Thursday, August 11, 2011

Farmville Trip!

About a month ago my mom, aunt, and MIL embarked on a little furniture shopping trip. We met my sis and BIL in Farmville, VA to pick out some things for their homes. If you've never been to Green Front I'd wager to say you're missing something. Of course I might be biased but this place is AMAZING! We're talking warehouses full of furniture from every brand you could imagine at great prices. Here are a few things I wish could have come home with me...

Hutch for my kitchen

My favorite colors together

I'm a sucker for settees!

I think baby girl had the time of her life-She was doted on by everyone, including Maddox. Her favorite part of the trip, however, was the hotel room.

Nothing better than bathing in hotel sinks!

Maddox was such a trooper!

He handed out stickers to everyone and sang Bingo at the dinner table.

This was such a fun trip! Have y'all been? Is there another furniture market I'm missing out on?


  1. that picture of her on the hotel bed is THE SWEETEST!! i just love it! :)

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