Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Confession Time!

* On Monday nights I walk the dog, put the hubby and the baby to bed, pour a glass of red and watch the bachelor. I have the biggest girl crush on Emily..love her!

* I lay out Carsyn's outfit the night before we go anywhere, hair bows, socks, hats & legwarmers if necessary...if only I could do this for myself..

* When I hear the news that someone is pregnant I go into crazy happy mode and gush "its the best thing that will ever happen to you", " babies are so much fun" blah, blah, blah.

* I need a vacation... I mean really bad...if you're going on one soon I'm uber jealous!

* I consume way too many McDs caramel mochas...if you live in the sticks you gotta find a way to survive without a Starbucks.

* I'm currently shopping for Carsyn's Easter dress..have you seen any cute ones? I also am contemplating putting up a (tacky?) Easter tree..but it will likely be up until summer because......

* I still have the Christmas tree up in Carsyn's room. It's cute and serves as a great little night light so judge away.

* Elvis smells like a frito and he's my sleep cohabitator so somethings gotta give.

Confessions anyone??

1 comment:

  1. omg. my husband and I always say Jack smells like fritos, too! haha! must be a chihuahua thing??