Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 7-Things I love!

hmmm... how far behind am I?

First I had this gal..

Then this stuff..

Third was this..

Then fourth and fifth..

So on day 7 I'll add 2 in 1- Vacation & more specifically vacation to my favorite city in the world-Charleston, SC!!

I love vacation and look forward to it every year and every year we end up in the same place-Charleston, SC. We usually stay at IOP at Wild Dunes. I know where to eat, where to shop, where the beach isn't too crowded, where to golf. This year for our family vacation we are thinking of going somewhere else. So far we are thinking Destin. That scares me because of the long drive with baby girl, but I hear the water is beautiful. Any ideas or suggestions?


  1. We love Destin! We met there, got engaged there, and go every year now! It's so beautiful and has a ton of stuff to do!

  2. Your baby is SO pretty!!! What a beautiful little face she has! Enjoy your fabulous vacation!