Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Weekend

With summer winding down I'm trying to spend as much time in the pool with baby girl as possible. She is such a little waterdog :)

I'm beyond ready for fall fashion, but I hate to say goodbye to my summer staple-the maxi dress. I got this little beauty off the INC sale rack at Macys for $29..

(please forgive the playmat in the background..I have boxes of stuff baby girl has outgrown I need to pack away..sigh)

I was so inspired reading what Shauna did to her pantry I decided to tackle my own this weekend.


Work In Progress..

I have a little more work to do but here's a little breakdown so far..

I put all of Carsyn's goodies on a tray on the bottom shelf. She's outgrown most of her baby food, but I still have a few left.

I picked up these OXO containers for dry goods like cereal, snacks, pasta, etc..

I also have a tray for our grownup snacks...ritz crackerfuls and granola bars..exciting stuff! :)

I wish I could get more ambitious and paint and repalce the shelves but I feel better just getting organized.

The perfect weekend ends with a run for me..


  1. Love that dress. I really need to organize our pantry as well, just haven't found the time.

  2. That path looks like heaven! I wish we had a place like that in SE Texas!

  3. I absolutely LOVE INC jersey dresses. They wear really well and are great for travel. I have a dress very similar to that one only it's in pinks/yellows instead of blues.

    A well-organized still my beating heart! Looks great! I should never be allowed to own a label maker b/c I could see myself going crazy on some dry goods.

  4. Cute dress, and omg CUTE PANTRY lol! Thanks for the ideas! It gives me some inspiration to tackle my messy pantry :)