Monday, September 7, 2015

Summer Wrap Up

I guess Labor Day weekend is the official end of summer….sigh.  I miss carefree days and sundresses and flip flops already.  BUT.. Fall is around the corner!!!! PSLs, football, sweaters, boots, pot roast, building fires!!!

Figured I'd try to catch up with a little August/Summer recap.

We went shoe shopping for the babes for some practical playground footwear.  Carsyn spotted the Skecher Twinkle Toes and it was love at first sight.

Can I wear them with my Lilly dresses….

Y'all go ahead and warm your feet by the fire… I don't want to take my shoes off..

They totally match this outfit right mom..

I'm relaxing with my shoes on mom…no need to take them off..

So that pretty much sums up school for Carsyn…All smiles as long as she wears her Twinkle Toes.

Speaking of school..Hank cried the first week.  It was pretty pitiful, but his teacher told me the minute I left he was his usual happy self.

Here's a pic of him at his Teddy Bear Picnic..

Shortly after that he yelled for me to come to his room one night.  When I got there he said "mom, I like school…I'm not going to cry anymore." And just like that he didn't.

I mean.  How sweet is that face?

We had a lot of fun times at the pool this summer.  Carsyn learned how to swim (in the little end only) without her puddle jumper.  This particular day Hank decided to jump in not wearing his.  Lets just say we'll work on his swim skills next summer.

We spent a few days this summer at my In-laws home playing in the playhouse.

My MIL gave Carsyn's playhouse a bit of a makeover and its pretty awesome.  I need to share that with you.

We ended the month celebrating my birthday at Windy Corner Market.

And Shanes at Palmers.

I treated myself to a mimosa or two..

The kiddos treated me to lunch at Wallace Station!

Stay tuned and I'll try to recap our Summer travels!

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