Thursday, August 30, 2012

to my better half...

Happy Birthday Hubby!!

I wish I could give you a trip to Vegas...

Or some awesome Reds tickets..

Maybe you'd like that SeaRay you've always dreamed of..

More than likely you'd probably just appreciate a day off work and time to veg out with your favorite little lady..

Hopefully we can handle that!

Monday, August 27, 2012

another weekend

So sorry if my weekends bore you! Life right now is all about my two babies and I wouldn't have it any other way. I just want to remember and cherish everyday no matter how tough.

Saturday started out a little rough. Hank is a champion sleeper..ahem..cosleeper and momma was tired from tossing with the wee one all night. I'm not giving up on the crib though! He's still going 2-3 1/2 hour stretches and I'm pretty content with that. So, back to Saturday morning...I decided to not go for our usual run because I think I've been pushing myself too hard. I've decided to take a few days off of physical activity to see how my body feels. Boo. When I don't exercise I get grouchy. Momma needs her endorphins. Hank was super fussy, Carsyn was clingy, and the hubby was doing yard work. We went outside to work in the yard but it was getting to hot for the kiddos so we decided to run to McDs for an iced coffee and WalMart to buy some DVDs. In the drive thru I noticed Carsyn was looking sleepy so I rushed home to put her down for her nap. Fail. She fell asleep in the car and this kid would not go back to sleep.

Luckily, the hubby took over and Carsyn and him played by the pool awhile. It cooled down and I took Hank out to join them.

Boom. Kid fell asleep on the lounge chair and slept for almost 2 hours. Seriously, give the kid an umbrella drink and some sunscreen! Carsyn really wanted her movies by this point so we finally made the dreaded trip to Satan's Warehouse.

Kid has decided she chooses what she wants to wear now and I'm just trying not to oppose. Lilly for Walmart? Perfect, C, perfect.

We actually had a nice little evening and Carsyn started melting down early which meant a rare early bedtime for her. For all those out there wandering what happens when my child misses her nap...

Lovely. Its actually not that bad until it gets late and then the grouchies take over-poor girl. I did take advantage of early bedtime and work on my project life a little.

Saturday night scrapbooking = perfection. Seriously, could I be any more lame?

Sunday was a nice relaxing day filled with sofa cuddles and even a little momma solo time..

How was your weekend?

I am again apologizing for the iphone pics. Perhaps the birthday fairies are working on my computer dilemma ;)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hank is one month old

I cannot believe baby boy is a month old! Goodness gracious!

Hank Mitchell, you are a big fella!  At your two week checkup you weighed nearly 9 lbs, doubling your birth weight. You typically eat every 4 hours and have went a few 5-6 hour stretches at night. Currently you're having a little increase in appetite and eating about every 3 1/2 hours.  I'm not sure what your current weight is but you are growing like a weed.  You are wearing newborn outfits and some 0-3 month.  You are so strong and do not mind doing tummy time at all.  In fact, you love being on your tummy.  You also can get quite a grip on momma's hair!

You are a very chill little man. You are taking longer stretches during the day where you are awakw, but you still sleep quite a bit.. And quite a bit in mommas arms. We'll worry about that in a few more weeks, ok?  You aren't very fond of your swing or bouncy seat, but are pretty content in the car seat.  I think you're going to be a good traveller like your big sister-yay!  You also love the stroller-another win for momma.  We are swaddling you and putting you in your crib at night and that's going ok.  You sleep in it for a few hours before screaming for momma to come rescue you to be snuggled on the sofa.

Hank, Daddy is completely enamored by you.  He never complains about having to hold you in his arms. You're the boy he's always dreamed of despite looking like momma. You have her blue eyes and will likely have her golden hair though it looks a little red right now.  Your cousin Jamie said you might even have your great grandpa Mitchell's ears.

You attended your cousin Maddox's birthday party this weekend and were a complete angel.  You slept a lot and did not get a bit fussy. Perhaps you like being the center of attention!  You'll have to fight big sister for that!

