Sunday, February 6, 2011


This has been a busy weekend, but sometimes I like being busy!

My chalkboard to do list worked well for the hubby so I made myself one this weekend.

Bath Dog..



Half check

Visit Hobby Lobby..

Check- Carsyn was not at all enthralled by the hobby lobby like I am, but I did get some sparklies to bling out her paci from an idea I stole from this gal.


Check!! 3 miles at a very slow pace, but I'm hanging in there.

For those of you taking notice the laundry did not get checked off, nor will it, but in keeping with 14 days of things I love I did experience 2 of them this weekend-hobby lobby & a manicure :)


  1. That is an accomplished weekend! I love the color on your nails. And if I have a girl I'm going to need you to tell me where you find all of Carsyn's adorable bows and headbands. They're too cute!

  2. There is nothing more relaxing than a trip to Hobby Lobby!

    ...and keep running, I am trying to start that.