Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mile 4

We all know I'm a CBN by now right? This weekend at the lake I was struggling a bit. So mad at myself for putting being in shape so far down on my priority list. The local high school cross country team members were practicing and passing me up as I took my walk breaks. So after mile 3 this little number came on the ipod and I ran that entire mile 4. Not a super huge accomplishment given it took me almost an hour to complete the 4 miles, but I gave myself a little pat on the back. Folks, I might just be back ;)

What song gets you going?


  1. way to go!! I have to constanly change up my playlist to keep me going or I loose interest! I run to alot of black eyed peas.. the beat keeps me going.. also def leopard!

  2. I don't believe in running unless there is a mad man chasing me so props to you all around!!!!

  3. way to go, girl!!! i really find that music makes all the difference in my work-out!!! I need high energy pop...think britney or j. lo remix...sad, but true:) Otherwise..I'm with you on classic rock!

  4. that is awesome...go mile 4.
    right now, my song is Gaga's Edge of Glory which kinda has a link back to your man Bruce! (RIP Clarence!)