Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 8- Things I Love

I love UK basketball. While I do not love this years team as much as last years I am a die hard fan-I bleed blue!

Remember this pic of baby girl decked out in her blue before she was a week old?

I had a pretty enjoyable college experience at UK and I think it has such a lovely campus. Though it does not rival the beauty of some campuses I think Memorial Hall is just one of the most picturesque buildings (I do not hold it against you that I almost failed Micro Econ there-it was a MWF 8:00am class-clearly Thursday nights are to blame).

Now if you'll excuse me while we whip up on some TN orange ;)
(please please TN let us win one)


  1. I love Memorial Hall and wished beyond anything that I had went to UK...so now, I am going to try and get my doctorate from there...provided I ever finish my Master's...LOL.

    Hey Jen, can you do the John Wall?

  2. look how cute you are! That little baby girl is precious! I make baby bows too! I am sure you have a bajillion, but let me know if you need a blingy UK bow. Those are my specialty ;)

    Thanks for sweet comment on my blog!