Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things I Love & Dr Appt

First off- wow this is my 100 blog post!! I feel like I should give away something-stay tuned for that. If you are a reader or follower I really appreciate it. That may sound corny but it's true- your words of encouragement and compliments make my day.

So this is day 3 of things I love (sorry I started a day late). I really, really love coffee. I gave it up for the most part during my pregnancy- not because I was afraid of caffeine but because the smell of it made me ill. After I threw up a latte all over myself on the way to work one day I thought I'd never drink it again... Wrong! I had my first cup when I came home from the hospital and it was HEAVEN. I can't imagine life without it.

Today was Carsyn's 4 month checkup and things went great! She was up almost a pound from last visit. She is still a tiny little thing at 11lbs 12oz and she is an average 24.5 inches long. The Dr said I could start her on jar food anytime and I will probably start in a couple of weeks.. I'm thinking of making my own cause it seems fun.. Any thoughts or suggestions? Carsyn also had her shots today-2 sticks :(
She was a little trooper and finished her fit by the time we got out the door and was asleep by the time we got out of the parking lot.

I'm so happy tomorrow is Friday! Tell me about your exciting Superbowl plans!


  1. I used to love coffee too but ever since I got pregnant I'm not really a fan. I'll drink a decaf vanilla latte at Starbucks occasionally but regular coffee at the office - blech! I've totally lost my taste for it. So strange. Hope I like it again too because I'm sure I'll need the caffeine!

    Glad Carsyn's check up went well! She looks so cute bundled up in her stroller.

  2. 100 posts.
    A beautiful, healthy baby!
    Coffee love.
    Great post!

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  4. Encouraging words make all the difference, thank you for yours!