Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hank is 11 months old

My little wild man is 11 months old, I cannot believe it!

Hank, you  LOVE to eat.  It makes momma's heart so happy...we just don't know when to cut you off. You like anything, pizza, hot dogs, grilled cheese, yogurt, and are finally warming up to mashed potatoes.  You enjoy whole milk and drink like a champ from a sippy.  You recently started drinking from a straw too.  Mom is still nursing you before you go to sleep.

You love the water- the swimming pool, the love to splash, splash, splash.

Yo like to go on trips and tolerate the carseat quite well on short ones.  You also are pretty fond of your stroller.  You like to see new places and new things.  You are very alert.

You love going on wagon rides at Rosie and Pops house.

You are becoming quite the talker.  Your words are:
(You wave and smile at everyone you see exclaiming HI! or BYE!)

Your favorite thing in the world in your blankie.  You are becoming attached to it and like to have it nearby to sleep.

You are still a thumbsucker.

You are wearing 12 and 18 month clothing and a size 4 diaper.  Your shoe size is a 4 1/2 have a marshmallow foot.

You still army crawl everywhere.  You crawl conventionally for 4 steps and then drop to your belly and take off.  You pull up on things and cruise but no steps yet.

You are an active little guy and rarely sit still.  You still like to be held in momma's arms but only if she's walking around.  Next to momma and daddy and Carsyn your favorite person is probably Rosie.  Your eyes light up when you see her.

Your strawberry blonde locks have been continuing to curl. Your eyes are still the brightest blue I've ever seen.

You take one afternoon nap (around 2 hours) a day and sleep for 12 hours at night.  Bedtime is usually right after bath time around 9:30.

Hanky-boo, you are such a sweetheart and have stolen momma's heart.  We love you so much.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Black and Gold

One of the best things about Summer is the ease of throwing on a maxi dress and sandals..Can I get an amen?

Here's my OOTD featuring my favorite back maxi. (I think I've worn it twice in the last 6 days.)  Throw on a pair of gold hoop earrings and all the bangles you got and you're good to go.

Black and Gold

Apparently great minds think alike because my girl Shasta just posted a similar look here.

Happy Friday friends!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A sweet Niece

Did y'all know I'm going to be an aunt to an amazing niece??

My sister hosted a little gender reveal party at her house and it was so much fun.

I voted girl from the very beginning!!

 Maddox opened a sea of PINK balloons and I think everyone there was completely thrilled!

Hank was ecstatic!

I can't wait for her to get here..I love her so much already.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Five on Friday

1. Pancake Picnics

Carsyn's favorite food right now is pancakes.  Girl cannot get enough.  The other night she insisted on a pancake picnic in the floor at 10:30.  I obliged.  Of course, she has to have a pretty cup to drink out of.

2. Swimming pools, movie stars

I don't get in the pool with kids as often as I'd like because 2 kids that can't swim stress me out! Maddox came up to swim last week and we had a nice time frolicking.  C owns that chair, don't you think?  She's in her movie star phase right now and likes to act like a diva and proclaim "look, I'm a star". Lord. Help. Me.

3. Nautical

Every where I look I see anchors these days.  When Lilly released their summer line I was swooning over this dress.

Since Hank's first birthday is a pool party with an anchor theme I knew it would be perfect...Until my sister sold me on this:

I decided the Farrah jumpsuit would be the way to go....Until I tried it on and rocked a mild camel toe.  When I sized up my chicken legs got lost in it.  So, I left with the Amada.  Boohiss, I need to shrink an inch.

4.  100 Miles

If you follow me on Instagram you are likely annoyed with all of my running posts. Sorry.  I started June with a goal of 100 miles in 30 days.  Don't think its going to happen.  But I am trying to finish 100 miles in the month of June.  Fingers crossed.

5.  Book Recs

I'd love to know some good beach reads..Any suggestions?
Here's some from Coastal Living Mag-

Has anyone read these?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

the Very Best Stuff

Vacation Bible School was last week.  Boy was it exciting! And exhausting! Words cannot express how awesome all of the volunteers and parents were.  Seriously amazing.  Rosie and W took turns keeping Hank at home and bringing him a few nights.  I can't believe next year he'll be in a class!

 The pastor had chosen the acronym Very Best Stuff for VBS and I found it so fitting.  I vividly remember VBS being one of the highlights of my summer when I was little.

Carsyn loved every single minute of it.

Her favorite part was the wiggle dance!

I think her next favorite part was seeing Kyria!

She made friends with a girl in her class, Jimma. Aren't they precious?

She told everyone her favorite time was classroom time.  She enjoyed all of the stories, especially the one about King David.

She made crafts everyday for Daddy and Hanky boo.

On the last day they had a carnival with bouncy houses, cotton candy, & face painting. She loved every minute of it.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

Monday, June 17, 2013

A Father's Love

As a self proclaimed daddy's girl I can say there is nothing like the love one receives from their daddy.

We were lucky enough to spend Father's Day with my husband's dad and grandfather and I know there is nowhere else W would have wanted to be.  Their love for one another is the sweetest thing.

Love you Papaw Leon and Papaw Marv!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

dear pops

Dear Pops,

We think you're the most awesome grandpa! Its evident mom thinks you're the greatest thing since sliced bread and we'd have to agree.

You never lose patience with us.  You never utter the words "I'm too busy" or "I can't right now."

You take work breaks to bring us pizzas and french fries.

You're so mighty and tall with one small swoop you can make our heads bounce off the ceiling.  Its quite fun.

Its pretty neat that one of us inherited your strawberry curls and the other your long legs (wonder if you can figure out which one is which-hee hee).

You always sing songs to us..that must be where mommy got her angel voice from...(why does that make daddy snicker?)

You taught us one of our very favorite games "yellow jacket, yellow jacket."

You give us back rubs and foot massages.

Anyway pops, we love you so much! To the moon and back just like big nutbrown hare!

Happy Father's Day to our wonderful Grandfather!


Carsyn & Hank

Friday, June 7, 2013

Five On Friday

I'm linking up with the good life blog today for Five on Friday!

1.) Summer
We went to a little family BBQ Tuesday evening and it made me really ready for summer.  My mood is sadly dictated by the weather.  I'm ready for sunshine.  I'm ready for summer.  Beaches, swimming pools, lightning bugs, cookouts, lemonade, bikinis..(albeit only in the privacy of my backyard), maxi dresses, flip flops, Bob Marley.   I could go on.  I want to slow down this summer- Not be in a rush, or worried about grass stains or ticks or bug bites.  I think we're off to a good start,

2.)  Scandal
Does anyone watch cable TV anymore?  I'm addicted to Netflix and Hulu and the simplicity of watching an entire season in a week.  I'm currently enthralled by Scandal, thanks to Erin.  Its a great show and I can't wait to see what happens next.  What do I need to watch next?

3.) Lululemon
It took a while but I'm now an official Lulu addict.  After visiting their store in Cincinnati I'm even more smitten.  I don't care that I look like a walking neon sign...or a flying purple people eater.  I'm fierce in my Lulu.  Don't mess with me.

4.)   Keith Richards
I've watched this YouTube way too many times since seeing them talk about it on TV.  I think its from 2006 but it just proves Keith Richards is the MAN.  Don't mess with Keith.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

5.)  Swim Lessons
I am now on my second year of trying to find someone to give Carsyn swim lessons.  Is this impossible?  Do you know anyone who can do this for me?