Sunday, September 29, 2013

Busy, busy, busy

Things here have been crazy, crazy, crazy!

Hank came down with strep (again!) this week and I've been slacking majorly in the blog department.  For those few that still read-Sorry!

We've been in full party planning mode for Carsyn's 3rd birthday(did I mention my bloggy BF paid a visit to the sticks for the occasion?!)

It was a great party and my little Minnie had the time of her life.  My sweet Tenneesee house guests just left and the house is so quiet.

I'll do a full party recap soon, but here's a little glimpse of what we've been up to..

Kyria's Ice Cream Social Party:

Playing with our new playhouse from Granny and Papaw..

 Is that not the cutest thing ever? Swear, if I had one of those when I was little I would have never left..and Carsyn did not want to either!

Hopefully I'll be back in the swing of things this week!

Monday, September 23, 2013


Carsyn Presley, my darling girl, you are 3 years old.  To say I love you more every day would be a gross understatement.

You amaze me every day and I thank God you are mine.  The three years since you have entered this world have been the best three years of my life.

3 years of yogurt loving..

3 Christmases, Easters, Halloweens, and Thanksgivings celebrated with family and friends that adore you and are enamored by your sweet personality..

3 years of paci loving..

3 years of sweet and sassy sayings like, "momma, can you sing a little smaller?" and "!" when something excites you..

3 pig pictures captured

3 birthday cakes gobbled..chocolate is your preference..

3 years of sitting up past your bedtime and loving TV..your current favorites are Austin and Ally, Team Umizoomi, Lalaloopsy, and Bubble Guppies

3 years of being the pickiest eater, chicken nuggets, cake, mac n cheese, pancakes, and grilled cheese are your go-tos
3 years of hush little baby every night before bedtime
3 years of always wanting to learn and read stories..Currently we're working on letters and when mommy or Rosie says "What letter stands for Belle?" you start playing the game with us saying "What understands for Hank?"
3 years of conversations...My aunt swore you were saying hi when you were 6 weeks old..and you haven't shut up yet. We LOVE it!! You are constantly saying "talk to me.."
3 years of road trips! You love a trip and every night before you go to sleep you ask "where we going tomorrow?"

Carsyn, mommy and dad are so proud of the girl you are. We love you baby girl!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The time I rocked the cat eye in Subway

When my friend Ricarda mentioned to me she was hosting a makeup workshop earlier this month I was ecstatic.  Y'all know I am a makeup junkie with no skills.  I mean I don't go around looking like a clown all the time...(well I hope not), but I never change up my look.

I've been wearing the Naked pallette in different combinations since it came out. Nars blush in orgasm has been my go to for probably 4 years.  I rarely wear black eyeliner and stick with a soft brown.  I've been known to go a whole week without wearing makeup.

Whew...felt good to get that off my chest.

I needed an intervention.  Or an awakening.

I volunteered to be Ricarda's guinea pig and she put a plan in action.  She was going to demonstrate the cat eye on me since I'd asked her how to do it and use several products I already head.

This would be #winning.

If people still say that.

I showed up Saturday bare faced and full of excitement.  I wish I could share with you what an awesome time we had.  Ricarda did the other girl's face with dupes and it was awesome.  You could not tell one side was almost entirely drug store makeup!  I took notes feverishly and awaited my turn.

She demonstrated the cat eye on one of my eyes and made it look so simple.  She did the other eye softer and finished with some bold lipstick.  Which I NEVER do.  Everyone ranted over how good it looked and we all started chatting after the demo.  We cleaned up, snacked, and peeked inside our goody bags and I lost track of time.

Rosie had volunteered to come help me clean the kid's playroom that day while W had offered to take the kids to my MILs. So I rushed out the door vaguely hearing Ricarda ask if I needed evened out.

We had received samples of Spark and I popped the lid on my water, mixed it up and drank it on the way home devising my plan.  I talked to Rosie and she was working away and told me not to be in any hurry and stop at Subway and pick up lunch.

