Sunday, January 19, 2014


I think I've set a new record for myself by posting a "Five on Friday" on Sunday.


This little gal started ballet class on Wednesday and just had the time of her life.  True story:  As we were driving to watch the Nutcracker in December Carsyn melted down when she realized she wasn't going to be on stage.  I reminded her that she had to be potty trained before starting dance and she came home that night refusing to wear diapers.  Come January 15 she is 100% PT.  If y'all have any PT questions please feel free to ask.  The one piece of advice I didn't listen to enough was wait until she's ready.  I waited until the minute she turned 3 and started forcing it on her.  A mere 2 months later she did it on her own terms.  And although 3 is late to the potty trained party (Rosie swears I was fully potty trained at 18 months #babygenius ;) I'm so happy the way things turned out. SUCH an easy process.  Besides the fact I usually wake up by frantic "NEED TO POTTY NOW!!" screams at 4 am.


My sweet sister got me this Kate Spade candle for Christmas and it smells SO good.  I haven't even burned it yet I like it so much. You can find here.


This guy had a new album to come out this week.  I'm downloading stat.  Y'all know I'm a Bruce nut.


In keeping with my favorite gifts theme, my SIL hooked me up with this skin care line for Christmas.  And so far I am loving it.  W asked if I'd been spray tanning recently (I guess that's a good thing), my sister told me I looked glow-y, and Rosie said my skin was looking better than ever.  The line is by glo- therapeutics.  Thanks Kris!


My favorite fashion bloggers introduced me to these boots and I'm just so in love.  Please, please find them on sale in any brown or gray color combo for me!


  1. So glad you love our little Five on Friday link-up.... I swear, it's my favorite blogging day of the week!

    And my goodness --- such a sweet story about the Nutcracker and how learning she needed to potty trained to dance on stage was motivation enough to get her started! And congrats on potty training! As of Wednesday, Jackson had 3 days in a row of no accidents, so I'm calling that potty trained!!! YAY!! He still wears a pull-up for nap and nighttime, but other than that, he's doing great. I swear, it's such an intimidating thing at first and then they surprise you!

    Hope you guys are having a great weekend!!

  2. Love seeing that sweet ballerina on IG! And I know you are a fellow Eric Church lover, have you heard his new song too? Yay for some good music to kick off Jan!!!