Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nap Time?

I will preface this by saying I'm blessed with kids that love to nap...90 percent of the time.  That does come with some disadvantages, like a 3 year old that sits up til midnight and an 18 month old that sits up til 9.  Luckily they sleep late and take daily naps at the same time.  Parenting is a give and take relationship and I've realized getting a 2 hour kid free window in the middle of the day is worth the sitting up late.  I will also say it took a while to get the kids on a regular napping schedule so if you're a new parent-Don't fret.  You'll find something that works for you.

So, with that being said I start planning what I'll do during naptime that day as soon as I get up.  During the holidays I'd wrap a few presents or shop online.  Sometimes I do a little bit of dinner prep. If its days I work I usually use that time to get things done-invoicing, payroll, etc.

I also may use the time to blog, or catch up reading blogs.  Lately I've been trying to work on uploading and printing pictures and scrapbooking.  Clearly not enough as I haven't started my 2013 Project Life.

Lots of times I pour a cup of coffee and read a little.  Or make my grocery list or menu plan.

Rarely I squeeze in a workout and even more rarely I get fully dressed with makeup and the whole 9 yards.

Truthfully, the first 30 minutes of naptime consists of picking up a few toys and dishes.  Lots of times Carsyn will ask for water or to go pee so I'm prepared to be close by.

If I'm being honest lately I've been napping with the kids too.  And while I do get a nice burst of energy late at night I also feel tremendous guilt.  

Perhaps that's because on those days W gets home and I'm in PJs or my yoga pants, with stringy hair and unpainted face.  And there's nothing wrong with that except MY embarrasment.

So today I conducted a little experiment.  I set the timer on my phone to see exactly how long it took me to get fully gussied up.  Meaning hair done, full makeup, and dressed in something other than workout clothes.

And I was shocked to see it was well over an hour.  I will add that I packed for Rosie's house while I got ready and that may have added to my get ready time.

I will also add I realize I'm still wearing leggings and some may not consider that dressed up.  And I'm ok with that.

So.....How you do you spend nap time?  Do you have a specific plan?  Do you just wing it?  Do you like to get things done or enjoy your me time?


  1. Oh nap time. Kendall has given it up recently except for every 4th day it catches up to her and she passes out on the living room floor {like yesterday}. Nap time is a struggle over here. Laundry? Exercise? Shower? Blog? AHHHH!!! I take it day by day though and see what's most important each day.

  2. Right now I am laying down with my 5 month old. Any tips on how to get a baby to nap alone with out crying it out?