Friday, July 1, 2016

Isle of Palms 2016

We arrived at a soggy Isle of Palms the first week of June for a little beach time with daddy.  The rain broke up enough for a quick beach walk our first day there.

Mr. Sunshine was in plentiful abundance the rest of the week as were these happy smiles.

Every day a fisherman would catch sharks and everyone would gather around and take pics and get a closer look.  My kids were completely unimpressed.

I sent this pic to Rosie and posted it on insta and said I cannot believe I'm at the stage of life where my babes play in the sand and I read a magazine.  I miss those days of napping on beach blankets and little sandy toes and hands!

After playing all day we would come in and get dressed to go out for dinner.

Two of my favorite OOTNs.

We had dinner at a few of our favorites including Morgan Creek Grill.

Peninsula Grill coconut cake.

Suffered through waiting in line at Poe's..

Rewarded ourselves with ice cream.

Watched the boats from Fleet Landing.

And splashed around in our favorite fountains.

Needless to say we crashed early every night.

Night night Charleston-thanks for sharing a wonderful week with us.

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