Monday, April 29, 2013

Hank is 9 months old!

Baby boy, you are a whopping 9 months old!  Time is flying and I sometimes feel you're not my little baby anymore.

Your hair is getting longer and turning darker.  I'm not sure you if you'll be a little redhead or not.  You have one little curl in the back and its the sweetest thing ever.  You look just like your aunt Melissa's baby pictures!

You're still pretty chunky and weigh right at 20 lbs.  You are wearing mostly 12 month clothing and some 9 months.

Since I got behind on your 8 month post I figure I"ll combine the 2.

At 8 months you were babbling da-da and bu-bu-bu but right at 8.5 months you started saying ma-ma.  I love it. You say ma-ma all day long.

Of course that means you are quite dependant on momma.  Her arms are aching some days, but its awfully nice to feel needed too :)

At 8 months you were almost crawling and as of 9 months  you are starting to get the hang of it.  You are into everything!  You always army crawled, rolled, and scooted any where you wanted to go and now you are getting up on all fours and making a little progress before tumbling.

Yo do not like being still.  Taking your picture this month was SO hard.

We have been frequenting the park and as of right now its your favorite place in the world.  You enjoy swinging, but are content to sit in your stroller and suck your toes and watch the world go by.

Still only two bottom teeth have made an appearance.  I thought you were getting your top ones months ago and they still haven't poked through.  You are chewing on EVERYTHING and sometimes when you seem miserable for no reason I think its your teeth.

You still really like to eat.  You nurse 3-4 times a day in addition to eating baby food.  We've tried some table food and its not your thing.  You love your oatmeal cereal for a late breakfast.  Your favorite dinner is mac and cheese!

You sleep from 9:30 to 9:30 and rarely wake in between. You usually take a 45 minute nap around 11 or 12 and a 2 hour nap around 2 or 3.

You have really been enjoying bath time and love to splash all of the water out of the tub.  You also LOVE to be sang to whether its itsy bitsy spider or get your shine on.

Hank, mommy and daddy love you so much! Its so much fun seeing the world through your little eyes as you continue to grow.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesdays are for catch up!

Here I am catching up...again.. Bear with me folks.  I hate to bore you by saying I'm in a blogging rut. BUT. I'm in a blogging rut.  I struggle with writing to vent and writing to enjoy vs. writing as a means of a digital scrapbook.  Regardless, here's what's going on.

W and I went to Keeneland to meet up with friends Saturday.  We all know W has discovered the blog, but I think it bores him and he doesn't read anymore.  So now I can say my hubby is pretty darn cute, right?

..Even when he can't remember where we parked the car.  (Don't mind me using that situation as a great photo opp...clearly it was funnier if you were there).

It was SO cold Saturday. I spent an hour in my closet Friday night putting outfits together and still didn't really come up with a winner.  I really wanted to break out a sundress and thought about wearing one with a cardigan, but decided against it. Here's what I went with.

I spent most of the day shivering like an idiot with my scarf used as a shawl.  I think W had a good time catching up.. we had not seen Kevin in 4 years!

I got in major cleaning mode and got my front porch ready for Spring.  We actually got egged on Easter Sunday and I needed to do some major scrubbing....And yes, apparently my hilljack neighbors think Easter is a reason to celebrate by egging homes in the neighborhood.  (And since I am guilty of hashtagging conversations...#getmeouttathesticks)

I could not find any pretty ferns, but I'm hoping this hydrangea will last a while- they're my favorite!

So if you drive by this summer you will likely see my butt parked right there sipping my morning coffee or evening wine.

Speaking of wine,  this is my new favorite.  I'm not a huge white wine fan, but I do prefer it during warm weather.

