Wednesday, January 8, 2014

so what

Life After I Dew
oh. my. goodness. I'm finally linking up with the gorgeous Shannon for a SWW.

So What If..

This is my first link up with Shannon ever....after reading her blog since our baby girls were in our bellies 3+ years ago....lame I know....

And I have a girl crush on Shannon's mom, Kelly!

but enough already!!

My Christmas tree is still up? Its my thing....I can't let it go.

And I have White Christmas and numerous Christmas movies recorded on my DVR and continue to watch them every night. (Did y'all see Let it Snow on the Hallmark Channel? Cause it was awesome.  I will forever love DJ)

I received my Emily Maynard cardi in the mail and am more excited than I care to admit.  Shameful Bachelor addict....Anyone?

I committed to making the kids sit at the kitchen table on nights I cooked and its not going so well.  I haven't been cooking a lot.  And Hank prefers to run around with a nugget in his hand so I kinda gave up.

I convince myself every year I'm going to win the HGTV Dream Home?  Its like my college professor once said when questioning his choice of buying a lottery ticket every week.. I'm not buying a lottery ticket.  I'm building a dream.  Because after I buy that ticket I allow myself to believe I might win.  And I dream about exactly what I'd do if I did win.  And that's fun.  Totally agree Dr. M....I'm dreaming of winter days on the slopes and summer days basking in the sun on Lake Tahoe.

I spend too much time on pinterest looking at makeup tutorials.  Who got the new Naked palette for Christmas?! Who wants to show me how to use it?!

Carsyn told the repairman today he looked like a woodpecker.  And introduced herself as Kristi, and Hank as Steve, and me as Candy.

Happy Hump Day folks!!  I'm off to take a much needed nap.


  1. Our Christmas tree is still up too but everything else is down. It's driving me crazier and crazier by the day though! I'm over it!!! And you are too cute shouting out my mom ;-) She'll get a kick out of it!

  2. Hilarious! I still have all 3 trees up and I have NO shame. I worked to hard to only enjoy for a few weeks! Maybe it'll get done this weekend, maybe..

  3. carsyn!!!! that is so stinking funny!!!!! thats my favorite!!!

  4. I love Carsyn! That little lady is too funny! Let it Snow may be my new favorite. CCB/DJ gets me every time! Rock those Christmas trees as long as you can!

  5. Hysterical, Jen!!! I am obsessed with the HGTV dream home as well, Lake Tahoe here I come! PS, I got the Naked palette a year or so ago, and watched Kandee Johnson youtube tutorials to learn how to use it, she's good! You should check those out. Happy Wednesday! Xoxo, Cameron