We cannot even remember life before you Hank-you have made our little family complete!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh hey, it's me...

I kind of thought the old blog would get a bit more attention when Hank arrived because I'd be staying home more and working less... Bahaha. Are you laughing with me? Seriously, most days I'm lucky to shower let along turn on a computer. Speaking of computers, the notebook is still dead. I need to catchup on some things like Hank's 1 month pictures and Maddox's 4th birthday so if someone could send me an iMac or even an HP for my birthday that'd be great!! :)

The kiddos are keeping me super busy but thank goodness there's this cool little circle of moms with 2 under 2 that I "met on the Internet". They help keep me sane. I read their blogs and laugh or send them frantic text messages when I'm locked in the laundry room like Charlottte from SATC hiding from my children. I kid! Actually having 2 little munchkins is like an adventure every day! The good days are so much fun! And watching your eldest love on the youngest will likely result in your heart bursting into a million pieces. The bad days when both are crying and screaming are so difficult, but luckily few and far between. I'm reminding myself that Carsyn grew so fast. Pretty soon I'll be planning Hank's second birthday party and those 3 am feedings and diaper changes will be fondly missed.

I actually enjoy days I go into work. Rosie is there to help with the kids and it's nice to sit in front of a computer in silence. It's really nice to get out of the house too. Speaking of getting out of the house, Rosie's here today and this momma is taking full advantage and getting a long overdue mani/pedi..

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Special Moments

Last year I discovered minted through numerous blogs. I actually forgot about the website until a few weeks ago when I was looking for cute thank you cards for baby boy. While browsing through their oodles of baby stuff I discovered these cute baby journals. Love!

 I jot things down with Carsyn everywhere-life planner, baby book, scrapbook, but wanted something to record some of my personal thoughts-not just milestones. And how about the option to personalize with a photo? I even attempted to jazz mine up with some ribbon, but not sure how long that will last. Oh, and did I mention they are under $20 each?

 My plan is to write in them every day or at least a few days a week. How do you record your special moments?

Monday, August 13, 2012

A weekend of small victories

I was reading this post by AP the other day and found myself nodding with every word in agreement.  You see folks, with the first child I, along with many, had some lofty goals and expectations.  I figured dinner would be on the table as always, the house would be clean, etc.  With the second child I was pretty prepared for reality.

Truthfully, my biggest accomplishment everyday is survival.  If we make it though one day with no emergency room visits I'm happy.  If I happen to cook dinner several nights in a row, I'm ecstatic.  If the laundry gets done and I happen to shower and put on makeup?? We're talking gold medal people.  Last week was a pretty great week.  I went into work on Wednesday and felt a little bit giddy at the thought of my normal life returning.  I spent Thursday and Friday at home, in my pjs, rocking the little guy and trying to keep the toddler from collapsing from boredom.  When the hubby dropped the bomb on me he was working all weekend I might have wept.

But, I gave myself a little mental check and decided I'd do some things for myself.  Saturday morning I loaded up the kiddos and went to the lake for a walk.  The endorphins kicked in and I might have even jogged a little!  Evidently that exhausted the whole family and we took colossal 3 hour naps that evening.  Two small victories in one day!! :) 

Saturday night I decided I had to get serious about putting Hank on a schedule...and putting him in his crib.  Hank is a cuddler; big sister was not so much.  She was pretty happy laying on her back and starting sleeping in her crib pretty early.  And by sleeping, I mean small increments people.  I didn't bring her home from the hospital and sock her in it!  So after feeding little man Saturday night I swaddled him up and laid him down.  A little whimpering and he slept like that for about 3 hours. 

Of course, it kind of breaks my momma heart to see such a little guy in such a big bed so he cuddled with me the rest of the night.  (I did put him in his crib for nighttime last night as well and he made it 3 hours again!  Sweet victory!)

Sunday I had already asked Rosie to watch Hank so Carsyn and I could go to church together.  Honestly running a 10k is easier than getting myself and 2 kids ready and out the door!  Carsyn is loving sitting at my dressing table and pretending to put on makeup so that occupied her for a little while.

