Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

So much to blog about so little time...

First, we had a nice night out Saturday night thanks to these guys...

and of course our babysitters...

Shane's co workers arranged for us to go to a Valentine's Dinner at the local college and I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was a wine tasting featuring wines from my favorite Lexington winery Jean Farris. I love wine and highly recommend you try any from Jean Farris if the opportunity presents itself. I drank way too much Dolce red and did the electric slide. We had a really nice time catching up with friends and I am so thankful to have enthusiastic, willing babysitters.

(yuck-what is up with my flat hair?)

But, the highlight of my Valentine's Day was spending the day with this gal...

So how, you might ask, does a married 30 something new mom spend her Valentine's night???

and lastly, y'all know my obsession with the boss, right?? For your viewing pleasure....


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, it was so good seeing you Saturday. I ordered some Dolce from Jean Farris this evening!!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day.
    One of my dear friends from high school owns Jean Farris. Love their wines. Her parents own the winery in Seco(Letcher Co.). the pic of baby girl with flowers!

  3. She is such a cute baby I love her outfits

  4. Your little Valentine is absolutely so precious! I just want to smooch her! You look so phenomenal, girl you look BEYOND amazing, I would never know that you even had a baby! You do have the happy and proud new mama glow! Happy belated Valentine's day to you and your little love bug!


  5. Love the valentine, little Carsyn is too adorable in all her pink and that tutu is beyond cute... Love it all! I am so looking forward to the spring meet at Keeneland this April and some wine tasting too!

  6. We had so much fun with Carsyn on Saturday. Please call us anytime you need a babysitter!

  7. Seriously, Carsyn's outfits are adorable! If this little baby is a girl, you must share your shopping secrets with me! Love her tutus and bows!