Its also a little more friendly on the wallet than Cakebread ;)
Little man is a chewing machine...We go to the park a lot and he loves to gnaw on the swing.  Thank goodness that's completely sanitary..
And...a pinterest recipe that's actually good.  I think I have a version of this pinned, but I tweaked it a little.  This is closer to what I used.  Creamy Italian Chicken

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Playing catch always

I feel I'm always playing blog catch up.  Sorry.  Its such a tedious task to update the blog with pictures of what is going on in life, but I know one day I'll be happy I did.  I'd probably be more interesting if I left out all of life's little happenings, but each of them are important to me and I can't imagine years from now I'll want to look back at my OOTD.  Pretty sure I'll cringe at some of the things I thought or said or did, but I'm positive there will not be one single picture of the kids I'll regret posting....except for those of Hank in princess crowns..sorry bub ;)

I think I'm going to dedicate Wednesdays to catching up.  If you follow me on IG this might be a bit redundant, but if you read this blog and don't (hi mom!) it'll be new to you.

We recently celebrated my awesome BIL's birthday.

My sister did an excellent job planning and I pretty much adore all of the people that showed up.  Bryan's family has pretty much became my extended family and it was so much fun chatting with them.
Carsyn absolutely loves playing with other kids so it was hard to get her to stay still.

Speaking of Carsyn, she pretty much has me wrapped around her little finger.  Can someone explain to me WHY grocery stores have giant hello kitty, cars, and Cinderella balloons at checkouts?  I'm actually kidding.  I know why.  Because suckers like me can't handle the "PLLEEEASSE momma, hello kitty cat..PPLLLEEEASSSE..I NEED it" wails of a 2 year old. Never mind the fact that I almost had to open the sunroof to get it to fit.

But, if that's not a happy camper, I don't know what is.

I apologize for the running attire, but I got my hair did this week and went back blonde.  Feels good.  I wanted to wait and post a pic of it fixed, but who knows when it'll happen.

Y'all have noticed my super cute header designed by Ashley Brooke, right?  Did you know her online shop is full of adorableness?  Her products always bring a smile to my face.  I snapped this pic of my vanity the other day.  Doesn't that lipstick print just belong there?

I kind of felt guilty posting that picture on instagram, because it looked all tidy and peaceful and truthfully I was trying to put my face on while the heathens destroyed the rest of the upstairs.  See?

I usually just pull out that basket of toys when I'm trying to do anything upstairs and it entertains them for a few minutes.  You can also see the awful spiral staircase in the background.  Bane of my existence.  Do you know how many times I have fallen down those?  I keep that blue box (which needs to go to the attic) in the corner to barricade the landing and Carsyn likes to scoot it out of the way.  She thinks she's helping me tidy up-I think she's trying to sabotage her brother ;)

Are y'all on pinterest?  I'm the first to confess I'm really bad at doing what I "pin."  If you have a board full of 100s of recipes I automatically envy you and assume you cook.  That's bad of me.  I know.  I really want to cook up all those delicious recipes but cooking takes TIME.  And involves grocery shopping.  And every time I try something new its not "The most delicious _____ ever! Trying this tonight!" I made these "awesome" egg banana pancakes last week.  Not awesome.  Tasted like fried bananas.  I guess they're supposed to be healthy?  Soooo not worth it.

So help a sister out, what pinterest recipe is really awesome?  What am I missing?

Hope you enjoyed catching up!

Monday, April 15, 2013

I Don't Know Why You Don't Take Me Downtown

Carsyn and I rock out to that Lady A song on a daily basis...Hank usually looks at us like we're crazy.  In fact, after bath time I took a little video of her singing..She actually knows the words to almost the entire song, but girl cannot sit still for more than a minute.  And likes to go mute when I turn the camera on.  Forgive my singing.  Now you know why I'm not on stage anywhere.

We're awesome, huh?

Well, I was thinking about the words and the meaning the other day..yeah I'm that girl who analyzes song lyrics.  What girl doesn't like getting dressed up and going out?  For real.  I'm happy in my mom uniform 90% of the time, but its still fun to shed those yoga pants, right?

