Thursday, March 5, 2015


Are you sick of snow?
And if you answered no to that question would you like to house swap?

Here in KY we've had two over one foot snowfalls in the last few weeks.

We were well prepared for the last one and it looked something like this.

I believe I was on the phone with my sister and saw my hubby come skating down the road around mid afternoon.  In all of our going on 15 years of marriage I have never seen him leave work early due to weather.  Like NEVER.

We stocked up on frozen foods, wine, and milk and hunkered down in out basement for a few days.

We played 1932 games of hide and go seek and had American Girl sleepovers.

Everyone in the family kept asking me to send them pics of what the kids thought of the snow and this is what they got.

Every time I begged Hank to go out and play he would say "I not like cold."  Shane has decided that's a sure sign we need to move south.  And I was beginning to think he might be onto something.

I ventured to camp rosie earlier this week to have my hair done (#priorities) and sort of got snowed in here.  Or maybe I should say got snowed out of Lexington.

We coaxed Hank into going outside by telling him we were going to ride the Ranger.

After that he decided it wasn't so bad and went on a tube ride with his sister.

And just like that, my boy is a snow loving machine.

They played until their little toes were numb and then wobbled inside for some hot refreshments.

I might be a little sick of the white stuff but I never said it had lost its magic.

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