Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Recap…Also Known as Too Many Pics at the AG Store

Woohoo!! Carsyn's birthday weekend finally arrived and we headed to Nashville to check out their new American Girl Store.

First, we celebrated at school with ice cream and sprinkles and I got to read a book favorite to Carsyn's class.  We chose Camila the Cupcake Fairy because Camilla turns five just like Carsyn.

We were in the car that week discussing what book we would read and she said "Mom, can you do me a favor?  When you come to class can you not wear your workout clothes?  And maybe wear cute shoes and makeup?"  Guess we are entering the phase where mommy's appearance matters too.

Poor kid.  I obliged that day, but am proud to say I rocked the "mom uniform" yoga pants this morning. 

Rosie and I picked the kids up from school Thursday and headed straight to Nashville.

We had dinner at The Factory, our favorite place and took our pics on the big rocking chair.

(We missed you May family!)

We got into our PJs and got some sleep before the big day.

We went to the store first thing and had such a wonderful experience.

Rosie hooked Carsyn up with some Grace goodies.

And I sat with Hank a little while he blatantly ignored everything in the store and played manly games on the iPad.

We had lunch at the cafe.

And had a quick wardrobe change before leaving.


Saturday afternoon we met some friends for froyo.

Couldn't leave home without our sisters.

Finally, on Sunday we headed to EKY for Kyria's glammed up spa party birthday.  

Love these littles so much.

And this gorgeous momma too.

And to think, we still have Carsyn's birthday party this weekend!

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