Thursday, January 16, 2014

A recap of sorts

It happens every January.  I sort of hibernate.  And cook.  And nap.  And sit up too late watching TV.  And procrastinate on things like getting organized and taking the Christmas tree down.  

I did break down and recently order the Whitney English Year Designer though.  So that's a step in the right direction!

We had a low key weekend at home and cooked a lot.  W and I made the Pioneer Woman's 8 layer dip on Saturday.  We omitted the corn so maybe that should be 7 layer dip?

It was amazing, y'all.  Hank and Carsyn even dug in.  I think what made it so good was the homemade guacamole.  Seriously, the best I've ever made.

Don't you want to dive in?

I'm guessing since this is in her new cookbook its not published online anywhere.  And since its so good I'm going to type it out for y'all the way we fixed it.

7 Layer Dip via the Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman pico de gallo and guacamole recipes found here.
(1) 16 oz can refried beans
(2) Tbsp taco seasoning
(1/2) C Sour Cream
(1 1/2) C Your favorite shredded cheese- We like any Mexican blend-Even better if you combine a cheddar and Monterey Jack and grate yourself (a great arm workout too)
(3/4) C sliced black olives

-Prepare the pico and guac via the Pioneer Woman.  I'd say make the full pico recipe and then add half of that to 2 cut up avocados.  Then you'll want to add a little salt and lime juice to finish the guacamole.
- Combine the beans and taco seasoning and spread in a flat layer on a platter
- Spread a thin layer of sour cream on top of this.
-Sprinkle with cheese and guacamole.
-Last layer the olives and finish with the pico de gallo.

Serve with chips!

*Note- We adjusted the amounts of a few things to suit our tastes but you may find you want to do your own adjusting.

W made Guy Fieri's Cajun Chicken Alfredo Sunday and it was equally fantastic.  

I have to add here W is an amazing cook.  He actually cooks more than I do and better than I do as well.  I used to do 70% of the cooking and since the babes came along I'd say that has reversed.  #sorryladieshestaken #hedoesdishestoo

I finally watched the first episode of this season's Downton Abbey and am just not sure I can get on board with the way things are going.  But I have had a feeling for a while these two are going to end up together.

What about y'all?

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