Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend I attended a purse party fundraiser at Spindletop in Lexington, KY. I had forgotten what a beautiful place this was! Spindletop was once a private residence but now serves as a country club for UK alum. Since I opted to not look like a tourist and take pictures myself I stole a few from the website..

The Foyer..

The Veranda..

Louis XVI Suite..

The event was a huge success and I got to meet some fantastic ladies..

Here some of us are representing East KY..

If I'm being completely honest dressing up is an exciting event in my household these days. Its nice to get out of the mom wardrobe every now and then! Here's a breakdown of the total ensemble.

KFRW Purse Party

My sister volunteered to keep baby girl and she had a blast. She crawled in the grass and waved at all of the cars that went by.

How was your weekend?


  1. Looks fun! Carsyn's hair is getting so long! I broke down and joined twitter too....except I can't figure it out!! Makes me feel old. Ha:)

  2. Ma'am....I'm going to need you to link your comments to your email address!! I have been responding to all of your comments and they are going into no man's land!! Haha