Tuesday, December 14, 2010

to pouf or not to pouf..

I am a girly girl-I love mani-pedis & spa days, anything pink, romantic comedies, shopping, bubble baths & wine....ok you get the picture. Despite my lanky frame I am the world's worst athlete. I like to run (well pre-baby) but according to others look awkward doing so. I have a decent sense of fashion and dream of opening a clothing boutique someday. All indications might would point to me being good at hair and makeup-wrong! I am horrible at makeup- my eyeliner is always crooked, my lipstick wears off...I am constantly asking my big sis and SIL for tips as theirs is always flawless. As far as my hair I definitely have a case of blogger hair envy. Do you follow Erin at Blue Eyed Bride or Amy at Chapters? They are beautiful ladies with awesome hair! I have them to thank for the curl down method..you should try it!! It has definitely changed some of my bad hair days to good hair days. However, my stylist (sorry if that sounds too feminine Phillip!) has my hair looking pretty amazing when I leave there and I just fail to duplicate at home. Which brings me to my point. Today after a 1 hour trudge through melting snow and 20 degree temps I made it to my much needed hair appt. After a highlight (bye bye gray) and trim we decided to try a "pouf" for a change. The result..

So I thought I was looking pretty cute til I got home and the hubby asked if I was going to prom..WTH? I am going to attempt to do this at home so ladies, opinion needed...pouf or no pouf?

Also, I feel the need to apologize for:
a) Crappy iphone pic...apparently the new ones have a fancy schmancy gadget for taking these kind of pics but I have a baby and am on a budget.
b) Hooded towels and abundant Johnson's Baby Shampoo in the background...clearly baby girl's bathroom has the best lighting.
c) Awkward facial expression.


  1. I like the pouf! Shane is just jealous! You should give Carsyn a matching pouf....I have got to order a BABY BUMP-IT for her!

  2. I love the poof!! Its adorable and I think every lady should change up her look from time to time! Keep rockin it!!

    Just came across your blog! Its too cute!! Love the header!

  3. hi! i just found your blog and it's adorable! now for the random part: 1- i found you through another blog where you left a comment and noticed your last name is watts - that's my middle name and i'm sure there's not too many watts' out there so i wanted to reach out! and 2- the girl who designed your header designed my friend's blog header as well (they are friends) so i thought, what a small world!
    anyways.. congrats on 10 happy years and heres to many more! :)
    she said yes!

  4. hey jen, i dont know why but i'm not getting your updates in my reader:( i thought i became a follower...i'll try again. anyway, i'm just catching up on all your posts....i love your hair. talk about hair envy! i'd die for a head of hair that thick. i can imagine what your christmas is going to be like this year with carsyn. oh, it gets more and more fun too! merriest christmas to you and your sweet family!