Monday, September 5, 2011

A Lot of Random

Last week was my hubby's birthday (Tues) and my birthday (Wed). Due to his coal mine being shut down we did not get to do much celebrating together :( Someday I will do a post all about coal mining and what a stressful job it is and how I pray for the safety of our miners every day. Shane's workplace is really like our extended family and I'm so blessed he has a job where people care about their coworkers. But, I digress.

Given the hubby was working long hours I visited my sister on my birthday and Carsyn got to spend a little time with her favorite guy. Seriously these two together MELT MY HEART.

This weekend I went to my mom and dad's and we had a little birthday celebration there.

Maddox was more than happy to blow out Shane's candle!

After sleeping all night (thank you cousins who wore baby girl out) Carsyn woke up saying Max, Max. Cutest thing ever! I hope Maddox is ok with his nickname.

We had a very low key day Sunday and the weather was pretty gross. I ended up taking Carsyn to Lowe's to look around and find some picture hangers. Kid loves riding in the buggy so much. I'm sure people look at me crazy when I run up and down the aisles.

After tweeting a picture of my exciting scrapbooking Sunday night I got a few questions about project life. If y'all want to know anything just ask me. I made a scrapbook for Carsyn's life highlighting events from pregnancy til Christmas but it was just too time consuming, Michelle at Somerset Cottage turned me onto to project life and for now its more my pace. So far I've made it til March.

And in case that wasn't enough randomness for you how about these gorgeous roses I got at Walmart?? $10 for 18 people. They are just so beautiful I put them on my sink so I can enjoy them every morning..Go out and get you some ladies!!


  1. Carsyn is getting so big! What a cutie and I love the project life idea.

  2. okay so what is project life? I saw you tweeted me about it but I just saw that and this about the same time. Fill me in!