Unfortunately, there's not much to do around here as far as "going out" goes.  I envy y'all that have legit fancy places to go to!  Our "downtown" comprises of an awesome freestanding DQ and questionable Mexican restaurant.  W and I have tried date nights in the past and they just don't seem worth it.  Shall we break it down? A.) I'm still nursing. 4 hours away from Hank the Tank is maximum allotment.  B.) W works a crazy, plethora of hours.  It doesn't seem fair to force him out and about if he's lucky enough to get a weekend off.  C.) Date nights at home would likely encompass W falling asleep amidst Duck Dynasty while I do laundry, Hank eats magazines or whatever he can get his hands on, and Carsyn rides her tricycle into walls.

So, Rosie and I have instigated date night.....with the kids :)

Anyone wanna work on getting W to fill in on occasion?
I gotta dress that'll show a little uh-uh.....

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Summer Dunes..

We took our annual Isle of Palms trip last week.  Rosie came along which meant the kids were little angels and I got to rest :)

We knew the weather was going to be cool, but the evening we arrived it was pretty nice. I snapped this picture from our house.

We did not get a lot of beach days- The beginning of the week was really windy, but we set up a bunker behind a dune and the kids played in the sand.

Hank slept the whole time so when we woke him up for a photo op he was a little moody.

Carsyn is still the total beach babe she's always been though :)

The good thing about vacationing in Charleston is if the weather is bad you can always eat and shop!

(please note..I do not condone a 2 year old wearing lipstick, BUT if its nearly clear and keeps her happy in her stroller for an hour? Perfectly acceptable)

Shopping with 2 kids is nearly impossible, but browsing is fairly easy..especially when you have a sweet sister and mom to take over sometimes.

If you're wondering about places to eat there are many locals and experts who'd probably steer you in the right direction.

If you need kid friendly places, you can ask me.

Dinner somewhere at Shem Creek is usually a good idea because every kid loves boats and its nice to not drive into town one night.

We enjoy going to Barbara Jeans because its in a great location and is usually not crowded and quick.  The night we ate there it was packed, but they let the kids sit on the bar so props for that!

Rosie's favorite place to eat is Poogan's Porch.  We had dinner there one night and it was really good.  I'd have to say for a sort of upscale restaurant they were very kid friendly as well.  It was quite a wait but we strolled over to the waterfront and took pictures.

We stopped by Peninsula Grill for coconut cake and I used their courtyard for some photos..Isn't it gorgeous?

And as usual, pictures of both kids together are missing..It seems when one is happy the other is asleep..Oh well, just another reason to go back to the beach soon :)

Bye Summer Dunes Lane...Til next year...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Self Image and Social Media

There's a lot on my mind.  My mind is always going in a million different directions and I'm sure if you read my blog you notice run on sentences and grammatical errors.  I cringe if I happen to reread something I've written and find it loaded with misspelled words.  And it happens.  But I'm human... and that makes you like me better right?

The social media world is mind boggling if you really think about it.  I blog, I pin (rarely), I tweet (even more rarely), and I instagram.  Its my social life!  My facebook was hacked and I never started it back.  I always felt pressured to comment on every one's picture.  And I swear I'd wake up in the morning, scroll through my feed and feel awful if I"d forgotten someone's birthday. Instagram is my favorite social media tool right now.  Its SO easy to hit the like button and if you follow me you'll see that I do that quite a lot.  Its very easy to keep up with many followers on IG; Unlike blogging where I sometimes feel I'm letting my readers and those I read down.

Do you do that?  Do you feel awful if you read some one's post and don't comment? I do! But I read on my phone or..gasp while my children are playing quietly and just don't have the time.  Or mean to go back to comment and find its midnight and the laundry is still piled high and I haven't showered. Priorities, people.

