Saturday, February 1, 2014

Five on Friday

As always, I'm scooting in for Five on Friday and linking up with the adorable Darci and others..


You may have noticed I'm on a skin care kick lately.  I've decided 2014 is the year I start really taking care of my skin like I should.  This Kate Somerville Exfolikate seems to be one product I plan on keeping in my rotation.


I am so excited about the Winter Olympics I cannot stand it.  Its pretty much the TV high light of my life.  I tear up a little every time I see this commercial.


We can all agree Downton Abbey is pretty much a snooze fest this season, right?  But I continue to watch it.  And of I'm being honest its because I dream of living in a castle with servants who bring me breakfast on a tray every morning to enjoy in bed.

four and five

I posted this on Insta this week and y'all concurred.  This Captain Rodney's sauce makes the best dip! Thanks to my SIL for pointing it out to me.

Valentine's Day is the one time a year I get gaudy with my manicure.  I think I'll have that accent nail painted over by the end of the weekend.

Happy Weekend Friends!

Its Superbowl Sunday!



  1. I missed a Downton episode. Can you watch it anywhere else? Do you know? Hulu, maybe?

  2. I love and can't wait for the Olympics! What do you mean DA is a snoozefest??? linking up with the girls :)

  3. Stopping by from the link up! I love a good skincare product, and Kate Somerville keeps popping up, may have to try it!