Hank is pretty content in his rock and play..

(And oh my you see those little leg rolls??)

Anyway, we made it!!  Carsyn loves seeing everyone at church, but secretly I think she just goes for the toys.

So my advice to new mommas and mommas of two- Take AP's advice and celebrate those small victories!

Friday, August 10, 2012

How's this for Friday?

Its Friday!!! If Carsyn was typing this she'd say "holla!" I swear I do not know where she comes up with this stuff. Have I told you she's started calling me Jensie and her daddy Shane? Sad. A story for another day.
We're in full survival mode here in the Watts house. Hank is 3 weeks old and I'm giving myself til his 4 week birthday to start living like a human again..Including things like showering daily and getting out of my pjs before 4:00. I'm rocking the mom uniform (yoga pants and nursing bra) on a daily basis. I know what you're thinking..poor husband. Trust me, this was a good'd really feel sorry for him on a bad one.

Pretty sure I snapped this pic last week and pretty sure I've rocked this ensemble about 3 times since then.

We went to the ped this week and Hank earned his nickname "hank the tank". (exhibit A) Kid is up to almost 9 lbs and has 3 chins. He loves to eat...and poop. He also loves to be cuddled. Rarely does he leave my arms or daddy's arms and when he does he is snuggled in the rock and play or carseat. One more week kiddo then you're going to the crib.

Carsyn is such a character. A demanding, energizer bunny of a character. I'm sure that has nothing to do with a sugar high from all of my cookie bribery. She has been feeding Hank goldfish lately and I'll often find him covered in them. (exhibit B)

One of her favorite things to do now is take things out of the mini fridge. (exhibit D) We thought it would be cute to have her juice boxes within easy reach. WRONG. She loves opening the fridge and getting them out. I just fear for when she opens the other side and starts lining up momma's pinot grigio.

She has also decided Mickey and Minnie need to accompany her everywhere (exhibit C). This is cute at home, but not so sure how it'll work out when we travel. I've almost decided I need a school bus to haul the munchkins around as is.

To top of my Friday Carsyn knocked my notebook off the table and now it looks like this:

It was on its last leg anyway, but guess who didn't have their pictures backed up?

Cheers to your weekend friends, I have 30 minutes of naptime left and its time to decide whether I'll chug some coffee or crash for a power nap.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Perfect Beach Waves

I have hair issues. In the summer frizz and natural curl take over and I'm too lazy to fight it. I see women in magazines with perfect "beach waves" and always think why can't my hair do that?!

Do y'all remember Michelle from the Bachelor?  I stumbled upon her YouTube channel and found some amazing beauty tips.  One of my favorites is her guide to perfect beach waves.

Given I don't have time to do this that often and it's likely too damaging anyway, but the results are pretty satisfying.

This is day 2 of my first attempt..

It's a little excessive to flat iron but it's the only way my ends turn out smooth. Here are two products that are necessities for me.

I'm sure any type of thermal protectant and dry shampoo would work.

Let me know if you try this!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Basically everything in my life right now evolves around adjusting to life with 2 little ones. Its somewhat heartbreaking to watch your baby girl grow up the day you bring your baby boy home. Carsyn has actually developed into a great big sister after less than 2 weeks. She colors while I nurse and loves bringing Hank diapers and blankets. She pats his head and says "real gentle" and it pretty much melts my heart. She wrinkles her little forehead and says "don't cry Hank" when he gets fussy.

Usually after nap time she becomes a little more mommy dependent. I try to put Hank in the swing or pack and play and devote time to just her. Sometimes I can and sometimes I cannot. The other day we were having lunch together at the table and she looked at me, grinned, and said in her sweet little voice, "I love you mommy."

Don't get me wrong, I've heard it before, but she's just not a kid that says that on a daily basis. She says it when she means it, when her world is just perfect. And in that moment I realized maybe I can do this multiple kids thing. Just maybe.