Friday, August 19, 2011

Carsyn is 11 Months Old

Not fair y'all! I cannot believe my baby girl will be a year old next month!

Carsyn Presley, you are the funniest little girl I know. You have such an outgoing, easy personality. You love everyone! Recently you started bobbing up and down when a song you like comes on the radio. Your favorite right now is Luke Bryan's Country Girl-go figure! When we turn it on you scream dada, dada and laugh and start bouncing. It's so funny! You love to dance but not as much as you like to swim. You could stay in the water all day long- you're a water dog just like momma and daddy. Other than that you love to crawl and climb everywhere. I don't think you'll be walking anytime soon, but we'll see. You really don't have a favorite toy right now. You play with your barbies and you like to roll a ball back and forth but not as much as you like phones, remotes, and lipstick. You could play with a tube of lipstick for days! You love to crawl and turn to see if anyone will chase you. For the past month you've had a love affair with pictures on the wall. When you walk by pictures of yourself, Maddox, or any other baby you wave and say hi!

In addition to waving hi you wave bye. You love to drop your paci and say uh-oh. You say dada, mama, dog (for Elvis), duck (your fav bathtub toy), goo gil (good girl). When people comment on you I quickly say she's a good girl and most times you repeat goo gil. You love repeating and mimicking everyone. Momma is trying to teach you to sign more but you just clap your hands and say mo. You still love to clap and play patticake. When we ask you to do arms up and you do you immediately start clapping for yourself. In fact you clap when anyone says yay.

Your eating habits are getting better. You are pretty much done with baby food and taking steps toward real food. You will still eat pears and peach cobbler, but that's about it. You like biscuits, little debbie cakes, French fries, grilled cheese and chicken nuggets! You love baby yogurt too! You're warming up to scrambled eggs and Mac n cheese. We've been testing cake out and it seems your favorite is chocolate. So a chocolate smash cake for your birthday it will be. Fingers crossed you'll wash it down with some whole milk by then. Did I mention we're up to 1 1/2 teeth!

As your eating habits have improved so have your sleeping. We went through a rough period of up at least twice at night-ick! You may take being a fickle sleeper after your daddy but sleeping late-that's a mommy attribute! Lately you've been sleeping til 9:00. It's pretty wonderful but I have a feeling as you start sleeping more solid you'll be up a little earlier.

Of course you're tiny and I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing me say under 16 lbs. Truthfully I just don't know. We tried to weigh you this morning but you pitched a bit of a fit. You're wearing mostly 9 month clothing and a few 12 month. We are moving up to size 3 diapers :)

Here's the outtakes..

hmmm.. this pose looks very familiar.

..oh yeah, its the I'm out of here pose..

so much happier in the floor with my toys!

and yes, in case you were wondering I did give her the remote to bribe her into taking a pic..

and the trusted iphone is another great manipulation tool!


  1. I am DYING over her cuteness!!!!

  2. I can't believe she is almost a year old! Just doesn't seem real......we love this little girl so much! Happy 11 Months Carsyn!!!!