Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Recap

Trying to get back in the swing of things with my weekend recap... I'm fairly certain January would and will consist of a lot of "snowed in" again!

In exciting, yet depressing news I finally finished Gossip Girl Friday night. Sniffle. Tear. I'm honestly considering starting it again. Because I have nothing better to do. The kids can take care of themselves while I'm glued to the tv, right?

In true recent fashion we were snowed in on Saturday. W would argue we weren't because he loves to prove he's a hero by venturing out in ice, snow, and slush to grab the last loaf of bread at the grocery. But it gives me a good excuse to wear pjs and be a sloth all day. The kids took colossal 3 hour naps and I fueled up on afternoon coffee and reading. 

I'm currently reading the Candace Cameron Bure book. What about y'all? 

Sunday it was time to rejoin humanity and since church services were postponed until 2 I figured we had no excuse to hibernate any longer. We got dressed in our Sunday best and made it on time!

I want to insert here how much I enjoyed the service this weekend. The pastor spoke of being the salt of the earth. Growing up I always heard that phrase when describing an upstanding church member. But after listening today I got the message we all as a society should focus on being more salty. I got to thinking about what kind of example I set for the kids. And truthfully came up disappointed. I lose my patience too often and need to do better.  

(And a big thanks/hugs to Susie for making sure my babes are happy in the nursery so I can hear the Lord's word.)

We wrapped up the weekend with dinner at O'Charley's with Rosie.

Please tell me I remember correctly that eating out with an 18 month old requires the patience of Job.. And a gold medal.  Seriously, Hank is usually decent in a restaurant. I just get stressed when he starts dipping rolls in ketchup.

Could there be a better weekend ending than midnight couch cuddles ;)

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