Monday, February 8, 2016

Schools Cool

I cannot believe we are now amidst the babes' second semester of school!

I had planned to do a quick update after Christmas, but let's face it...There's not a lot of time to sit in front of computer that time of year.


This was taken on school picture day and pretty much sums up his thoughts on school. #ikid

He goes a half day Tuesdays and Thursdays and its perfect.  Really perfect.  On days he doesn't go he's like...Yay! Stay home with mommy.  On other days he gets to see his girlfriend, Ms Debbie, whom I'm informed gets hugs for no reason.

All in all, Hank's doing great.  His favorite part of the day is playing trucks with Henry on the playground.  When asked who his friends are he says anyone who's "truck people."


Carsyn was born for school.  Like, legit loved it from day one.  She's a little shy and its taken her until now to really warm up to all the kids and find her confidence.

Carsyn goes to school for a half day Monday through Thursday.  Its awesome.  Know what's even more awesome?  Free Fridays. #thanksauntmel  In all seriousness I was adamant about Carsyn not going on Friday.  She'll be going to school the next 20 years, she deserves a day off.  

We usually venture to Camp Rosie and she has the whole way to tell me all about her day and who did what and what stories they read.  (Unless she falls asleep!)

We try to stop at the bottom of the staircase for pictures every morning.

Here she is telling me one more day till her friend, Kyria visits.

Fall was nice because after picking the babes up we'd play tag in front of the school or go home and play outside.

The school also had a great fall festival where I captured my all time favorite picture of Hank and his daddy.

We also took a class field trip to the pumpkin patch.

Funny thing is they always come home starving no matter how much lunch they eat.  The school enforces a healthy lunch policy so I usually let them have whatever for a snack.  

We started this semester off with Color Week where the kids got to wear something red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.  The last day they wore rainbow t-shirts they made at school.

Its a bit of a struggle finding things to get excited about after the kids get home now that its winter.

We've been doing a lot of after school baking and crafting.

And shopping.

And goofing around in the car while Rosie shops.

And best of all...meeting friends for play dates!

So that's pretty much it for's cool.  Stay tuned and we'll talk a little more about when school's not cool..