Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 12 & Beauty

My beauty favorites

I have really enjoyed reading everyone's beauty secrets over at Kellys Korner. In spite of what my mom might think (she might have hinted I smelled like spoiled milk after I might have mentioned Carsyn spitting up on me last week) I like to smell good! My favorite perfumes are by Chanel-Coco Mademoiselle is my favorite and No 5 is a close second. After snapping a pic I realized I'm almost out of my Mademoiselle and I might give Chance a try next time. I also really love anything by Philosophy and use pure grace every day.

As far as makeup I'm always trying something new, but my all time favorites are nothing you probably have not heard of before.
* Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer-the best out there in my opinion
* Nars blush in orgasm-I think every girl in America should have this regardless of skin tone
* Lancome mascara-I cannot decide which is the best hypnose or definicils

I am trying out the Lancome ├ęclat Miracle. The instructions read to mix with your foundation for a luminous glow. I'm dry so I'm hoping this really helps my skin's appearance.

Last, but not least is La Mer moisturizer. Sometimes in the summer I can use something else but my skin is so dry in the winter this is the only stuff that really works.

So what's your beauty secrets?

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  1. I bought pure grace in the summer and liked it a lot as a cleanser, dont know why I have yet to re purchase it. I actually don't own Orgasm, and I dont know why. I completely agree with you on the laura mercier tinted moisturizer, I even got my Mama to buy and use it, and hypnose is a really great mascara, I just bought macs new one, have yet to use it.