Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good days, Bad days

I've quickly learned there is nothing worse than a sick kiddo. Carsyn has been a little trooper though and put on her UK best today to cheer the cats on to victory.

I'm so proud of our team and believe me I've had my doubts this season. Funny how you can have a good day and bad day all in one. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend-this exhausted momma is off to bed.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tracy Anderson is a B****

But I think I'll love her forever if she helps me get rid of this belly pooch. First, I will preface this by saying I never had a flat stomach pre-Carsyn- I will not completely blame the pooch on baby girl. However, I was not completely out of shape because I did run. That being said I've decided that the belly jiggle has got to go and I think I found a lady to help do that. I recently ordered the Tracy Anderson post pregnancy workout from Amazon. This is by far the most difficult ab workout I've ever done. It might be that my abs are just so out of shape, but I'm loving this video. I just hope I can stick with it. And Tracy, you are not a bitch, I just envy your body and despise the pain in which you have inflicted upon mine.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Peek Inside

My bathroom cabinet..

A few of you have asked about what hair products I use. Seriously. I swear. Not only am I incredibly flattered as I want to chop off my hair on a daily basis, I am happy to oblige. I have been using Aveda products ever since my salon became an Aveda salon. I have thick wavy hair and am pretty satisfied with the products I use. As far as shampoos and conditioners I like color conserve, smooth infusion, and damage remedy. After towel drying my hair I apply be curly curl enhancer for days I want to be curlier and smooth infusion glossing detangler on other days. On straight days I dry my hair with the good old fashioned round brush and use a large barrel curling iron (11/2" I think) to create curls. I use the curl down method which I linked to here. I finish with smoothing fluid. If it's raining or humid outside I use be curly and let my hair air dry to about 80%. I flip my head over and finish drying with my blow dryer and then curl using a small barrel (about 3/4") curling iron. I usually go with a messier look and curl random sections and let my natural curl show in the rest. I finish with the brilliant anti-humectant pomade. * this is a heavy product and a little goes a long way. I have pretty coarse hair and use it sometimes when my hair is extra frizzy on straighter days also. I'm not big on hairspray but do use Fekkai sheer hold on some occasions. My hairdryer is a chi and my curling irons are hot tools. Is this tmi?? I'm sorry! I always love reading all your tips so I just wanted to do a good job on my own.

Changing the subject entirely Carsyn put her on flip flops today in honor of the first day of Spring!

Please forgive the bare toes...we just can't find time for a pedi! Springtime wears us out...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Carsyn is 6 months old!!

Carsyn Presley..I cannot believe you are a half year old..oh my goodness!! We are keeping this short because mommy and daddy are out the door to granny and papaws to watch our beloved cats play..

You are a paci-loving, momma-adoring, cereal-eating, pea-hating, expert at napping, cuddle demanding, Jumperoo adapting, baby Einstein watching diva in training and we adore you. You are daddy's girl and mommy's world and we can't believe God blessed us with such an angel!

Above is the best pic we could get.. Here are the out takes:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green for St Patty's Day!

I knew a few weeks back upon my sister's suggestion we would start Carsyn on solid foods for St Patty's Day and what better food than peas, right??

Since I'm planning on mastering easies like apples and pears with the Beaba before trying it out I ventured to the grocery to buy some Gerber.....

The little miss was all decked out in her festive attire and I had convinced myself it was going to be a pleasant experience. Wrong


After that experience I decided I wanted a pic of her where she was actually smiling on St Patty's Day and that didn't happen either..

She squirmed out of her gilder

Almost headed out of her bumbo

Was a little happier rolling around on the floor

and not even satisfied in mommy's arms..

(forgive the non-festive mommy..the cats played today and I had to wear my blue!)

hope everyone's St Patty's Day was better than Carsyn's!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh no he didn't

This is a pic I snapped of the hubby's bracket. Hopefully you can see he has Duke and Louisville in the final game. Clearly this upsets me and while I'm ashamed to post this being that we are both UK alums I want everyone to know who clearly bleeds the bluest in this house!

Do you fill out a bracket? Who's your pic to win it all?
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

Some weekends I love having nothing to do- this weekend was not one of them. I always feel guilty when I say I'm bored because that insinuates I have nothing to do, which could not be further from the truth as my to do list is a mile long. So to rephrase I guess I'll change my "boring" weekend to an "uneventful" weekend. Here's a recap:

Trip to Rite Aid to stock up on cheap wine and beauty supplies..(if you're new here I live in the sticks; translation no sephora, no liquor barn)

Trying out loreal mascara per this gal, who I think is makeup genius. Those Reese eggs are for the hubby..not way ;)

Got baby dressed up even though we had no where to go..

