Friday, April 30, 2010

Visit to School

I was so excited to accompany my mother to an event at my grade school alma mater this week. They threw a pirate/under the sea themed party to stress the importance of achieving high test scores and securing an ideal future. Past students were invited to share in the festivities and be recognized as local career success stories. Seeing ladies I attending grade school with now as business owners, doctors, lawyers,nurses, and teachers was so inspiring. I hope this (accompanied by lots of cake and Long Johns) boosted the spirits of all attendees.

I couldn't resist sharing a few pics of the charismatic kids I met:

I adore these triplets...their first words to me ..."Hi, we're triplets and we like to wrestle!"

I must add I am so proud to be the daughter of an outstanding kindergarten teacher!

My sister also teaches and though I often kid her and mom for choosing careers with summers off I know the work they do is so important.

Props to Beaver Elementary and all teachers out there!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh Momma

So, with the encouragement of family and friends here I am starting a blog. First, I must say I am not an eloquent writer nor does my thought process mimic anything normal. People (husband, sister, mom, dad) characterize me as scatter-brained so attempting to blog is like facing a great fear. However, upon discovering I was pregnant I wanted to journal or document my thoughts and feelings and what better way than this! I often tell my sister I wish she would have kept a pregnancy/mommy diary so I would know what to expect.

When Shane and I discovered we were having a child his excitement definitely overshadowed mine- I was a nervous wreck! Don't get me wrong, I've always wanted kids, but my worries and concerns got the best of me. Luckily most of these melted away with that first ultrasound.
Now I'm settling in to the thought of being a mom and everyday my excitement grows. I have the most supportive hubby a girl could ask for and a family that's as excited as Shane and I. I know if I'm half the mother my mom and sister are this will be one lucky kid.

I am always seeking advice, encouragement, and enlightenment from others. Happy Reading!