Well, Spark had taken its effect and I guess I had a little pep in my step after an exciting girl's day so I all but skipped in Subway.  The sandwich artist eyed be a little suspiciously and I thought she might have a problem with my avocado addiction.  I finished my order and made a quick run in Rite Aid.  The checkout lady might have looked at me oddly and I remember thinking she probably wasn't used to seeing me in full makeup and bright lipstick.

At home Rosie and I went into full cleaning mode for hours.  She ranted and raved on how she liked my makeup (I will go ahead and insert Rosie is a bit blind) and we finished packing up old toys.

W walked through the door and set the kids down.  I was expecting "How was your day?" or "Wow, the house looks so clean." And instead I got a funny look.

Perplexed I said "Oh, you remember today was my makeup thing, right?"

To which he replied..." it a new thing to wear your eyes different?"

In which I said,  "You must be talking about my awesome cat eye......OHHHH MMMM GEEEEE! I forgot!! She only did one. I've been all over town like this!"

And that my friends, is how you do NOT rock the cat eye.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

5 on errr..Saturday


Hank is walking!

That's right-My baby boy is full blown walking! I was beginning to think it would never happen and he's been taking little steps for a while, but as of this week he's roaming everywhere.


Wrestling Matches

Carsyn and Hank's favorite thing to do together is wrestle.  It starts off with both laughing and ends in one in tears.  While its cute they are beginning to play together, its also driving me crazy because they want to fight over toys...especially who drives the grocery car. 

* I'm going to insert here that I used to be the judge-y childless lady who was annoyed by the grocery cars with little demons at the wheel that got in my way, hogged the aisles, and ran over my toes. Then I was the mom of one kid who strolled the child in the buggy in its protective fluffy thing scoffing at moms who let their kids run free and eat goldfish before they paid for them.  You know what they say about karma, right?  Because now? I'm the mom with the demon children fighting over who gets to steer and I'd let them swig coke and eat snickers bars if it would get me through the trip in peace. Seriously.  If you see me at the grocery with the kids in tow you might want to steer clear.


Olivia Pope

I think Scandal has been in my 5 before, but seriously...are y'all as excited as I am for this season?  I finally watched the last three episodes of season 2 and could die.  Die.  Do you watch?  Can you shoot me and email so I can have someone to chat with?


Are just as gorgeous in person as they are on my favorite TV mom.  Go get them. Thank me later.


Teen Beach Movie

I cannot begin to describe how obsessed we..*I mean Carsyn is with this movie.  I think it came on Disney a while ago and they replayed recently.  Well, I recorded it and Carsyn wants to watch it every. single. night.  I was trying to think of a punishment for her the other day when she refused to nap and tried everything.."I'll tell daddy," "no wagon ride, " and then "no more Teen Beach Movie!"  Girl lost it.  I mean she had a serious meltdown. Surf, surf crazy....

Friday, September 6, 2013

Birthday Stuff

We had a very low key birthday weekend-Friday night we had red velvet cake (W's favorite) that
Carsyn and I had baked the night before.

Saturday the kids and I loaded up and I asked Carsyn where she wanted to eat and she said Panera, so Panera it was.  

The nice thing about having kids is you're never alone on your birthday :)

This was the OOTN I had planned and I caught a few stares juggling two kids in my glitter heels, but if you can't wear glitter on your birthday then when can you?

Carsyn asked to go to the Mall after we ate and we perused the book store.  When she saw the card section she said "mom, you stand right here and don't peek while I pick your card!" That girl is the sweetest-seriously made my night!

When we got home W had picked me up a cake with the exact candles I wanted (I'm 34 if you thought I was 29) 

*if you thought I was 29 feel free to leave a comment with your address. I'll send chocolate. Or wine.

We got dressed in our Sunday best Sunday morning and made it to church..The kids are really having fun in the nursery and I'm good with that for now.

While I joked the next 3 day weekend I had I was not staying home I actually had a lot of fun with the kiddos and we ended the weekend with a nice park date.  I swear I do not know how you mommas run while pushing a stroller.  2 miles and I'm spent.

I guess the birthday festivities technically ended on Wednesday.  Rosie and I had been planning a little shopping trip that ended us up in Berea, KY at my sister's favorite pizza joint.  Some of y'all commented on Insta that you'd eaten at Papalenos.  YUM. It was so good.

And thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!