Auntie keeps Carsyn in high fashion, don't you think?

And the highlight...

Mom brought me sushi from aqua for dinner!! -Thanks Mom!

How was your weekend? Do you prefer low key or bustling with activities?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Peek Inside

...Carsyn's Closet

We are ready for Spring & Lilly, are you?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A little obsession of mine

For some reason I always get a little giddy when I see a celebrity (or pseudo celebrity as the case may be) wearing an outfit I'm familiar with. I'll usually be on the phone with my mom or sister and blurt "Did you see what Sharon had on today on Y & R? That was totally that Anthropologie caplet!) My mom and sister are quite better at it than I and given the fact that I live in the sticks its excusable that my fashion expertise is often lacking. After watching the Bachelor Monday night I became a little obsessed with the beautiful tweed skirt Michelle was wearing. After much googling I stumbled upon this site. Love this girl!! I will definitely be checking her out more often. How could I have overlooked this JCrew lovely?

I quickly went to their site and found the skirt ON SALE! I added it to my cart and figured I'd purchase it the next morning... Only to be disappointed that it had magically disappeared (I hate when you do this to me JCrew). Luckily, JCrew personal shopper extraordinaire, Cindy, scored it for me and it should arrive shortly. Ah Michelle, your personality was a little sketchy, but your wardrobe was always on point.

Do you have a celebrity or reality tv star who's look you like to mimic?

Monday, March 7, 2011

With a little help from Martha Stewart

I have a happy little girl in a jumperoo! Why Martha Stewart you ask??

Because the poor little meatball had some difficulty reaching the floor.. I knew that encyclopedia of crafts would come in handy! Thanks for the idea big sis.

Of course once we got it all figured out she was more enamored by the colorful seat than the spinning cows and dancing pigs... Go figure!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Growing Up, Guilty Pleasures, & Giveaway!

I get so excited when I come up with a blog title that includes a Springsteen song!

I snapped this pic the other morning and caught a little tear rolling down my face because Carsyn is really outgrowing all of her little prissy nightgowns. She is just growing up way too fast and time is flying by here at the Watts household. I cannot believe she will be 6 months old in just a few weeks.
(Laura- I figured you'd be tickled that my MIL purchased Carsyn's first sock monkey!)

I had such a lazy day today but caught myself scrambling this evening getting laundry done and getting a little run in so I could indulge in a few guilty pleasures this Sunday evening; catching up with my favorite bloggers and RHOOC.

A favorite blog of mine is ShastaAnne. She is a completely adorable, uber fashionable mom to 3! She has such a fantastic outlook on life I hope you add her to your favorites. Anyhoo-she is having a Chanel giveaway so you should check it out!

Also, a friend of mine (actually more a friend of my SIL) started a blog and I'm so excited! Vandi is such a beautiful, sweet girl I hope you check out her blog Vandi's Voice also.

The Real Housewives series on Bravo is my favorite series on tv and I'm so excited the OC season is starting. I love watching these blonde ladies and got a little thrill tonight when I caught a glimpse of Will Kirby from Big Brother a few seconds ago. I def watch too much reality TV but I think we all deserve a few guilty pleasures!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Confession Time... Again

Just some things on my mind...

* I am beyond pissed that my dvr randomly recorded the weather channel instead of The Bachelor last night

* My child has decided she wants to sleep with me only, great for nap time, not so great for bedtime

* Speaking of bed time I feel slightly guilty that I look forward to Carsyn sleeping.. Some nights I turn off all noise and stare at the walls thanking God for silence

* I sing She's Got a Ticket To Ride to Carsyn when I put her in the car seat.. It makes her so happy

* I'm still looking for the perfect Easter dress for Carsyn

* I am sleep deprived because of Suzanne Collins and her wickedly addictive Hunger Games series

* I am currently missing the cats play because Charlie Sheen is a complete, utter train wreck that I can't take my eyes off of

* Getting in shape is hard!! I really want to lose a few pounds, but evidently not as much as I wanted those 5 slices of pizza I just devoured

* I miss my sister and wish she lived closer :(

* I am however, extremely grateful for wonderful parents I see almost daily and wonderful in laws that I also see quite frequently

* I have convinced myself I am going to win the HGTV dream home this year (unfortunately I do this every year and end up repeatedly disappointed)

Confessions, anyone??