When I started blogging I'd do a little jump for joy every time I got a new follower.  I'd secretly squeal with delight at each comment.  If I read a popular blog and the author followed up with an email I'd be so tickled-my voice was being heard!!!  On the flip side if I wrote a blog post I thought everyone would  find funny or enlightening only to stare at the 0 comments tab over and over I"d want to cry.  Darnit, why don't people like me?

I'm a firm believer in karma, in you get what you give.  I've been pretty lousy lately at keeping up with my favorite bloggers- IRL friends that I often text and devoutly read, just rarely comment.  Also, I've been really bad at taking note of my new followers. I want to follow you back!! I know its impossible and time will not allow me to read every blog out there, but if you're tuning into me I want to tune into you.  That makes sense, right?

And if you're tuning into me you know I"m having a little health issue.  A health issue that has caused me to finally reach the number on the scale I've wanted to be at, yet be disgusted I didn't do it the healthy way.  But, last Saturday I got a spray tan and got dressed up for the first time in forever and took a pic to share on IG.

Y'all left me some AMAZING comments and boy did my self esteem soar!  Isn't it awesome what a few kind words can do?  So, you want to join me?

Let's make an effort to be more courteous, more complimentary, more socially aware.  It may take you 5 seconds or 5 minutes, but a kind word can do so much.

Thank you SO MUCH for reading this little blog of mine.  I hope to be a better blogger in the future!  

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Breakin'

First.. Thank y'all so much for your recent kind words. I really appreciate everyone who read my post last week and sent me an email or text of well wishes. I'm feeling much better and enjoying some qt with my littles at our favorite place in the world.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Bunnies and Eggs!

We've had a bust few days enjoying Easter festivities!

We took the kids to see the Easter bunny on Friday and Carsyn was super unimpressed. Hank? He thought the Easter bunny's buttons were delicious and proceeded to try to tear them off and off and put them in his mouth. So, yeah, I'm sure that bunny really looks forward to our next visit ;)

 I hated to be THAT mom pleading with her kid to sit on the scary bunny's lap so I gave up.  I had taken her in the Disney store to pick out something for the Easter bunny to bring her and she got so excited over Minnie flip flops and sunglasses- I really thought she'd march right up to that bunny and sit on his lap.  She squealed and waved and laughed but when she got within 5 feet she was terrified.  I explained 100 times she wasn't getting either of those things since she didn't tell the bunny, but daddy caved and got her the flip flops.

She was so excited but kept asking for her glasses.  We called the Easter bunny the whole way home and told him what a good girl Carsyn was and she was too afraid to sit on his lap so Saturday morning he brought her a little basket.  I just cannot punish her for being afraid, but I can't go back on my word either or I feel like I'll create a little spoiled brat.

BUT, she loves those glasses....she insisted on wearing them when we made our peep treats...and of course the same bunny dress from the day before.  Did I mention she slept in those flip flops that night?? She woke me up at 7:30 screaming "get these off my feet, they hurt!"  I went in her room tok them off and she said "thanks, I'm going back sleep now."Love her heart.

We got the kids dressed and attempted some family photos before heading to Easter dinner at mom and dad's.

Maddox came up to hide eggs and the kids had so much fun.

 Carsyn decided she would hide hers by herself at one point- I guess that makes them easier to find?

Its completely impossible to get these kids all smiling, but I know someday I'll love seeing the attempts.

..and attempts..

..and attempts..

We colored eggs when we got home Saturday night andI was completely surprised by how into it Carsyn was.  She waited patiently for them to turn the appropriate color and for mommy and daddy to fish them out.  Then she waited for them to dry to put stickers on them.

The baskets were assembled before the kids got up Sunday morning.

We made it to church after the kids went through their baskets and poor little Hank got super fussy.  I hate that holidays just wear my kids out.  Hank is finally a great napper at home and in a crib but he's just not one of those babies that you can rock to sleep.  I think they were both happy to get to W's papaws.


Carsyn really enjoyed spending time with her cousins, Payton and Chloe and helping Auntie hide eggs!

Hope y'all had a wonderful Easter!