Thursday, November 13, 2014


I've been fortunate or crazy enough to visit NYC twice this fall and had such a good time.  Unbelievable time really.

My bestie and I travelled up in September and it was so much fun.  I think we brought a whole new meaning to shop to you drop.  At the end of day 1 I went and bought Statue of Liberty flip flops.  Pretty much nailed my goal to not look like a tourist don't you think?

Of course we hit up Tiffanys.

And we played the big piano at FAO. I LOVE this picture so much.  I mean you can't not have fun with Ricarda, she's such a firecracker.

We went to Juniors both times to have what I feel is the best cheesecake in the world.

And we saw Wicked!!! So so good.  Please see this just once if you can!

We also took a water taxi around the Statue of Liberty.  The weather was simply perfect that day.

We did one of the bus tours while we were there also and got to see a lot of neat sights.

Fast forward to the end of last month when I went back to NYC with the hubs…
I honestly was terrified he wouldn't enjoy himself, but he told me he had a really good time.

We stayed at the Palace and honestly I think I'd live there if I could.  I see why so many shows are filmed there.  Ahem Gossip Girl.

Lobby = Amaze.

We hit up the lounge one night and I told Shane to give me his best I've had a hard day on Wall Street face and this was what I got…Maybe he was just still absorbing the shock of my $30 glass of Veuve.

We had dinner the first night there at Tavern on the Green and the atmosphere was even more beautiful than I had hoped.

I wore this cute little back dress and broke out my favorite sparkly heels..

Gotta admit it was nice to shed my mom uniform and get dressed up a few days.

We had dinner at the Gramercy Park Terrace one night also and how cool is it the bartender got a pic with the Chrysler building in the background?

We also did a lot of tourist-y things this time too.  We strolled around Soho, Wall Street, and Ground Zero.  We did a carriage ride through Central Park and even caught the Kinky Boots play on Broadway.

Did I mention I even talked Shane into shopping a little?

I'm seriously ready to go back tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall Fun!

The month of October flies by speedier than its other 11 counterparts if you ask me.  Pumpkin patch visits, spooky sleepovers, trips to fun places and last but not least trick or treating!!

I think I love Halloween jammies more than any other holiday…and I think my kiddos do too.

We have 2 huge trees in our front yard and the kids were begging me to let them jump in the leaves.  One day the hubs raked and the kids messed up his piles.

Have I mentioned I love fall clothes too?  And my favorite little girl's brand Persnickety pretty much knocked it out of the park this fall.  My friends at Baby Bundles had a trunk show with yummy food all the new fall favorites.  Give Carsyn a reason to dress up and

Did I mention one of the perks of not living in the sticks is being close to a Krispy Kreme?  And in the same town of your awesome big sister who makes house calls?  Mel rocks.  Just look at those faces.

We also made our annual fall trip down to Nashville to visit my bloggy bestie Laura and her new baby, Cheney. 

How gorgeous is she? 
And these cuties…they just melt my heart!

We happened to have eaten at my favorite restaurant there twice.  Oops.

We decided to meet the Adams family at the Louisville zoo on the way back and the kids had so so much fun!

We made our annual trip to Boyd Orchards one beautiful fall day. 

(At this point I think I need to add Rosie accompanied us everywhere and I got not one single pic.  Sads.  The kids love her so much and not only am I grateful for her help I'm also grateful for her companionship too.  Note to self- More Rosie pics in November!)

Rosie and Carsyn made candy corn no bake cookies one day.

And I think this is the first year in forever I didn't carve a pumpkin.  Mel came to the rescue with these cute stickers and BONUS- the kids did every single bit of decorating.  Look how proud!

Halloween was so very cold here.  It actually snowed that night.  Luckily it don't interfere with my little superheroes' excitement.

The adults had Moes carryout and we set up kiddie snacks in the basement.  

Such a busy month! I've made the vow to stay home more in November.  Who thinks I can stick to it?