended up going home with a small bucket- I'm sure their parents loved that!



The food tables were divided up into main courses, appetizers, drinks, and desserts.

The dessert table:





The main food table included hot dogs, hamburgers, wings, chicken tenders, mac and cheese, and pasta salad:


Appetizers & Drinks:


A few details:



(Part II- Guests & The Birthday girl coming soon)