Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesdays are for Weddings!

Let's face it the biggest part of the wedding is the bride! When someone goes to a wedding the first question I ask is what did the bride look like. In addition to the dress I like to look at the bride's hair, makeup, jewelry, bouquet, and shoes. For my wedding day I couldn't find any flats I liked. Since Shane and I are the exact same height I didn't want any heel. I bought a pair of ballet slippers and my big sis took leftover swarovski crystals from my gown and glued them on. I was definitely comfy, but if I were getting married today I'd rock some Manolos and not give a damn if I was 6'3!

Onto my favorite brides..shall we start with the obvious:

My bis sis..

She wore a beautiful simple gown by Romona Keveza and flip flops since she got married on the beach! Her bouquet was filled with pink and tons of her favorite flowers-peonies. She opted to keep her hair and makeup simple and the stylist stuck a flower in her hair. I'm pretty sure she kept her jewelry minimal, but I remember her wearing her favorite sapphire bracelet for something blue. She was so beautiful she brought tears to my eyes!

My SIL..

Kristi is a glam girl! Her makeup and hair are always impeccable and her wedding day was no exception. She got married on her MIL & FIL's grounds (like how I glammed that up Kris?). They transformed it into a magical place and Kristi definitley fit the part of a princess. Her gown was blingy and fabulous. I cannot remember her shoes and jewelry, but I'm sure they were blingy as well. Her flowers were traditional red roses if I remember correctly and she was the only one that carried them-loved that!

Onto, my favorite less famous brides ;)

Lady Di...

Oh my goodness, could anyone else pull that off? She evoked everything a princess should be don't you think? And look at those cascading roses! I wonder if Kate will live up to the hype?

Cindy Crawford....

Cindy was the quintessential beach bride...simple dress, bare feet, loose hair. Loved it all. Sorry the marriage didn't work out.

Carrie Underwood...

Y'all probably know by now I think the girl is beautiful, but she gets on my nerves a little. However, loved the Monique Lhuillier gown. Loved the hair and the tiara, but the flowers not so much. I think they were just a little too poufy.

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy...

The most elegant bride in history..Her dress was so simple but yet the fit made it so stunning. Loved the gloves also. Everything about her screams class...simple flowers, minimal jewelry.

Carrie Bradshaw...

Yes I know she's a fictitious character, but that gown- AMAZING!! Those flowers-gorgeous! That hairpiece...atrocious!

Who did I leave out ladies?

Mrs B at Life as a New Mrs-Again has challenged us to 14 days of things we love so even though I'm a day behind I figured I'd start with the number one thing I love:
Miss Carsyn.

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  1. love all the pics you posted...JFK Jr. was one of my favorite men in this lifetime and I absolutely loved his wedding! The photos were so intimate and romantic.