Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Reality TV Fix

So y'all know I'm kinda addicted to The Bachelor, right? Did you watch last night's episode? I just have to believe that the embalmer freaked Mr Brad out a little more than being Ricky's step daddy! I follow NASCAR ok... I've heard all of the Emily rumors and I'm not buying. She is just so gorgeous and so sweet. If she doesn't find love with Brad I hope she's the next Bachelorette. That being said I think he will end up with Ashley. They seem to have chemistry (and to quote the situation I ain't talking about the class) and something semi-real. I can't wait til next week's episode.

Did you catch the premiere of Real Housewives of Miami?? Big disappointment! I love the Real Housewives series on Bravo. I always look forward to my favorites, OC and Atlanta. I even appreciate all that New York, Beverly Hills, and DC have to offer. The Jersey Girls are spectacular! I cannot seem to find anything to keep me interested in Miami. Am I missing something?

I have to admit I was a Jersey Shore virgin until my SIL introduced me to it. As of now the hubby and I DVR the episodes and watch them over pizza and red wine (or beer) on Friday nights. They make me feel young again. You know, back in the day when all you worried about was being tan and what club you were hitting up that night?? Love the cast, love the show!

American Idol- oh how you've made up for the disappointment I've felt in seasons past! Steven Tyler and JLo do not disappoint. Do you think a 15 yr old will win this season too?

So what reality shows am I missing out on? What do you think about The Bachelor, RHOM, Jersey Shore, & American Idol?


  1. You know I love Emily, but I don't think Brad is going to pick her. He didn't seem real comfortable with the kid. I think he is going to choose Chantal. I would love to see Emily as the next Bachelorette....several girls at work have thought she will be the next one too.

  2. I can not beleive you girls(and Shane) watch this stuff...LOL.

    But, I do love the situation!
    ...and about AI--I love it this year!

  3. If he does pick her, hopefully she'll turn him down... she could do so much better!

    I am with you on the RHOM, boring -I liked Larsa Pippen but the rest just annoyed me!

    I can't wait for RHOOC and Betheny to start!

  4. I can't stand Brad..he just can't keep me interested! Emily is really cute...although I always want to call her daughter Ricky Bobby:) haha!

    Jersey Shore is my all-time fave! CABS ARE HE-YAH!!