Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Confession- I'm not the fashionista I once thought I was. I've loved clothes and getting dressed up from the minute I entered this world. I considered myself to be stylish even throughout college. Now don't get me wrong- I definitely attended a few classes in pjs, but for the most part I still got dressed up to go to class... Pathetic maybe, but it made me happy. Once I entered the working world (working with dad from his home) I realized I could wear whatever I wanted-rarely did I see anyone besides family. Several days I could just wear my running clothes so I could head straight to the lake upon leaving. Then I became pregnant and really tried to look cute and stylish, but honestly I had about 5 sundresses that I rotated every week-I just didn't want to waste money on maternity clothes! Skip to post baby and my look has completely gone to the dogs- I wear makeup most days, but my hair is in a messy pony 85% of the time.. To quote an Atlanta housewife the baby came and I'm looking like a hag with my clothes all busted. Most days are the blogger mommy beloved black yoga pants.. Today I mixed it up and wore charcoal. A tank and hoodie and I'm out the door. See...

On days I stay at home it's about the same unless I just remain in my pjs-(don't judge, you know you love pj days). On weekends I'm actually a lot better, but weekdays are a struggle. I find myself making sure Carsyn looks cute because no one cares what I have on anyway. That said, I would just feel better if I were a little more pulled together.

So here's my question- What's your secret for looking good?

Now, that we've established the fact I'm going to try to get my style back on are you as ready for Spring clothes as I am? I received my Lilly mag in the mail today...swoon.

I also have my eye on this JCrew lovely..I'm just not sure its worth the price tag

Since it's Wedding Wednesday I figured I'd share some of my new favorites. Have you checked out BHLDN?? Omg... Amazing!

If anyone would like to include me in their wedding as a bridesmaid I'd be happy to oblige and wear this.


  1. I had never heard of BHLDN.....I immediately went to the website and the dresses are all beautiful. I also love the Lilly dresses you posted.

  2. I always dressed up in college. I felt better about going to class knowing that I was put together. Same goes for now. While I don't have a baby, I'm hoping that carries through for when I do! Oh, and I LOVE BHLDN! The dress are gorgeous.


    great lil' blurb on BHLDN.

    BTW, you look great in, not so much...LOL.

  4. When I stayed home, I had a short frumpy stage and I just had to remind myself that when you look great you feel great and that is all I needed. Go out and buy yourself a bright new scarf to wear with those yoga pants... I think you look fabulous!

    Oh and I have a post on fashion today!