Monday, August 15, 2011

French Fries & Little Debbie Cakes

Perhaps this should be the name of my blog??.. After Rosie decided to give baby girl a taste of french fries on our Farmville trip it seems she has developed quite a nack for them. Carsyn is the pickiest baby these days. She no longer wants baby food yet doesn't really like table food either. We've tried everything- mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, grilled cheese, spaghetti. It usually ends up being spit on my face. Other than french fries she seems to love Little Debbie cakes also. This is a completely healthy diet right??

Help mommas!! What are your babes eating?


  1. haha...oh my goodness - your girl got the goodies figured out early!!! We give Addie bits of table food but have also found that she really enjoys the grammy sammys and earth's best apple cereal bars.

  2. E is a VERY picky eater.. she will not touch baby food and hasnt since about 9 months.. she eats evertyhing "herself" now.. picking it up off her tray, with the exception of applesauce and yogurt, she could live off of yogurt & string cheese. She also eats mandarin oranges, blueberries, bannana chunks, avacado, peas, mostly all fruit.. barely any veggies, mac n cheese.. but LOVEs.... LOVES... french fries!

  3. Grayson only eats chicken nuggets!! Seriously. And he is even getting sick of those. I have tried everything....he just throws it on the floor. So frustrating! He would live on veggie sticks and goldfish if I let him. He hasn't had a veggie in a month and a half...not even kidding!